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  1. ex98thdrill

    2018 Eastern Spring Meet results

    Oh and one more thing..... I had almost three years to plan and organize the meet I chaired back in 2010. These folks got into this meet very late in the game and hosted this meet when no one else would do it. Without those wonderful folks from the Chesapeake Region THERE WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN A SPRING MEET IN 2018. I think they did a wonderful job, it was a good location, it was a good event, and no one can control the weather (it was hot). Again, I highly encourage you to contact the Vice President of National Activities and sign up to chair a national meet. After doing one myself I can assure you that if you do you are in for the rudest awakening in your life. You'd never believe the amount of phone calls, e-mails, meetings and knocks on your door you get when you put one of those on. The only reason why I got into doing a national meet was to be able to show our cars and save money on travel expenses by staying home. Our group put on a good meet and beside the planning and logistics, my father and I also put 11 cars on the show field as well. The other shock you'll get to your system?? If you're doing your job and doing it right, you'll also find out how hard the AACA National Board of Directors and the full time staff at AACA headquarters work. Those folks work. I saw enough to know that although I appreciate what the National Directors do, I know I don't want any part of it (especially after one of them tried to intimidate me into going onto the board and failed) because I know that I don't have the time or financial means to put into the job that it deserves. I'm smart enough to know that it would be a huge disservice if I did. All in all I think the folks in the Chesapeake Region did a great job and am thoroughly impressed how well they threw things together based on the short amount of time they had to put on that meet. I first met some of the folks from the Chesapeake Region in Philly back in 2012 and we've been friends ever since. As for the perfection in putting on a meet, bear in mind that even the Hershey Meet isn't perfect and they've had 63 consecutive years of putting one on. It's hard to put on one meet, but to agree to do it again year after year makes the Hershey Region a very special group. The Hershey Region is very financially well off, but they've worked for every penny they have and they've worked very hard to get it. With that saying, if a meet isn't perfect after hosting one for 63 consecutive years, you can't expect a region who is doing one and having less than 9 months to plan it either so with that in mind, none of them are perfect and they never will be.
  2. ex98thdrill

    2018 Eastern Spring Meet results

    So do I take it that you're going to chair the spring meet in 2020?? I too required special assistance with things, I contacted the region back in December and those folks bent over backwards for me. As for the hotel, my sister had one night booked at that rate and there was no three night minimum, but she reserved her room back in December. With bike week going on I'm sure that changed a lot of things. As for the distance between camping and the hotel?? For $3 a person you could get an all day pass and go wherever you wanted to go in Gettysburg to include downtown, the battlefield visitor's center, the outlet mall and everyplace else in between. Gettysburg has been doing that for at least four years and at that price it doesn't pay to drive around Gettysburg. I was told by a region member that the registration was left open beyond what they wanted it left open, and because of that they had more cars and less real estate. The best way to avoid problems at a meet?? PLAN EARLY!! By the way, in terms of the 2019 annual meeting?? I"m going and I'm going to do the same thing I did this year, I'm going to book my room on Wednesday and spend Thursday sightseeing. If the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl I'll already be situated in the hotel a day early and can avoid the mess. …….If the Eagles don't make it to the Super Bowl or if they lose, I"ll cancel Wednesday and come Thursday. It was worth the extra $100 not to get tangled up in that mess everyone else had to deal with in not being able to get into Philly this year.
  3. ex98thdrill


    AMEN!! I chaired a meet with just over 500 cars and you're right it's easier to lay blame than it is to do the logistics. Those guys did it well and they did it right. I would not hesitate to go to that venue with that group again.
  4. ex98thdrill


    Not since Canandaigua in 2010.
  5. ex98thdrill


    The same core group that hosted this meet is also heavily involved with the Early Ford V8 Club of America. It's the third event that group has hosted at that venue since 2014. Granted some might not like the dash plaque, but the fact remains that the region did other things that benefitted more people that I haven't seen anyone else in AACA do (the lanyards with the schedules printed on them, the buttons, etc.). In most cases the only ones that get the dash plaques are the ones who show cars, the rest of the judges, national directors, etc. don't get anything.
  6. ex98thdrill


    I think it started in Stowe back in 2011....
  7. ex98thdrill

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    Yup I agree. If they really wanted to make it good for Joe Average car owner, they'd go back to the dual meets in the west. People complain about the numbers dropping at the meets, they complain about AACA not having a strong presence in the west, and then they take away the dual meets. Have I made every dual meet?? NO!! But I've made one in Colorado, Florida and Kansas and that's quite a haul from New York. When you have some of these judges who are retired that are living on a fixed income, and then you have working stiffs who have to take vacation time off of work, it allows people to get two meets in for a minimal cost. If you're trying to build AACA in the west, the best way to build it is to provide an incentive for people to bring their cars out to the west. That promotes AACA, it helps the local regions out there, and it entices the folks out in the west to get involved and shoot for that Grand National win. The bottom line is that there are more working stiffs that pay dues than there are money people. Our dues are not based on what you make so that $40 is a lot more money to the working stiff than it is to those who have money. For some it takes a while to round up the dough to go to these meets, so let's not change the rules to accommodate those who have money. If you turn your back on the working stiffs, you'll lose the club. The working stiffs contribute more money as a whole then the few people with money who do nothing but complain.
  8. ex98thdrill

