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  1. Another 24 hours later and I have a beautiful "French Blue" chassis. Next thing is to sort out the Front Springs, then clean and paint the front axle, It too will be the same blue while the springs will be Black. I will not be painting the individual spring "leaves" but giving then a thorough clean, lightly grease the faces of the leaves, assemble them and only THEN paint only the outside of the assembled spring(s) There are six springs to be "sorted" before they are painted. Two, one each side at the front and two pairs (4) at the rear........ The rear suspension is quite cle
  2. 24 hours later and the repaired "Front spring mount" is ready to go back onto the chassis. This also gives a much better idea of the "ocean blue" which looks perfectly acceptable as the new chassis colour. Back to work! Bj.
  3. The job is now done with the repaired spring mount ready to be given a final clean up and painted. I have a can of Ocean Blue paint that only needs to be opened and stirred. the rest of the chassis still needs some surface rust removed and a good clean-up before it too is ready for paint. I then can move on to the axles and springs. There is another rolling chassis complete with motor and gearbox etc for sale in north-eastern New South Wales about 600 kms away. I am waiting to recieve photographs etc before rushing off to "look at it". The same vendor has a complete car also for sale but again
  4. Option 2 seems to be the only way to go. I have now drilled out the rivets securing the bracket to the underside of the chassis frame I have some suitable tube to repair the spring mount so that will give me something to do tomorrow. As I no longer have an arc welder I will probably use bronze welding rod with my oxy-acetylene torch. Bj
  5. With the chassis now turned over I have removed the broken front spring mount on the left hand side. my next task will be to see if there is a replacement available. If not I will look at repairing the broken one or fabricating a replacement. Bj.
  6. Here we are and the year is off to a flying start. I am still working away at cleaning up the chassis frame. With the days tearing past I really do need to keep my mind on the job. I need to either find another left hand front spring mount or fabricate sokmething that will do the job. While it is still comparatively early in the rebuild I can afford to wait a little while and see if one turns up. First thing is to drill out the four rivets that attach it to the chassis rail to get the smashed one off.. Bj/
  7. Progress Is unusually slow for one of my projects. With the chassis now reduced to just the bare frame my next task is to turn it over so I can remove any surface rust and "grott" from the underside in preparation for paint. Hopefully I can achieve this today. So that I can move on with the rebuild. I need to make an early start as today the forecast is for a rather "warm" day with temperatures in the mid to high "30s". Bj.
  8. After another burst of activity I now have all six springs off and the now bare chassis standing on two stands. I can now start giving it a "proper" clean prior to painting it (Dark Blue) Next I have to lay out all the spring "blades" in an attempt to make up three matching pairs of springs. Six in total, one pair for the front axle and two pair at the rear. All the springs are 1/4 elliptic, one set of "leading" on each side at the front and TWO sets(upper & lower)"trailing" at the rear. If you cannot follow that I am sorry but you will now have to wait until I start ass
  9. This is going to take some time. Yesterday I managed to remove the two brake rods. After an unknown number of years lying exposed to both rain and sun it took several coatings of penetrating oil just to remove the 12 mm lock nuts at the adjustment ends of these. Todays task will be to remove the rear springs. With both front and rear axles, together with their springs removed will mean that the chassis frame will be much lighter/easier to handle. Yesterday while buying a new abrasive disk and a new wire brush, I also bought a litre of Ocean Blue (a deep dark blue) gloss paint for the cha
  10. Having spent an hour or two yesterday giving the chassis a coat of rust dissolver, I can now go over it again with an abrasive disk on my angle grinder. Once this is done I can start the process of removing the axles and springs prior to making a start onpainting it. With the axles etc removed I should have no trouble in lifting the bare chassis frame and turning it over so I can start painting on the under-side first. I am still really not sure which direction I want this restoration/rebuild to go in but these things have a habit of resolving themselves. I suppose it all depends on if a
  11. OK! we have now done or duty and we are now ready to start the New Year. I have a new gallon pack of Rust Remover and I am about to find out just how well and if it works? Despite advertising widely I have not recieved a single reply offering to sell me a Citroen 10 hp engine. It is now time to move to Plan B. I will not start advertising. Wanted to Buy a Vintage (Pre-1930) Engine (up to Two Litre) and gearbox. Anything Good Running Order considered. This means that I will have to change tack and rather than a "Restoration Progect" this rebuild will change to the Constructionof a "Vintage S
  12. Happy New Year, hopefully I will not have to wait too long for a suitable motor and gearbox to find me 2021 is of to a flying start and I really canot make a start on the body until I have sorted out things like the location of pedals for the clutch and brakes. Meanwhile I will just have to be patient something I am not very good at. Bj.
  13. Good Morning & Happy New Year. We can only hope that 2021 brings many enjoyable miles through out the coming months. Bernie J.
  14. Hello Dr Data I know about the Megan Atwood but our friend uses Atwood Megan. All I can suggest is that you treat anything from him as dangerous! What ever you do not agree to « buy ». Anything from him! Bj.
  15. HERE WE GO AGAIN! I have now been contacted by email from a person claiming to be "Atwood Megan" offering to sell me either a complete Vintage CITROEN car or any parts from it that I may require. The use of the name "Atwood" rang an alarm bell in my head, earlier this year I was contacted by someone (I am sure the same person) offering to sell me some Renault Parts. That time I innocently paid out around $5,000 only to discover that I had been "ripped off"! Neither the parts or the person existed and my money was gone. This time I am not "buying". Anyone advertising, wanting to
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