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  1. Wish I had saved some of my paper mementos from the Langhorne Speedway from the 50s and 60s!
  2. It has been noted that the AACA Library and the Simeone Museum will be the recipients of the collection. Does anyone know how the division will be made? Which institution will receive which items?
  3. I have considered just going to a local auto audio shop, but expect that the latest and greatest speakers will not have the old Ford style plug. I was hoping that someone in the audience would have crossed that bridge and found a true 'plug and play' replacement. I would certainly expect newer speakers to have better sound. Thanks for replying...
  4. Thanks for the input.... Somehow I thought it might be a couple of movie stars....
  5. We have a 1989 Lincoln Town Car. The dash speakers are shot and we are looking for replacements. Has anyone out there found plug and play replacements?
  6. I have this original sales brochure which was offered by Leonard Williams distributor in London England. The cover shows a 1937 Packard Super Eight LeBaron All-Weather Town Car. The license plate is 1937 New York.There are two women passengers. 1. Who are the women? 2. What is the location?
  7. You are correct about the Phillips-head screws. This car is our 'driver'....NOT a show car. It had been given a functional paint job about 30 years ago before I had acquired it. I assume that the painter was just not careful with the proper screws.
  8. Three years ago there was a lot of chatter about body swaps and verifying provenance. The simple solution is looking at the data plate. If the car has a beautiful grungy data plate, where the font of the serial number is markedly different from the font of the selling date...you can be pretty sure how it was born. If you have a shiny reproduction data plate where the font of the serial number is identical to the font of the selling date....THEN you need to do some homework! All serial numbers were stamped at the factory with the model number and unique number. The selling dealer used his own punch set to list the dealership, location and selling date. (At least that's the way it was in 1937....)
  9. I certainly appreciate the posting of all this technical information. John C. ....have you become the expert in making these horns functional? If so, are you interested in tackling another project? I have a 3 trumpet Bugle and a 4 trumpet Repealer that I need repaired.
  10. I am looking for someone who specializes in repairing the Sparton 3 trumpet Bugle and 4 trumpet Repealer. I am not interested in cosmetic restoration...just want them to work properly.
  11. I have this neat wrench which has only a 'C' cast into it. Is this a generic mechanic's wrench or was it part of some car manufacturer's tool kit? Any help is appreciated.
  12. The taper from top to bottom indicates it is a 1937 Super Eight or Twelve.
  13. I have this tire cover that has a smooth surface, NO holes in it, and no pull tab on the end like the fender spare covers on our 1937 Packard Super Eights. I am guessing that it is for a rear mounted spare. What do you think? Width is 6 5/8". outside diameter is approximately 30".
  14. Thanks for the prompt response. It sure looks similar to a Model A Ford! I wonder if this one has survived!?!?
  15. Back around 1974 my uncle saw this car up in Connecticut. It appears to be about a 1930 Mercedes from the radiator cap. I have wondered what has happened to this car....does anyone know???? Maybe someone can decipher the license plate.... I google '1930 Mercedes' and nothing like it shows up in the Images section.