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  1. Hello You can use an Automotive Castor Oil but not a medicinal one. Any modern straight grade (SAE 30) engine oil will do but not a Multi grade. Penrite Oil do make a suitable oil if you look at their web-site. Peugeots up until the mid 50s used a worm drive rear axle. Look and see what their recommendation is and you will not be far off. A lot of competition two stroke motorcycles use "Castor oil" in their "petrol mix" They like the distinctive smell of the exhaust smoke! Oil companies as a rule do a lot of "label engineering" but if it sells more oil, why not? Bj.
  2. There will not very much happening on the Rapier front for the next seven or eight weeks. Perhaps someone else may like to contribute something?
  3. I almost forgot the include the last photograph in the above sequence. Bj. .
  4. And now another five years have gone and we are about to commence another Tour of England, France and ? My first task on arrival in England will be to put the fully rebuilt gearbox, which will go directly from Germany where it is being overhauled to England, back into the car. The good people at "Cars Europe", at Chedburgh, Suffolk in England, they are my UK Shipping agents, are making some workspace and the use of a four post ramp available to me. This should take me a day and perhaps a half to have the car drivable. It is already loaded up with all the stuff we may require "on tour" but that we do not want to be carrying on and off aeroplanes. This of course includes a bag with all the necessary spanners & the nuts and bolts etc to complete the gearbox installation. My purpose made "Cradle" for lifting the gearbox on a trolley jack is also packed in the car. We are already entered in three Rallies in France. These are all events that we have participated in before. You can check them out on google, The Fougeres Rally, The Chante Loup les Vignes (Historic Hillclimb), and the Cadillac (the French Town not the Car) Circuit Decouverte. Added to this my devoted "Life Navigator" has most of our three months "touring holiday" planned. I guess it is all this that keeps us alive. But why is nothing simple? Bernie j
  5. Perhaps it should be explained that the French CV (Cheval Vapeur) translates very broadly as "Horses of Steam". These French Horses are bigger and more powerful than the British HP. (Horse power). i.e.:- It takes approximately 7 English horses to match 5 French ones. Le cheval-vapeur est une unité de puissance ne faisant pas partie du Système international d'unités, qui exprime une équivalence entre la puissance fournie par un cheval tirant une charge et celle fournie par une machine de propulsion à vapeur ou un moteur à combustion. Bj.
  6. Hello Jim No, not a dumpster but a 20ft Shipping Container which will be its home for the next 7/8 weeks while it makes the long sea voyage to England. Helen and I will fly to link up with it in seven weeks, stopping off for a week en route in Paris. Being poor "Old Age Pensioners" we can only afford to do this trip once every five years. To make it all worth while, we make it an extended holiday, for three months, to help save money, we ship the Lagonda to be used as our day to day transport, thus saving on the cost of car hire. It/We have done a similar trip in 1984, 94, 96, 99, 2004, 2009, 2014 and now in 2019. 1996 was an extra trip for the FIVA World Rally held that year in England to celebrate the First 100 years of the British Motor Industry, International entrants had their car shipping paid by the sponsors of the event, the Rover Car Co. This year this is all complicated by the by the Gearbox Rebuild. There was nothing wrong with the gearbox and it was working fine! The sole reason for all the trouble we have encountered is the requirement that the car on its return to Australia, at the end of our holiday, must be totally free of any Asbestos. The Australian Border Force (Customs) have recently started an aggressive campaign aimed at Vintage and Classic cars (re)entering Australia, using extreme methods and often destructive actions in their search for Asbestos unless the owner has Documents (and Photographs) to prove that all traces of the substance have been removed. Bernie. 34761.
  7. Todays Post is one of those stories where a "Picture is worth a thousand words". You can use your lively immaginations to paint your own "word picture". It started at just after 9.00AM and finishes at just about Midday. You could also say that time flies when you are having fun! What do you think is happening in this mornings series of photographs?
  8. Hello Jim We are slightly different to the "common herd" of tourists. Going on a "Cruise" is the very last thing we would want to do but we have been taking our beloved Lagonda away with us for some time now. It's first such adventure was in 1984 when I went off to the VSCC (UK)'s Golden Jubilee. That trip I did not venture out of England. The next trip both Helen and I went to the next VSCC Jubilee in 1994 we went on from there to France and Switzerland and a tiny bit of Italy. Then 1996 there was a FIVA Rally to Celebrate 100 years of Motoring in England. We stayed on after that to visit our Friends scattered around England. Since then we have made it a habit to go away and take the Lagonda with us every five years.ie, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014 and now again in 2019. The Lagonda is booked to leave here tomorrow morning to be shipped to England again. It is a little different this time as there is no gearbox in it. My first task after we arrive in England is to install a fully rebuilt gearbox. Perhaps not an ideal start to a holiday but that is the way I am. It should onlt take a day or at worse two. Todays Photograph is of the Lagonda Rapier waiting to be collected for transport to the docks tomorrow morning. We will follow it by air in about seven weeks time. We have already entered three Rallies in France. As we are all three now in our Eighties, we do not know if we will ever do this again. Bernie j.
