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  1. Will anyone else be going to this show. I may take a drive down there on Saturday. 2009 Momence Car Show carshow
  2. I believe others on here have had good luck using this product Kwik Poly
  3. Charles, I had mine rebuilt here FORT WAYNE CLUTCH and DRIVELINE It is reinstalled but have not road tested as of yet. Old Bessie is still being fixed up.
  4. From the album: Packard

    I finally got some paint on old Bessie a few weeks ago
  5. Dave, Not sure where you are located but I bought Ash Wood from here. Owl Hardwood Lumber Company
  6. Fiar, That was the same issue I had with some of the longer pieces. A $5.00 piece cost you big $'s to ship
  7. Steve, Thanks. Have printed it and added it to my folder for top installation. See I am trying to get myself more organized when getting info. I started to make folders and when info comes in I print it off and place it in the folders. Just thought I share that little tidbit,
  8. Steve, Thank you very much for taking the time to post your explanation and pictures. That sure looks easy enough for me to do I like your little helper in the last picture. Is he or she pushing out the wrinkles As you see above I purchased some wire-on since my molding was in pretty bad shape. Hopefully mine will turns out as well as yours and the one in the Model A link. Thanks all for your valuable input. This is what it is all about makin friends as we go along. Now it is almost time to get home. Have re prep the left rear quarter for paint. Was a little to aggressive with the wet sandi
  9. Steve, Did you use wire-on if so do you have any close-up pictures of installation? I purchased wire-on because I could not find a place that carries the Aluminum molding. Hope I made the right choice there.
  10. Mat, Thanks for the link that will most diffidently help. I will pass it along
  11. Hello, This question was asked on another forum "does anyone know of a service bulletin pertaining to the replacement of the fabric top insert on closed cars though 1939?" I will be in that position in a few months. I have order my material from LeBaron Bonney and they don't have instructions for Packards "Fords only" They did not want to send me the instructions for the installation on Fords for liability issues. So with that does any one have instructions? Here is a list of materials I purchased from them Denim Cotton Black colonial grain (T-5) Wire-on Nails Also purchased Rain Gutters, Fe
  12. Bill, How much do you need? What was the price? Same goes at the place I was looking at 5 gal pail only.
  13. Bill, I stopped here a few years back and they can get it. I have not purchase any as of yet due to car is still under repair. Quality Oil Co Address: 55 N 400 E, Valparaiso, IN 46383 Phone: (219) 462-2951 he can get me 5 gals @$42.00. (this was 2006 pricing)
  14. Tg, U always amaze me with your photo shooting and boy all the models you have. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
  15. Dave, Thanks for the tip. Here she is in Red Mahogany and Black. Went and hung the passenger door last night (Had issues with this door even before I started the restoration) where it rubs on the lower right of the door on the sill. Did the best I can to tweak it. Also the gaps aren't the best either on the door. Have some paint chip off on the hinges nothing that a little artist touch up brush can't fix
  16. Well here you have it color on the body. Black for the roof and belt line will be sprayed in a few days. Short Video
  17. West, I agree. Will have to get some 600 since some of the peel on other panels that I have painted are a little heavier.
  18. Ken, Thanks for the encouraging words West, I started with 1500 then went to 2000. I did post a question on a paint forum and the guys suggested I hit it with the wool pad again and see if it will take out the rest of the scratches before wetting sanding again. Will have to give it a try in a few days.
  19. Something to wet your appetite. Since the shell was drying I figure I take a try at some buffing. This is the first time for me to use a machine for buffing. I am pretty impressed with the way it turned out. Have a few sand scratches left but nothing some 2000 can't take out.
  20. Been awhile since have have added any updates to my restoration thread so here we are I will be off for two weeks, one was a voluntary week off if you catch what I mean. My plans for these two weeks are to spray a sealer coat of epoxy on the shell then hopefully if weather stays pleasant and warm spray some color. After that I am stuck on what to do next. I have the fenders to do but really don't have the space in the garage to work on them. Other plan then is reinstalled the engine this way I can pulled old Bessie out on to the driveway so I can have more room in the garage to work on the fen
  21. I have not used this stuff but have heard of others they have and had good success using it for wood repair. Kiwk Poly I have used this for some soft wood on my car. Minwax Wood Hardner My wife brought home from work a few different sized needels and what I did was squirted liberal amounts it into nail holes, screw holes or I would just pour it onto the flats pieces etc. It hardens up pretty good. Guy I work with made new sills for me. Wood Sill
  22. Thanks guys for the Fabric input. Need to crawl up in attic to see what grain I had. But what about the moldings for holding the fabric in place I am not sure which one? Rain Gutter I think I will go with the two piece it seems easier to install and you don't have to worry about folding it.
  23. Bill, I know that. No worries here. Now only if I can find them darn shootin rain gutters and roof moldings for my car. If not I will have to go topless
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