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  1. I can't think of any car more appropriately named than the English "Rover"....bow wow!
  2. What is the oldest antique car museum you know of. Who started it and where was it. I am interested in hearing about real the big non-profit museums, to the collections large and small that were open to the public. The furthest back I can remember is going to the Henry Ford Museum in 1953 with my folks. If I am not mistaken, Henry Ford started that facility in 1929. I know Swagarts goes way back, The Long Island Auto Museum, Milton's place, Zimmermans in Harrisburg, Name some more with locations and approximate dates. I would love to see who claims being the first one.
  3. I had a near identical Jetfire as my daily driver in California during the late 1970's. It was white with a black interior, it is actually shown in the Standard Catalog of cars as the illustration for a 63 Jetfire. I loved it peppy with the turbo, but got great gas mileage as well. Of course lots of cars are turbocharged today, but it was a very special car in it's day. Congradulations on your find.
  4. Gary Pelger got your photos this week for the registry, what is the deal on the Bliss with the twin rear seats pictured. I 've even seen one like that, did they cup open the rear deck?
  5. Last night going through my book collection I can across a book done by Steve Butler a couple years ago. It is the full history of promotional models, it is wonderfully complete and does not miss anything. It was $19.95 in soft binding. I would watch the swap meets for it. Well worth the effort on this great subject.
  6. There were some fairly accurate hard rubber promos built in the 1930's and early 40's. I have seen Oldsmobiles, Fords and even International trucks. Someone with more knowledge may be able to list the exact makes and who produced them?
  7. If you own a Bliss Surrey, 03 Olds replica, there is a registry for these great all-steel cars building in Canton, Ohio for only one year. Contact Gary Pelger with your serial number, name and address. Maybe if we can get enough folks, we could have a mini-meet in Canton. Respond here or email Gary at gpelger@motorcarportfolio.com . You can reach him at Motorcar on Saturdays' at 330-453-8900. Let's see how many Bliss' are still alive.
  8. Thanks for the Electra photos, yes, that was one of my favorite cars, it is really something to see it on the road, thanks for the note and photos, Bob
  9. I need a 1938 Buick Special windshield wiper motor and a drivers side taillamp lense for a 1962 Buick Special station wagon, (the round lense).
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