  9. So what would you pack into your car when you are going away to the "other side of the world" for three months? Remember there is no going back to retrieve something that you have forgotten or left behind! Also that you will be in "touring mode" never stopping for more that two or three nights at any one place. Finally remember you are travelling in an 80+ year old two seater sports car. That and we still have to fit in our personal "Hand Luggage" brought on an International Flight from Melbourne to Paris. after a week of soaking up French Culture in Paris we fly from Paris to Stanstead to go and collect the car then firstly replace the gearbox into the car before driving off, not into the night but First stop the Ferry Terminal at Poole then ferry back to France via Gurnsey and Jersey arriving at San Marlow. Our first Event starts that comming weekend. One of our favourites The APPF Fougeres Rally. ( You can look that up on the internet). Why via Gurnsey and Jersey? We had visited Jersey in 1999 for the Centenary of Motoring (on Jersey) Rally but we have never been to Gurnsey. Having read earlier this year the Victor Hugo book, Toilers of the Sea, I decided that I would like to visit this Channel Island too. Lagonda Rapier : Contents of Tool Locker etc. 2019. Tool Locker at rear of car: Jack and Handle. Tyre Pump. Trouble Lamp. Battery Charger Reflective Red Triangle Funnel and hose pipe. Ignition “Points” etc Hand Towel. Blue Overalls Wheel “K-O” copper hammer. Wheel Chock. Tin of small parts. Inner tube 2 X Tie Down straps (blue) Hood (Top). Behind Seats: Umbrella Fire extinguisher. Straw “wisk” brush. Radiator “Blind”. Petrol tank “Dip Stick”. Driving Gloves (BJ) Polishing cloths. White Container, Nuts washers bolts etc (Gearbox.) Starting Fluid. Chamois Gearbox lifting cradle. Bell housing. Rain-ex Wind-screen cleaner. Octane Booster Radiator Stop Leak. Clutch Pedal and links. Box spare globes etc. Packing (old White dust coat & old Blue pullover) Front carpet under-felt. Blue APPF bag (two yellow safety vests) Purple “Ever-rest” bag (Check Travel rug, Towel, Sheet, APPF Vest, , 3 Caps, VSCC Sun Hat). Pr Brown Mens Driving shoes. Black leather tool bag. c/w spanners etc. Battery Box. Kill switch at front. Battery. Folded Blue plastic Rain Poncho. 2 x Small zip ties. 3 x Open end spanners Roll Toilet paper. Battery post cleaned (Wire brush) Orange Hand Cleaner. Solvol Hand wipes. GP First aid kit. Drive 2 Right First aid kit Small lead light. Door Pocket (Left hand side) Small Grey, Zipp close bag. containing: Torch Compass (Drawing) Map compass Swiss Army, pocket knife. Cork screw, bottle opener. 2 x Ball point pens. High-lighter pen Plastic Carry bag (empty) Australian Flag (Radiator mount) Black Marker pen Small (pocket) Torch. Bottle Loc-tite. SUN glasses (Driving) Steel 300 mm Rule/straight edge. 2 x Ball point pens. Tire Pressure Gauge Windscreen wiper blade Rear axle dip stick (Cable tie) Map reading ruler. Helen’s Bag: Sun Visor (tartan). Black woolen gloves, Red wool scarf. Beige sun hat Chante Loup Beret Rapier Register cap Fur lined Cap. BJ’s Fur lined cap. Also 5 Litre Engine/gearbox oil (Penrite) 10 litre Petrol container (empty) Radiator water bottle. And these are just the "essentials". Remember that "new" Black leather ladies hand bag? Here it is stocked up for its new role in life. 64553.
