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  1. I have this tire cover that has a smooth surface, NO holes in it, and no pull tab on the end like the fender spare covers on our 1937 Packard Super Eights. I am guessing that it is for a rear mounted spare. What do you think? Width is 6 5/8". outside diameter is approximately 30".
  2. Thanks for the prompt response. It sure looks similar to a Model A Ford! I wonder if this one has survived!?!?
  3. Back around 1974 my uncle saw this car up in Connecticut. It appears to be about a 1930 Mercedes from the radiator cap. I have wondered what has happened to this car....does anyone know???? Maybe someone can decipher the license plate.... I google '1930 Mercedes' and nothing like it shows up in the Images section.
  4. I don't think using a point file is a good idea to use on the points. The points are not flat; they are curved. If you flatten them out to remove the black, you destroy the uniformity between the rotor and the contact.
  5. I have everything but the carbon tet. Does that dissolve the black buildup on the rotor and points?
  6. I have used pen knives to scrape, but always wondered if anyone has come up with a better solution.
  7. Don't know if this has been discussed before....but I'm sure most old cars have this problem. Over time, the distributor points and rotor develop an insulating black coating which inhibits good spark. Eons ago an owner could simply go to the local dealer or auto parts store and buy a new cap and rotor. Now we have to make do and refurbish what we have. I am curious to know what others have developed to clean without eroding the brass. Anyone know of a solution to dissolve the stuff without damage????
  8. Back around 1960 I was in a Cadillac dealership on Broad Street in Philadelphia. I was a 22 year old just looking at new cars. I distinctly remember seeing a used car on the showroom floor...as I recall a '56...with a sink in the right back seat...with running water. I didn't get into the appreciation of old cars until 1963 when I rescued a '37 Packard Twelve from a junk yard. I have often wondered if that car still exists. Perhaps it was a Derham who was still in business, not too far away in Rosemont, PA.
  9. I am trying to remove the clutch plates from the transmission but am stumped. There is a big nut on the shaft holding the plates in place. How do you break the nut free without damaging the plates...or any other part of the transmission? Certainly there is an easy solution that I have not tried. All suggestions are appreciated.
  10. This carb is not for the 1925-26 Third Series which has a spark plug in its chimney and mounts on the side.
  11. I have several of these bushings which I would like to find a new owner, but do not know the application. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Many thanks for the pointer. Yes, I called Tom and he has one.
  13. Anyone out there have a distributor cap for the 656J for our '27 SIX ???? I would be interested in NOS or excellent used. ThePackardMan@gmail.com
  14. Will correct to label pic and edit....
  15. Just for comparison, here are 3 pics of our 1937 Packard Super Eight 1500.