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  1. Wanted, unmolested '77 - '79 Oldsmobile 88 4-door sedan with original Olds gas V8 (350 or 403, no 260s please), please state price.
  2. Free, you pay packing and shipping from Arlington VA, metal dashboard from '56 Studebaker Champion, picture to be added later.
  3. For sale, an original "Sounds of the Toronado" record from 1966. "A fascinating story of the creation, building, and testing of the Toronado" and "a musical ride in the '66 Oldsmobiles." The dust jacket is a little aged. $12.50 includes US shipping.
  4. Oldsmobile, 1970 Cutlass Supreme Convertible, restored 1990 with new fenders & quarters, Olds 350-4bbl, TurboHydramatic 350, 3.08 open rear, new top 2 years ago, transmission overhauled 3 years ago, boxes and boxes of extra parts, too much to list. Small dent & tear in right rear quarter, car was hit by a landscaping trailer while parked. History prior to 1985 uncertain, believed delivered new in Hawaii to an Air Force family. Car is located in Gaithersburg MD, Washington DC suburbs.
  5. Wow! Beauty! Thanks, Dave, no doubt about it. I wonder how much this is going to set me back! Heading out the door for the day, will pm ya later with more. Regards, Doug
  6. Yours for the cost of packaging and FedEx Ground shipping from 20886 (to US addresses only!), '92 Park Avenue panel assembly (fits '91 - '96, I think, not sure when style changed), this is one piece that goes across the rear of the car, has taillights, backup lights, tag lights... left lens is cracked (about 1-1/2" curved) but usable, one of the 10 mounting studs is broken. Goes with a second assembly that's missing the left lens... must take both, gets thrown out on Labor Day weekend. I can provide pictures but it's free, what do you care what it looks like! I did sign up for email notification of thread replies, but the best way to reach me is email oldsdoug at hotmail dot com as I'm not on here much any more.
  7. Thanks Dick, I was too lazy to go look it up! I did get to thinking and maybe there were three, two were destroyed, and Mitchell ended up with one for awhile? I'll try and track that down over the weekend, there are so many stories about all those cars that I can never remember which thread went with what car!
  8. I _have_ to do this... see last sentence. http://forums.aaca.org/f119/rare-1953-plymouth-belvadere-2dr-hardtop-296775.html#post841003
  9. Were there three of them? And was there actually a proposal for production? I thought there was only one and that it was a Motorama car, but I may be mixing it up with the later Golden Rocket... DK
  10. Dave, what internet browser are you using? You may have inadvertently turned on image blocking for whatever web site Dave uses to host his pictures... I work in "inflammation technology" and didn't even realize that this could be done until I found out that one of my buddies did it a week or so ago. PM me if you want and I'll see if I can help you out with it. DK
  11. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Steve - I was gonna flag it for no automotive content.
  12. "♫ Have you driven a Ford lately?♫ "
  13. Was anyone here ever fortunate enough to have attended one of the GM Motoramas? Gawd, that would be my dream... none of them ever came here to Washington DC, but I bet my Dad would have taken me had there been one here... he did take me to the Auto Show in 1960... man, I still remember that... like some others here, I could identify cars from the time I was about four years old...
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