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  1. Mark, I want to applaud you for answering this. You did this more diplomatically than I would have. I chaired a national meet ten years ago, so I know the drill and I know it well. What I don't know are the current changes that have been made over the last ten years. For those of you who have never hosted a meet, you have many factors. 1. You have a Policy & Procedure manual that you must follow. This covers, judge's breakfast, registration, show field, publicity, flea market, awards banquet, etc. 2. You have to have a facility large enough for the show field, banquet, trailer parking, etc. 3. You have to have the people in charge of all of your committees as well as other people who are there so that each committee can get their job done. 4. As Meet Chairman, you have to make sure that all of your committees are on point, the policies and procedures are being followed, as well as serve as a liaison with the folks at AACA Headquarters (who are awesome) and the National Directors. You also have to serve as a liaison with the community where your meet is going to be held because people are going to want to know what you're doing and you're going to need those sponsorship dollars. 5. You have to have money in the budget to put the show on without bankrupting the club. In many cases it means having to pick and choose what you can and can't do based on what you can afford while still following the policy. It is so easy to be an armchair quarterback, but the fact remains, that the waters run very deep. It is easy as the casual observer to find fault, but the logistics are far more than what they seem. One such thing that I always wanted to see was credit card billing for meet registrations. After chairing a meet I found out that it isn't possible because to do that AACA would have to set up the credit card billing for each region hosting a national event and it would be a logistical nightmare. Again it seems easy on the surface, but it goes back to the issue of what seems like nothing, the water runs deep and it isn't as easy as you see. The one thing I've learned over the years is that it is hard to host a national event. They'll never be perfect, but you do the best job you can do. I have been to some great events, and I have been to some awful events. In hindsight, Hershey has been hosting a national meet for 65 years, they haven't gotten it perfect, and you can't expect anyone else to it either. It isn't easy!! AACA National events are like restoring a car...….very few are completely perfect. In this case you have an armchair quarterback that wants to complain and doesn't want to put his money where his mouth is. Until they're willing to "walk the walk" they're just wasting everyone else's time....
  2. I guess being that you have all of the answers, you should chair a national meet and show the rest of us how it's done...
  3. I've been reading this trailer parking issue and I can answer some of this. Bear in mind that when you host an AACA National Meet that you cannot charge admission to spectators. In many cases you can't always get your showfield site for free, so you need the cashflow to pay the bills. If you need additional property for car owners to park their car trailers, that too often comes at a cost. I chaired the Eastern Spring Meet ten years ago and when the meet started off, our region was $16,000 in the hole. As people registered for different events, and through selling merchandise we did turn a profit, but for a long time, that was very uncertain. Understand that $16,000 deficit was ten years ago, so I'm sure today you'd be looking at $20,000 plus. I cannot remember how much we charged for trailer parking, but we used that fee to offset some of our expenses and cover the cost of security. Back then we weren't required to have an EMT on the showfield, but at that time I was an EMT, and I had another EMT, golf cart, jump bad with oxygen and a debrillator that didn't cost us any money. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to talk anyone out of hosting a national meet, but as someone who has chaired one, there's a lot of time, a lot of planning and a lot of money involved. You'd be surprised what it takes to put on a national meet. I know I not only found that out, I also found out how hard the National Directors and the office staff at AACA Headquarters work too. In the case of Hershey, the car owners have free trailer parking, but think of how much you pay to park so you can walk in the flea market every day all week long?? I've had a flea market space for 11 years now, but I forgot how much HERCO charges to park every day.
  4. Early Ford V8 just cancelled their spring meet that was supposed to be at the Classic Auto Mall in Morgantown, PA.
  5. I'm surprised about Waldron's. We've used them several times and never had a problem.
  6. Truck is already entered, hotel is reserved and check is in the mail. If it gets lost, let me know. Even if it takes the post office two weeks to deliver it, it'll still be there before the deadline.
  7. Ron, that is no rumor. I wasn't part of the crew who moved the car, I wasn't there when the picture was taken, but I did see the picture of the car on the carpet either in front of or under the star. That picture does in fact exist. I'm not what you'd call in "good graces" with some of the higher ups, so I'm not about to do anything that could get me arrested and/or removed from the club.
  8. Being that the new truck is almost done, we've dropped the price on the Seagrave. Here's the new truck with the '42 Ford on it. The pictures of the Seagrave show the '41 Ford.
  9. Yes they have Matt. Steph and I spent Christmas in Hawaii so I know what you're saying when it comes to sleeping in your own bed. We were home by noon. We plowed the driveway, cleaned the snow off of the solar panels, got unpacked and took a nap most of yesterday afternoon. Any time we get back from a meet, that's pretty much the ritual.
  10. You're right Terry, I thought I had everyone and I forgot JC Taylor. I didn't do the banquet because a certain former National President got me hooked on Macy's Crossing. For the last several years I've had dinner there every night.
