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  1. The material appears to be cast plaster. Overall good, minor deterioration. Back is plywood. Don’t know if transformer for neon is inside or not.
  2. Offering for sale from my late Father's collection... Hernando DeSoto dealership signage. Measures approximately 36". Sign was originally neon lite and had a globe front. It is believed to have been painted once and is offered as is, where is, 30 miles out of Chicago. The sign is an excellent candidate for restoration but also presentable in it's current condition. Would like it in someone's collection where it is better suited than ours. Price is based on what few examples we could find as a comparison. Asking $1,200.00 Thank you, Mark Smazik
  3. Offering to DeSoto collectors and fans... Slowly parting with a few items from my late Fathers collection. This is a DeSoto dealership wall hanging sign, measures approx 36". Sign was originally neon lite and had a globe covering it. Believe it was repainted but it is being sold as is, where is, outside of Chicago. Would like it in a DeSoto fans collection as it does not really apply to our collection. Asking price is based on the limited few I have been able to compare details on. It is a great candidate to restore or display just as shown. Asking price $1,200.00 Thank you, Mark Smazik
  4. Just as a guess in the 1948 era. Unless it is missing Diamond T had a build plate which includes a stamped model number. Most located on the passenger firewall area. The model number may only be a three digit number like 306, 406, etc. The differences come in with load limits, dual wheel, and tire size to name a few. With the model number information can be better searched out. Good luck.
  5. Several requests for updates... Family health issues have slowed the project a bit. Promise this fall and winter we will get back on this Divco gem. Was actually in the shop today plotting the next item to address. The rear differential assembly is due. Thanks to those who have been watching.
  6. Lou, my suggestion for any Divco related information is to Contact John Rienzo, Divco Club historian. He is an endless well of knowledge on these Divcos. You can find his contact information by going to the Divco Club web page. Be patient as he does have many ventures going on but he will contact you with a request for information. You also see Divco manuals for sale on ebay fairly often. A service manual goes along way. Good luck.
  7. Thank you, we also feel this Divco is very much worth the effort.
  8. If you can consider a hard top we are selling a nice 59. It is an older restoration of a very solid Arizona car. Has the trunk hatch, black over white, correct black and white check interior. Car is always inside and is nice but not perfect. Very drivable. Restoration was a complete ground up. The car has been in our family collection for many years. It was done by my Dad to be my "Moms" car. My parents are both in their 80s and are ready to start sending their vehicles to new homes. Asking price is $10,000. 30 miles out of Chicago. Can assist in arranging transport. Thanks Mark Smazik.
  9. Dad has decided to offer this truck up for sale. It is a 1951 Dodge 3/4 ton pick up. The truck has had a nicely done restoration performed several years ago which included a frame up re building the entire driveline, motor, rear end, etc. The body, engine bay, and interior have also been restored. The truck color is a buttery yellow with a black interior, seat, door panels. The truck has the correct six cylinder motor and a three speed transmission mounted shifter on the column. The truck is completely stock with no modifications. The truck bed is made from black cherry as well as the side slats. They are varnished not painted as AACA would prefer. The truck has some era correct pinstripes and a name on the door. These are done in One Shot sign enamels and can be removed. We do have a sign artist here that can remove and re-letter as you might wish. He would give a written estimate and does outstanding, era correct work. The asking price is as the truck is currently shown. Dad has done a great deal of touring with this truck and it is very road worthy, driving and handling nicely. Over the last few years it has had little use though. We would always recommend a visual inspection by the buyer or a rep. This truck was shown in Rockford, Il. where it received a Jr second. I will answer all questions in a timely manner, but please give me a day or so as it is not my truck, but belongs to my Dad. He has no computer access and does not hear well on the phone. The price on this nice Dodge truck is $15,000.00 well below restoration costs. Please contact Mark Smazik via this forum and I will supply a phone number. The truck is located 30 miles west of Chicago, Il. Thank you
  10. Thanks Marty. We do not seem to ever really sit down and talk. We passed in Louisville, missed you in Oakbrook, and did the same in Cedar Rapids. Have to do better at the next one. I had considered a grill mounting location but decided not to mess with the plastic grill. The car still maintains all those brittle plastic parts that GM built it with. Did not want to do anything to crack or damage it. Maybe I will order another mounting bracket and modify where I bend it. Might be able to sneak the tab in above then. We'll see.
  11. Thanks for answering Steve. What I am asking is a tab available that mounts under the HPOF award? If I take this tab and turn it over I will need to stand on my head to read it. You know I'm too big for that Steve. I mounted my HPOF tight to the underside of the bumper filler near the front ID plate. No room to sneak the tab in above. Lots of room under. Leave it to me to make it tough. LOL Thanks, Mark
  12. We came home from Cedar Rapids with an HPOF original tab on our Olds. When I mounted the HPOF award after Louisville there were no tabs to win. Does anyone know if an "upside" down tab is available? Mounting it below rather than above is a much nicer install. Thank you.
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