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  1. Wanted, unmolested '77 - '79 Oldsmobile 88 4-door sedan with original Olds gas V8 (350 or 403, no 260s please), please state price.
  2. Free, you pay packing and shipping from Arlington VA, metal dashboard from '56 Studebaker Champion, picture to be added later.
  3. Wow, that's really weird... I'm in the same age bracket and a buddy of mine had the same two cars at about the same time...
  4. Negative, they became standard equipment on American cars for the 1967 model year. (We had a '66 Chevy and it did not have them.)
  5. I think I remember seeing some Mercurys (Mercuries?) too, at some point... funny that Ford will now only sell the CV to fleets... I would think that if they could sell just one to a civilian, that would be one more sale... I'll never understand that. (Hijacking thread!)
  6. NJT always had some neat cars, and it seemed that they were often from the mid-price range... I remember seeing some Chryslers and Oldsmobiles over the years... I drive a 2001 Impala 9C1 that I was lucky enough to get new, and it has ruined me, I don't think I'd own anything but a police-package car now! I'd love to build up an older one... had an '84 Caprice civilian car that was really good and always wished I'd been able to find a nice 9C1 of that era... but to have a mid-priced police car would be even better - especially a wagon! Chevy dealer here has some police Tahoes in stock and I co
  7. A friend just emailed me a picture of a restored NYPD '76 Catalina and that got me wondering... How many of these did NYPD have? Did Pontiac offer a police package on the full-size cars that year / in other years around that time? Or were they special-ordered somehow? What other jurisdictions used them or other Pontiac models? (I live in Montgomery County MD and they had some Phoenixes at about that time - I believe they have a restored one...) I believe there was a police package offered on the intermediates of that vintage... I remember seeing Pontiacs used in Montana when I was out there
  8. Wow, this has whetted my appetite... well done! Could I wish for: Oldsmobile 88 Pontiac Catalina Station Wagon ? Many thanks!
  9. May or may not be related, but over the years I've had a couple of problems with failures of the seal between the master cylinder and the power brake booster... it's a rubber cup that fits in the front of the brake booster. If this goes bad, you'll have a hard pedal and a terrific vacuum leak that will cause all sorts of drivability problems. You'll hear a hissing sound between the master cylinder and the booster. There was a replacement for this thing available from GM the last time I checked, but it's a flat piece instead of a cup. Most cars of similar vintage with Moraine boosters use th
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