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  1. I think that I can say without fear of contradiction that I have never seen such an important collection of horse drawn vehicles. This in particular in a private collection situated in a very modest looking group of farm buildings well away from a town or village, on a quiet country road. Entry only by invitation ! The never ending supply of home made "Scones with jam & cream" were to die for.............
  2. Changing the subject, last weekend we had a very enjoyable two days of proper motoring, celebrating the first 75 years of the Vintage Sports Car Club in Australia.
  3. It really makes you want to go out and buy one! Of course the answer to that is:- But I already have one, I just have to rebuild it now.... Bj.
  4. IF you have not already done so, take at minute or two and read the descriptive text in the advert above. I liked in particular the line, "cars that will satisfy the asthetic tastes of all who are temperamentally artistic." It really makes you want to go out and buy one! Bj
  5. Hello Again I have now received a reply from the Singer Car Club in the UK. They tell me that the "18-Six' which I am told is the official Model designation of my "car" were mainly made for and sold to the "Export Market" Add to this that these are now believed to have all disappeared. That up until now none were thought to have survived. Now there is just my dismantled and incomplete car. Bj.
  6. Hello DrData, That is one solution I may finally have to resort to. One problem being that the English car manufacturers in the early 1930s had access to and used a gauge of steel that is no longer available. That added to the fact that my chassis has been subject to a great deal of abuse both leaving it out in all weather and cutting pieces out of it. Finally it had been involved in a (head on) traffic accident which severely distorted the front of the chassis. If I can possibly find another frame somewhere in the "English speaking world" that I can buy, it will solve the problem.
  7. Hello Dr Data I have a saying that I tend to use in situations like this. There are more ways to kill a cat. It is not always necessary to drown it in milk. Bj.
  8. Now for the good news, The Citroen has been sold and it's place has been filled with a 1932 Singer but not one of those little buzz-box 9 hp but an extremely rare 6 cylinder of approximately 1750cc. Of course there is always a hidden trap. With this one it is not so hidden, the front of the chassis has been "CUT OFF" this as a result of some accident damage some time ago. One problem is that this model was made in two handed numbers (i.e. perhaps as many as TEN or possibly even fewer in any one 12 month period.) Bj.
  9. Work continues on the Singer, I am virtually dismantling the chassis from around the Motor and gearbox. I have to look at some other Singer Chassis next week. Hopefully there will be something that I can shoe-horn the motor and gearbox into and still have room for the driver. Bj.
  10. Thank you Stude17 I would tend to agree with you while I am in no hurry to start stripping down the motor just yet There were at that time in our history manufacturers willing to try all sorts of variations working on incredibly short production runs, the British were especially willing to build just a very small number of vehicles in the hope that they would sell something. If we think that "times are tough" we still have a lot to learn. The great depression saw so many small manufacturers of almost anything really battling to stay in business. Hopefully something "we" will never h
  11. And here is todays addition Still somthing of a mystery all I can add is that the cylinder block was cast in 1932. that and apart from the obvious that is is side valve & six cylinders I still have some more research to do. That and I can add to that, the gearbox is definitely four speed. sadly the chassis is far more rusted than I first thought so I will need to start searching for another or "something suitable". While a little difficult to see as yet, there are some really nice details hidden away around the "car". The other surprise is that the wheels are 19 inch. My first ta
  12. Stay around Digger 914. We collect this my "next project" tomorrow. Once it is all unloaded and in my "garage I should be able to make a start on sorting out what to is that I have bought and what I am going to do with it. This one is one of my earlier Singer (9hp) Specials. Bj. Bj.
  13. Thank you both for your interest and confidence in my ability. I hope to be able to collect it over the comming weekend and will know a whole lot more once I have it tucked up in my "garage". Bernie j.
  14. Hopefully the person coming to look at the Citroen on Friday will buy it. Then I can organise to have the Singer transported here. I can then start to sort it out. I am told that the six cylinder side valve Singers are extremely rare. Bj.
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