  10. Not so funny Frank! I have been using ladies LEATHER Hand-bags to carry tools for as long as I can remember. They very often come from the "Top-shelf" Italian designers, are made from real leather and most importantly have multiple divisions and small pockets to hold almost every hand tool imaginable that you are likely to need when touring far from home. Being soft leather the can be squeezed into corners. Again being soft leather the will not scratch or damage trim or paint-work. Most important they do not rattle. BUT it is not only tools, I have a wonderful "Cellini" top quality Italian Leather hand bag to carry my Petanque balls etc. Petanqueis the French originated game of Boules (Bowls) This played with hard metal (Steel) balls about the same size as a Tennis Ball. Each player has three balls. Also a small wooden ball usually painted red or another bright colour. Most people also carry a small steel tape for measuring the distances between the respective players balls and the "Cosh" the small red ball.Nearest to the "Cosh" wins. I also carry a pen and paper for recording scores, but you can look up Petanque on your computer's "search engine"i.e Google etc. If playing in wet weather you also need to carry a small hand towel and a cloth for wiping your balls dry. This bag also has a zip closed centre compartment for storing valuables (wallet etc) while playing. and another small zip closed compartment on the side where I keep my members card etc. So there you are, yet another use for your wife's and/or female friends discarded "hand-bags". My local municipal council maintain a large level gravel surfaced "pitch" or playing field where I play every Monday morning with other members of our Local U3A. (University of the Third Age group. It is great mildly competitive fun. We usually play for around two hours followed by a visit to our local "Coffee Shop". If either you do not have a wife or female friend, you can usually see a range of pre-loved hand bags at your local Charity (OP) Shop. Prices are usually around $5,00 I do not know how many times I have told this story but there are people all around the world using these wonderful "recycled" Leather Tool Bags. Go and look in your local "OP-Shop" you may be surprised at what you find. Bernie j. * OP Shop i.e.. "Other People's" second hand goods donated to be sold and the profit to go to a Nominated Charity. ** Hang about, you never know what else you may learn! 64526.
  11. Rightly or wrongly Peter Meyer only works to one standard. I have another box of parts to go to him by express Mail/courier on Tuesday morning.This coming Monday is a Holiday here in Australia and everything shuts down. Changing the subject ever so slightly, I have spent much of today taking an inventory of all the stuff we carry in all the pockets and lockers scattered around the Rapier I now have to type it all out. In my hand writting it runs to three pages. Amazing! Bj.
  12. Hello Frank We still have a little way to go before we can jump into the car and drive away. I have just packed up another parcel of small parts to be sent Priority Mail to Peter Meyer in Germany. WHEN he has finished rebuilding the gearbox it still has to be transported from Germany to England, hopefully by the time the car arrives there so I can spend a delightful day putting it all together again. At least this time they are nearly all small (light?) parts. The outcome of this most recent rail on my parts store is that I will no longer be able to put my second (spare) gearbox together again. I have been busy sorting out all the things that can be packed into the car rather than having to carry it all on and off aeroplanes. Yesterday I spent in sorting out all the car's floor and carpet etc so it is all temporarily back in place in the car. I still have to sort out a tool bag with all my BSF and Whit. spanners etc. As the lining in my existing "hand-bag is getting a little "worse for wear", I have another of Helens nice (obsolete) black leather "bag" that I can transfer all these "important items" into. They really do make the best tool bags but I won't bore you with all that again. .
  13. I have spent most of today sorting out all the "stuff" I have to do to be sure that with the rebuilt gearbox safely back into place and the tailshaft reconnected I can add some petrol and start up and drive away. One of the last things I still have to do is to give the car a very through chassis grease.Even though it is safely lashed down into the container, the vibrations on board the containership for eight weeks is a little like driving along a corrugated road for mile after mile virtually non stop for the same period of time. The last day or two I have spent going over the car tightening nuts that I may have not touched since 1978. Considering the distance that the car has covered since then it is all remarkably tight and rattle free. I have added a couple of psi to the tyres so that they should still be "OK" when it rolls out not to solid ground again. I still have to do a "stock take" so that I have a comprehensive list of all the "stuff" packed into the car. Little things such as the bottle of Rain-ex for the windscreen, top-up engine oil, a spare inner tube, light globes etc. Not forgetting both a "sun- hat" and a "rain-jacket" and other essential gear that we do not need to be carrying on and off aeroplanes. Bj.
  14. Hello Jp26 Rover You are obviously using the wrong people. Our Rapier leaves Melbourne next Wednesday, we meet up with in England on May 9th and have set aside two days to re-install the rebuilt Gearbox. We then drive south to Poole to catch a car ferry to Gurnsey, Jersey and then St Marlow in time for the start of our first event, the Fougeres Rally in Normandy. From then on we have some fairly concentrated Motoring for the next three months. The Rapier will finally arrive home in late September or early October. Bernie j. 64376
  15. I am extremely fortunate in my choice of wife, Helen as a dedicated Francophile , hastaken charge of arranging which events we will attend, where we will stay and what we (she) want to see. Based on my experience in our previous visits to France, I am really looking forward to this years adventure.