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  1. Yes it was. It was hard, it's going to be hard, but my dad went out with class. In my 36 years with the fire department, I've never seen a funeral done to that level. For 200 people to show up out of a town of 3,500 people says a lot about the impact we made to the community.
  2. Yes they have. A late show is better than no show at all. How anything has happened at all is a miracle..... The best part about it all???? The Wyndham is a beautiful facility. I like that place enough to where I've even gone down there when there hasn't even been a car show. When the show comes back to Hershey, we'll all get to see the new headquarters and it'll be done. If the meet hadn't been moved, we wouldn't have been able to see the new headquarters this year.... You can look at the glass being half empty, or you can look at the glass
  3. Thanks Tommy. I will say that I'm left with a very large void right now, but the support level is there. Due to COVID, we had to do my dad's funeral outside because the church wouldn't allow us to bring in more than 35 people. As it turns out more than 200 people showed up at my dad's funeral. Even without COVID, we wouldn't have been able to fit everyone in the church. The minister did the funeral in the gazebo at the town park, we had a sound system, we had music, it was a beautiful day, we had the woodie wagon and three of our fire trucks surrounding the gazebo as well as th
  4. You may be correct, but when you have Lake Erie to the west and Lake Ontario to our north, we might have to go through the snow to get there. I won't destroy a show vehicle hauling it to Gettysburg.... I also won't take a chance of going through ice covered roads between my house and Gettysburg and take the chance at destroying the truck, the trailer and the show car. For the guys in the south, it won't matter at all.... Of course depending on weather, if you're parking show cars and car trailers on grass, you could have a mess because it is November. At times Hershe
  5. Hey that's great. My dad's funeral is this morning, so now this gives me more time to get myself together so I can still go. I'll miss the Flea Market, but I LOVE Gettysburg and I love the Wyndham. Now I might bring a different vehicle. If we get snow and salt I won't bring a show car, but I'll still drive down for the show.... My only concern as an outsider, if we get rain and/or snow, will there be problems parking the car trailers on the grass?? I'd hate to be way off the road and stuck.... Not a complaint, but just something to think about.....
  6. Thanks Charlie. Just so you know the picture of my dad in the cab of the hauler was the unanimous choice for the entire family. It almost looks like he's staring at you and waving goodbye.... My dad's funeral will be Saturday morning at 11am. After the funeral there will be a reception at the firehouse. Our '49 LaFrance will be flying the big flag.
  7. Terry, ten years ago when you were national President, the two of us (with several others) put on a meet with as much heart and attention to detail to that meet as we put into our cars. Thank you for coming up and being a part of that memory. I still get approached by people who I don't even know that still talk about that show.
  8. 1940 - 2020. For those of you who don't already know, yesterday the man upstairs took my partner in crime. Your suffering is over dad, I'll do my best to keep both the fleet and the legacy going..... I will be coming to Hershey, but this will be the first time in my life I'll be making the trip to Hershey without my dad. Although they're entered, I may or may not bring a vehicle to Hershey. It's going to be hard wiping the tears off of the trucks..... His last AACA outing was when we took the stage in Philly back in February to accept the Peter
  9. I didn't know there was going to be another meet there in 2023. As in your case, I'll be there because I LOVE the place. It's so easy to get in and out of even with a big truck. Once you get there you can hop on the shuttle bus and never have to deal with your tow vehicle until it's time to go home. I had hoped to roll into Hershey between 2 and 3pm, I didn't get back to my house until 4, so between getting the truck off of the hook, getting what I needed out of the hauler and into my car, getting cleaned up and getting dinner it was almost 6 before we left for Gettysburg. The
  10. Yup, that's exactly who it was. She must be one of the few from Tidewater Region that I hadn't met yet. Speaking of breaking down and having to get hauled home, the guy's lowboy wasn't available, but the truck below is what showed up to drag me home.... Again when that truck rolled up, my wallet slammed hard because I saw a lot of money gone when that happened. I'd used those guys before and they treated me right when I used them so I called them again, but I never dreamed they'd treat me the way they did. Before we headed for home the operator took pictures of the t
  11. Yeah I LOVE that location in Gettysburg. I've been to two Early Ford V8 meets there, and this was my second AACA meet there. Great venue, great location. The other thing I like is that with the shuttle bus, you can leave your car right there and hop on the shuttle bus to go downtown, the Visitor's Center, etc. If you don't want to leave the property, everything you need is right there on that property. Truth be told I know the lay of the land so well, I was actually stoked when I found out that the meet was moved to there. Had it not been for the breakdown I not only wouldn't
  12. Thanks Mark. It was a case of where being that we couldn't show the truck, I was showing him the cars and what AACA was all about. He was asking me about the Corvettes, so I took him over and I showed him what I knew about the Corvettes. I don't know a lot about them, but I showed him how to tell the difference between the '53-'57's, the '58-'62's, the '63-'67's, the '68-77's, the '78-'82's. I was wearing my US Army retired hat. While I was showing him the Corvettes, some lady got out of her chair and asked me if I ever served in the military and liked old cars. She then expl
  13. Yeah that hurt Terry, that hurt really, really bad. For the first time since I became a member of AACA, we had a show car entered into a meet and it didn't make it to the show field. We were heading down Friday morning. Before I got to the interstate, I found a nice shaded spot, so I pulled the rig over, checked the chains and checked the truck over before we pulled onto the interstate to head down. We got on the interstate and I commented to my friend how it seemed like that "screaming Detroit" was smoking more than what it normally does, so I asked him to look out t
  14. Yup I feel the same way. Our hauler suffered a mechanical failure that cost me a lot of money to get hauled home. I spent almost four hours on the side of the road Friday waiting for the hook to get there, but during that time I felt the same way so when we got the truck home, I grabbed my bags out of the truck, threw them in my car and headed to Gettysburg. It is the first time I have ever gone to any AACA meet where I wasn't showing a car since I became an AACA member 18 years ago.
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