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  1. Did Dodge Bros. have a speedometer drive for export to Australia?
  2. Usually the juniors had louvers in the hood, but I found a few pictures of some 733's that had hoods with 3 doors. The Seniors had 4 doors on the hood. John
  3. The picture is black and white. I suspect the two marks under the rear of the car are oil spots on the road.
  4. Looks like a 41. The 40 and 42 Zephyrs have another chrome strip in the cat-walk area of the hood sides.
  5. Ed, I have known Dave for years and yes, I agree about his ability. I just have to get this other guy to contact him. John
  6. I will let the person know the information and let him decide what to do. Thanks for the info. John
  7. An acquaintance of mine needs some work done on a 1927 Auburn. He has told me that in needs a rear main bearing seal replaced on the 6 cyl. Continental engine. He also describes to me what seems to be a vapor lock problem. I have not had the pleasure of seeing the car, I only have knowledge of the problem over the phone. My knowledge of Auburns is limited. The car is located in Dutchess County in upstate NY. If someone has knowledge of this car and engine, feel free to contact me through this forum and I can direct you to the owner. Thanks in advance, John Iaccino
  8. Although Holbrook was noted for their formal cars, they made some beautiful phaetons. My father was the trimmer for Holbrook, this picture is a nice father's day gift for me. John
  9. 41 Su8


    It is a trouble light that can be extended out to use to work on the car at night. Changing tires, checking oil etc. When reeled back in it is a spot light affixed to the windshield. John
  10. There is one on the Ford Barn for sale now.
  11. The car at the National Museum above is actually a Model T
  12. They are on the inside so the window can be opened to communicate with occupants in rumble seat.
  13. Cranks with longer shafts were also available so the handle was out past the radiator.
  14. He looks like Ken Murray, he played Doc Willoughby
  15. 41 Su8


    I had some of these on a car once. They are aftermarket wire wheel covers. Not specific to any car.
  16. Bumper suggests a 160 or 180. Phaeton would mean no roll up windows. This was a convertible sedan with roll up windows.
  17. Looks like a Model T rear axle
  18. I don't recall the article, but it was with great hesitation the Henry Ford stopped the production of the Model T. It was only after sales fell below Chevrolet in 1927 that Edsel convinced Henry to abandon the T. Because the entire production line was geared towards the Model T, the entire line had to be re-tooled to produce the Model A.
  19. Rusty is correct. Many people had driven Model T's for so long, they did not how to drive a car with sliding gear transmissions. Model T's were cheap enough by then that a person of modest means could buy 2 cars and keep one for when the first one wore out.
  20. Looks like a convertible coupe
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