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  1. The material appears to be cast plaster. Overall good, minor deterioration. Back is plywood. Don’t know if transformer for neon is inside or not.
  2. Offering for sale from my late Father's collection... Hernando DeSoto dealership signage. Measures approximately 36". Sign was originally neon lite and had a globe front. It is believed to have been painted once and is offered as is, where is, 30 miles out of Chicago. The sign is an excellent candidate for restoration but also presentable in it's current condition. Would like it in someone's collection where it is better suited than ours. Price is based on what few examples we could find as a comparison. Asking $1,200.00 Thank you, Mark Smazik
  3. Offering to DeSoto collectors and fans... Slowly parting with a few items from my late Fathers collection. This is a DeSoto dealership wall hanging sign, measures approx 36". Sign was originally neon lite and had a globe covering it. Believe it was repainted but it is being sold as is, where is, outside of Chicago. Would like it in a DeSoto fans collection as it does not really apply to our collection. Asking price is based on the limited few I have been able to compare details on. It is a great candidate to restore or display just as shown. Asking price $1,200.00 Thank you, Mark Sma
  4. 2000 GMC 2500 6.0., 24 ft Forest River raised roof with wedge and slope nose. Photo taken at Louisville.
  5. I've also come to the conclusion I am being discriminated against. Why is it a guy that goes out for the weekend camping in his trailer can get a RT trailer plate cheap? A guy that takes his family to a car show with his own car in his own trailer is treated like a commercial carrier with a weight rated plate, etc. See the soap box is getting warmed up anyway!!
  6. Would not be talking about how cheap the antique plates are here in good ole Land of Lincoln. Trust me our Sec. of State Jesse White just has not gotten around to the antique plates yet. Tow vehicle, trailer, and daily transport all climbing. Never a reason, note, or even a thank you. I'll leave the soap box on the side before I'm placed on some political watch list.
  7. Yes in Illinois a vintage plate can be used. I run a 58 PA plate the state where my fire engine spent most of it's life. I would suggest you always carry your proof of current antique plate in the vehicle. If you really want to play it safe carry the plate as well. There is a state law that allows this but I do not know what number the law is.
  8. I've heard good things about it. Was just at a body shop trade show this week. Talked to the PPG rep and he tells me that product is very similar to Valspar single stage which I have used. We like it a whole lot. If the PPG preforms as well you should be very happy. Best of luck on your project.
  9. Interesting. Can I ask what they call the line in PPG?
  10. Not trying to confuse you but you may have a reducer as one of the "additives". The reducer is used as needed not just automatically poured in. 1-Paint 2-Activator also called hardener 3-Reducer add as needed to spray/ varies with temp and humidity Just trying to save you a costly mistake.
  11. Notice how a shop always shrinks when you put your stuff in it?
  12. The best parts source I have found is a Gentleman by the name of John Rienzo. He can be contacted via access at the Divco Club website. He has written a top notch book on Divco history. As well as suppling a super informative book he owns and has worked on Divco trucks. He is not an armchair expert but the real deal if you know what I mean. He has been a huge asset to me during the restoration of my 36 S Model Divco. If you would like you can PM me with your contact information. I will forward it on to John. You may also find him in the ATHS and AACA directory. I believe he is a member of bot
  13. My 69 442 had under 48,000 original miles on it when I purchased it from the original owner in 1990. It still has only 52,000 showing on the clock. The car still maintains it's factory paint, interior, and driveline. It is one of the least molested one's I've ever seen. Planning on bringing it to the 75th.
  14. Empire Motors in Texas is the company you are referring to. If they have your mold already you can get one cast. I priced one for my current restoration. Having to make a one of is a bit staggering though. Can the manifold be laid on a surface grinder like and engine block or head to be trued up? If it's not twisted too bad that would be my try. Good luck. www.empiremotorsinc.com
  15. I'm medicated to keep that worked up thing under control !! Just kidding.
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