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  1. Wanted: a decent 1954 Ford Crestline 4-dr. sedan. A good solid car original or restored. But not a Customline, only a Crestline. Color not important, but looking for good body and in a perfect world a decent interior. Bob LIchty, boblichty@gmail.com or 330-704-5271
  2. This car is perfect for preservation class. All original 19,300 mile 1976 Ford Granada Ghia coupe in chestnut with a saddle tan interior, loaded with tons of options from 302 V8 to AC and factory glass moon roof. Original paint, upholstry, chrome everything. Drives great. 330-704-5271 Link: http://www.motorcarportfolio.com/product.php?id=11954
  3. Hi, I need a good used Model A engine and transmission. it is for a speedster so any year is fine. Prefer one not needing rebuilt. Does not have be be a show piece, just a good used engine and trans. email, or call me at 330-704-5271, or post here. Can pickup at Hershey. ALso looking for good used high, '27 T radiator as well. Thanks.
  4. I have a 1948 Dodge someone converted the Fluid drive unit to a manual. It was not a nice job and I need to convert it back. I would like to buy a Fluid drive unit or find someone good at working on them who can convert it back to the proper Fluid Drive coupling. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Very long term AACA members John Addams of Mayfield Heights, Ohio and William A.C. "Bill" Pettit estates have consigned the memorabilia from these two huge collections to be sold July 13 and 14, in Canton, Ohio, at the gallery of Classic Motorcar Auctions. There is a lot of AACA memorabilia from both men's estates, Glidden Tour and other tour momentos, plus all the signs, models, literature you would expect these guys to have. For more information go to www.classicmotorcarauctions.com or call the auctioneers at 330-453-8900. This posting is not meant to streach any rules about commerical
  6. Hi, This is Bob Lichty, president of Classic Motorcar Auctions and long term AACA member, I can address your questions. First sorry if you did not get a reply from the office, the staff has been maxed since the sale taking care of our guaranteed 5 day payment, and titles. Just to set the record straight, we had 128 cars, with 42% selling with net prices up a lot from last year. The 1927 Buick has been on consignment to us for sometime to settle an local estate. The original minimum the estate wanted was well into the high $30's. It is a 40 year old restoration and I agree about a low #3
  7. I need a cylinder head for my 32 Chevy, can anyone help, mine has too many internal leaks to repair. Please call or email me Bob 330-704-5271 anytime, or email me at blichty@motorcarportfolio.com Thanks
  8. I have a new old stock set of 15" wire wheel covers. THey appear to be the same basket that was sold for Nash, Nash-Healey, Pontiac, Olds and several others. These appear to have a generic center cap, as though they were offered at an accessory house. They bolt on and have a deep center, so I am sure the were for a good sized wheel. The generic center caps look a lot like the one used for Oldsmobile applications but not quite the same. I would be more than glad to sell them at a reasonable price if someone has a use for them and can figure out what they fit. $200? THey are like new. You c
  9. 1941 Ford Deluxe 2dr sedan ( a green one). I claim to remember it. Others claim I have been told so.
  10. Simplest way is to find a parts vendor who would buy you out totally. Of course you won't get as much that way but the headache would be over. A few years ago I bought out a estate of Hupmobile cars and parts. The nice old widow that sold us the stuff made one contingency, we had to take "everything" in the basement and garage. So we ended up all kinds of stuff we didn't want like tools etc. AND she made us sweep out both areas nice and clean. She was a delight and we had a lot of fun doing it so it was not so bad. It made her lift simpler and at least two of the cars ended up in approp
  11. There has to be another one out there with the bottom 6"s rusted off with a good top to donate! Some one needs to save this guy.
  12. Dumbest thing I've done with old cars? I keep buying more. Just drug one home last week I have no clue what I am going to do with it.
  13. Can you wait until the next round of big auctions next winter? For an older pre-war car I would recommend RM or Silver depending on the value of your car. If it is under say $25000 you might be better off with Silver, it you expect it to go higher than RM. Both decent companies and both have better track records than some of the other companies without going into detail. Of course there are other auctions that are very good like Russo and Steele but they focus on muscle cars and I doubt it would be good for your car. If you can't wait until next winter, than you may have to ship the car s
  14. Here is my favorites, 1932 any model, 1939 Century, 1940 Roadmaster, 1949 Roadmaster, 1954-56 Century, 1957-58 Century 4dr hardtop station wagons, 1959 Electra and 225, 1963-64 Riviera
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