  11. To those who attended the Annual Meeting, it was great to see you, to those who didn't, you missed another great event. I'd like to address a few things... 1. To Mike Jones and the crew: Thanks for putting on another great event. If you've never hosted a National Meet or tour, I will be the first to tell you that it's not an easy task, and Mike and the crew do this very well, every year and they have done this ever year for several years. 2. Hotel - A lot of renovation work has been done to the hotel since last year and the rooms were much nicer than a year ago. It was never a case of having a lousy room, but I found the rooms to be a lot nicer this year. 3. Parking - To those of you who used the valet parking, check your hotel bill. AACA was given a special rate at $20 a day, but the desk clerk couldn't lock us in at that price when we checked in and she made that known to us when we checked in. The desk clerk made the changes this morning when we checked out. It is not a case of anyone trying to rip anyone off, it's a case of where I was told they had to do it manually, so if you didn't get that discounted rate, call them up and they'll make the deduction. If not, they'll charge you their regular rate for valet parking. 4. Steve and the folks at AACA Headquarters - Once again thanks for all you do not only with the Annual Meeting but with the day to day operations of the club all year long. Those folks work long and hard to take care of the membership. It wasn't until I was a meet chairman before I was ever able to comprehend what they do. They not only have to deal with the day to day things, but they also have to plan the move into the new headquarters. The move in itself is going to be a full time job, but remember they have to do that as well as still run the club. I'm not saying the current AACA headquarters is substandard, but I'm looking forward to seeing those folks that work for us have a better workplace. They work long, they work hard and they've earned that. If things don't seem to be as good as they can be, those folks are going to be very overwhelmed for the next year at best, so bear with them. 5. Seminars - For the first time in several years, they brought back the Advanced Judging School. For those of you who have had any time being a judge, you'll know that going to the annual judging school can often be more painful than being forced to sit outside to watch cars rust. The advanced judging school knocks out the BS that had beat the horse so bad that there was glue on the floor. Thanks for bringing it back!! 6. New AACA Headquarters - Can't wait to see it done!! Thank you Steve and Chris for taking the time to answer those questions. Although I've never had a problem with the new building, I had some concerns over what was being done. After knowing what was being done with the money being spent, my concerns are over because they've already been addressed. A know a lot of people have "sticker" shock, but whenever you get into a large project like that, it isn't cheap by any means and there is a huge difference between building a house and building an office building. Ten years ago I laid the groundwork to put a $3 million dollar firehouse in a town the size of 3,500 people. When you figure the size of AACA in terms of numbers, dollar for dollar our project was more money than the new AACA headquarters is ten years later so I'm surprised that they're doing what they're doing at the price it's being done. I know what it's like in terms of budget, wants and needs and I've been in the situation where I had to pick and choose my battles to not only take care of our needs now, but also address the needs in the years ahead. Our new headquarters building is not being built to meet the needs for today, it is being built to meet the needs for the future. By doing what the national board is doing now, it'll save the club a boatload of cash by not having to do it later. Although there are some who don't see that now, they will see that in the years ahead. In terms of the national board of directors who are overseeing this project, I give them a lot of credit because I know from my own experience it is very difficult to work from within your heart, while still trying to stay within budget, while also trying to address wants and needs. I know in my own situation I was forced to give up some things that I wanted that I couldn't do because the money wasn't there, and I had to address needs first. Despite that, I was forced to take some heat and wear a black eye from people who don't have the vision to be able to comprehend what's being done so I'm sure the national board is in the same boat. For those of you who might be against this project, keep an open mind. I can't wait to go to Hershey and see the show taking place next to the new headquarters. I think the headquarters will boost the show, and the show will boost headquarters. If nothing more, it'll give Judges admin a better workplace during Hershey. The National Board has had to "weather the storm" of building a new headquarters, and I know from my own experience it isn't easy, so thank you for "weathering the storm." 7. Awards - It sure was great to get our second national award. I had always maintained that winning one national award was enough, and it truly was. Although I would've been fine not winning the award, the second time is even better. My dad and I have a long history in the fire service, and we have several old cars, but winning the Peterson Fire Apparatus award has cemented ourselves to combine our association with both old cars and the fire service. Everyone we know in the fire service knows we're car guys, while the car guys know we're in the fire service. I was pretty rough on a few folks in terms of the nomination letter but it turned out that the US Post Office dropped the ball pretty bad. As it turned out, it took the Post Office nearly two weeks to deliver the nomination letter. The letter was sent out on time, the post office in Hershey did their job, but somewhere between the Hershey post office and my mailbox, someone messed up pretty bad. If only they post office would lose my tax bill...… Again I'd like to apologize to Steve, Bob and a few others because the problem lied with the post office and no one else. 8. Annual Meeting - Whether you win or lose, the Annual Meeting is a good time. If you have never been, consider going next year.
  12. Thursday night at 8 might be even better because then it doesn't interfere with any of the seminars....
  13. Yup. It's getting harder for regions that are willing to host national activities. If the Auburn meet is closer to me than the Eastern Spring meet, I'd most likely choose Auburn. The traffic heading out west isn't bad at all.
  14. I agree with you 100% but if you can't find someone to host the AGNM, do it in Auburn so at least we have an AGNM.