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  1. Hello All, I am in need of some parts for my luggage rack. What I need is the knurled bolts and the screws that hold on the 1/4-1/2 moon chrome pieces (which hold the wood trim stripes to the luggage rack) as you can see in the attach picture. The picture is not of my parts it from an email I received from someone back in 2008. Thanks and a Happy New year to you all. Tom
  2. Hi Bob, I will be in need for rubber matting for my '31 and was shocked on the prices some of the other places are asking. I was thinking of just going to a home store and buying a roll of the rubber matting they use for like entry ways of stores etc. Yours look really close if not identical to mine. What is your asking price if I may ask?
  3. Received mine here in the Midwest last week Paul what part of Florida are you in? I am heading out this Saturday to visit my stepfather in Sarasota for the week. If you live in the area maybe we can hook up and do lunch or dinner?
  4. Tom M

    Rim spreaders

    keiser31, Thanks for the clarification. The more I looked at that photo that is what I thought. And also thanks for the safety tip. I don't have a cage but wondering if one could wrap a chain around it.
  5. This is heart breaking and insane prices. Wish I kept my '70 455 HO GTO now. Has anyone heard of this collection? 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge 455 H.O. Convertible
  6. Tom M

    Rim spreaders

    I have attached a picture of a Packard Wooden Spooked Wheel. Wish mine looked this good. I will have six of them to refinish. :eek:
  7. Tom M

    Rim spreaders

    Anyone have any pictures of dismounting a tire from a wooden artillery rim like on my '31 Packard?
  8. Hi Bernie, Some of them are sure not trailer queens are they. It is great to see them out on the road like that. Thanks for taking the time of sharing your adventure and pictures with us. Now get back to that beloved Packard of yours. It wants to be out on the road with the rest of the touring cars
  9. This is all we have Mine 1931 STD 8 Packard Twins 1957 4 Door Chevy Blair
  10. O man I had to do it 1st for a little hot shot 2nd 68 Goat 3rd 67 Goat No Packard's
  11. So Barry said Bingo to West post of the "D-type Jaguar sold in the $60,000 range recently". Could this be the car he is talking about????
  12. I was wondering why the link didn't either. But I sure like the Garage Decor Toolbox magnet that shows up.....
  13. Bernie, I have used this on my car. High Performance Wood Hardener - Wood Maintenance & Repair It may not be as good as Kwik-Poly but it was readily available at our local hardware stores. It may or may not be available in your neck of the woods. Just throwing out some other options for you to look into.
  14. Probably cost more then the Judge windshield you have in your signature.
  15. RodsoftheValley, The attach file is what is stamped on the windshield that was in the car. I can not however verify if this was the original glass for the car.
  16. For my 1931 Packard I purchased the material from here. LeBaron Bonney Company
  17. I don't know off hand but when I get the glass back I will check for you.
  18. Back from glass shop for only $85 I order one. Will box up the orginal one and put it away with the rest of the old parts I have saved.Well off to the last Cruze night of the season. This will be old Bessie first one since I finished part of her restoration.
  19. My car is a 1931 Packard all the glass was/is laminated.The door glass I replaced with tempered glass. I am going to run down to the glass shop now just to see what it will cost to have a new one cut/made. Thanks for your reply
  20. While reinstalling the door glass one of the doors glass broke on me so instead of replacing just the one I replace both of them with new glass. I am at the point of reinstalling the windshield glass but it has a slight yellowish ting to it. If I install the original one it won't match the doors for clarity so do I replace with a new one or just live with the color difference? What would you all do?
  21. I attended this show on Sunday as a spectator and took a few pictures of the some of the Chicagoland Packard club cars that where in the Club parking area. Some Pictures for you Packard Lovers. Would of taken pictures of the other cars in the main show but it was so crowded it was hard to get any good shots.
  22. Not me I love working out in the heat. One way to loose the winter weight
  23. O yes the smiles you put on their faces. I got my car running a few weeks ago took her out for a ride and you wold not believe all the thumps up I received and the heads turning. :cool: Or maybe it was because my trusty companion harley dog was sticking his head out the front window.
  24. Darn it I could not get past the 10th photo. That sure is one fine looking ride :cool:
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