    Auburn AGNM-2019 May 30-June 1

    RM has been very good to AACA for several years, so I think AACA is right for sticking by RM, if CCCA isn't willing to follow suit, shame on them. If you've never been to Auburn, it's a nice place. If you choose to come I'd highly recommend coming a day sooner or holding over a day later. You could spend at least an entire day visiting all of the car related museums in the area. The facility is very nice and there is plenty to do. In 2015 the Eastern Division Spring meet was farther from home than the Auburn meet was, so we chose Auburn and it was a decision that we never regretted. Oddly enough in 2016 my work schedule didn't allow me to go to any meets, in 2017 we didn't do Auburn because the truck we were restoring wasn't done yet. This year we're choosing to go to Gettysburg because we also like Gettysburg and it's closer to home. We're looking forward to going to Auburn in 2019. I'm also looking forward to seeing the Early Ford V8 Museum since the expansion was finished. Other than Cleveland, the traffic heading out west wasn't bad at all and the roads were pretty good shape.
  9. ex98thdrill

    40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    Fire grows quickly. Again call the fire department first, and if you should have a chimney fire and a safe means to get onto the roof, drop a plastic back filled with Dry Chemical left out of an extinguisher down the chimney. It won't necessarily knock the fire out, but it'll buy you some time. Is it safe to be on a roof?? NO!! But wearing a fire helmet does not making you exempt from falling off of the roof as anyone else either. Guys who install roofs for a living are known to fall, so it can happen to anyone.
  10. ex98thdrill

    40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    I've been a firefighter for 34 years, spent five years as a fire chief, have two ladder trucks and plenty of equipment to climb up onto a roof. Not everyone lives in an area where the fire department can be in your driveway in less than three minutes. I'll take my chance at falling than watch my house burn to the ground waiting for the fire department to show up.
  11. ex98thdrill


    The funniest thing I saw were the guys rolling a coffin into the street. When they did that my thoughts were "it's a bad time to have a funeral" but then they raised the lid to the coffin where it read "We buried the Patriots." Young, old, black, white, rich and poor, they all came out to celebrate and it was a once in a lifetime experience to be able to watch a city celebrate their very first Super Bowl win. I was even more surprised to learn that they closed the schools and how entire families were out there to celebrate. There aren't too many people who will ever or have ever seen a football team celebrate their first Super Bowl win. At one point the lobby was closed and unless you had a room key, security wouldn't even let you into the building. Yes it was crazy, but it was also comical and I enjoyed watching the celebration.... It's taken 82 years for the AACA Annual Meeting to coincide with a Super Bowl victory party.
  12. ex98thdrill

    2018 Grand National Registration

    The same applies when you roll in with a hauler in excess of 40 feet long...
  13. ex98thdrill

    Chrome questions

    I wonder how much longer these platers will be around before someone closes them down. Today you can get things powder coated where they have a chrome finish. I've never seen it and if I did I didn't know it was powder coat. Several years ago NASCAR banned chrome rims on the race cars because they had issues with the wheel weights not sticking to the rims. A couple of years ago (it might've been 10 years) the chrome rims came back, but this time they were a chrome powder coat. I never saw what they look like up close so it's too hard for me to say if it's good or bad. Aside from the NASCAR boys, I've never known anyone to go that route. If you check with most vendors that do powder coat, they have several colors to choose from, even a chrome type finish.
  14. ex98thdrill

    Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    No I didn't. I work shift work and I work in the neighborhood of 600-800 hours of overtime every year and I only get weekends off once every six weeks. My schedule wouldn't allow me to do things right. There were some things that really turned me off... 1. I had a board member (now deceased) majorly in my face who wouldn't take no for an answer that ROYALLY p***ed me off. This individual even went as far as going to individual members of the region (that I quit) to also put pressure on me into caving in to his demands. At the time had I been offered the chance to fill the rest of a term of someone that had resigned I would've considered it, but this individual totally blew it. 2. You guys get stretched so thin that you don't get enough time to enjoy your cars. That's over and above the fact that I'm not a suit and tie guy and I hate paying $50 for a rubber chicken dinner. Had we not won a national award, I wouldn't have shelled out $60 for dinner on Saturday night. I can count on one hand how many times over the last 17 years that I've ever paid to go to an awards banquet. Two of them were at the start and end of AACA's 75th anniversary, one of them was when I was a meet chairman and HAD to be there, and the fourth one was Saturday night. Most of the time I never went to the banquets even though I was a region president and it was in the budget for the region to pay for it. Trust me, I would've loved to have worked with you and it was nothing personal against you or several others, but when I chaired the meet and watched what you guys had to do, I appreciated it, I respected it, but I also saw enough to know that I didn't want any part of it. Then when someone got in my face about it, the wedge got driven way down out of sight. With me being in that bad accident, it all turned out just as well because for the last year I've had all I could do to put my life back together.
  15. ex98thdrill

    Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    Hey without you being on the National Board anymore, you're not one of them, you're a normal person now. No more long meetings, teleconferences, committee meetings, phone calls, e-mails, complaints, etc. Seven years ago you ran for it, while I ran FROM it. I'm thankful you did what you did, but when I chaired the meet back in 2010 I saw enough of what the National Directors have to put up with to know I don't want any part of it. I once told Don Barlup that not only am I not going to close that door, I'm slamming that door shut, locking it, nailing it shut and putting a Buick behind it. Not no but sHELL no. It isn't out of hatred, but more because I know I couldn't afford to do it even if I wanted too... Thanks for what you've done, and I'm glad you did it instead of me.