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  1. My subscription expired and today I returned the postage paid renewal notice with a note...."save your postage...take my name off your mailing list." Bottom line is that I felt guilty...all the trees that had to be cut down, all the pulp processing generating pollution..the ink....for me to read 3 pages of Packard stuff....and then the effort and pollution to recycle it.
  2. Seriously, I DID make a retreat at the Monastery in Berryville....way back in 1961. As I recall, their big marketing effort was not fruitcake but a black bread...I think...pumpernickel. They stocked grocery stores in Fredericksburg, VA.
  3. I have this 34.5" stainless trim with offset mounting studs. Any idea what make and model used this trim? Certainly there must be someone out there who needs it more than my shelf does?
  4. Walt, (and all other viewers...) while you are perusing your old accessory catalogs, please keep an eye out for the running board trunk. Here are a couple pics of ours. It is sitting on the running board of our early Third Series sedan. On both sides are fittings, I assume are for securing the trunk to the running board. Note that the back door can clear the trunk,, but it would take a gymnast to get in or out of the car with the trunk rigidly fixed, so I am suspecting that there must have been some intriguing hardward to swivel the trunk for ingress and egress, so does the catalog depi
  5. Yes, there was a Standard Eight in '35-36 which were considered Seniors and on the same design as the Twelve. They had the same body shell, instrument cluster, etc as the Super Eights and Twelves. In 1935 Packard delved into the lower price point to try to hang onto market share by bringing out the 120. Then in 1937 they brought out the SIX. The 120 and the Six are considered the Junior line.
  6. Actually, the 37-39 Super Eight is virtually the same 320 engine that was the Standard Eight of the earlier years. It is a 9 main bearing engine.
  7. On December 18 my long time friend, Paul TerHorst passed away. I am sure that many readers have known him or at least crossed paths with Paul at Hershey, Chickasaw or other meets. The family as asked me to help publicize the availability of his unfinished Packard. Some of you may have seen the car at Opus II in Warren, Ohio back in 2009. Here is the information I have been provided. My understanding is that the car in located North of Chicago. 1937 Packard Super Eight 1501 Convertible Coupe Roadster Senior Packard, 8 cylinder, 320 engine Convertible with rumble seat Vehicle #
  8. This headlight lens is marked RIGHT. I have been told it is for the 1933 Chrysler...possibly the Imperial. I am not a Chrysler owner and I have no cross reference books. I'll take $275 and provide free shipping to continental US.
  9. I would think that if it was simply to secure a bumper strip, there would not be such a strange pattern of holes...1-3-2-3-1. Also, I would expect holes on the other end. I would think it was some lettering naming the model. It would be a fun exercise to query the community and ask what year and Make FIRST created bumper strips on the side chrome. I am recalling that it was the 1961 full size Mercury.
  10. I have two pieces of this trim with 10 holes near one end. It is 54" long and has a pattern of holes...1-3-2-3-1. I appreciate any tips.
  11. I have this pair of , I am told, 1966 Lincoln Continental horn buttons. The numbers on the underside appear to be 31768 C6VA 3D758 Back in the 80s I saw a 66 Coupe in a junkyard and was able to strip it. I'll take $50 for the pair...free shipping to continental US. Have not yet posted on ebay so if interested, send me a msg. ThePackardMan@gmail.com I also have the sun visors, a grille, hood, stainless trim on top of front fenders. and a radio. Let me know your interests.
  12. Upteen years ago I saw a 1966 Linc in a junkyard. I was able to strip whatever I could take. Unfortunately I didn't hae an engine hoist! I did get a lot of stuff and still have some but not sure if these came from the car. If you have a book to identify part numbers I would appreciate knowing if these came from the car...IF NOT...WHAT? Casting logo is Ford.
  13. I guess I need to have that cataract surgery my doc recommended!!!!! Thanks for the correction. Let's see.....I went from a '63 Ford sedan to a '67 Mercury wagon....
  14. Thanks for the prompt response. I wonder where I ever got it. I never had a 60s Ford truck.
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