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  1. Hello Sebastien Oh Boy! I have just opened a can of worms.... Ihave taken the top of the gearbox in the car only to find it a total lash-up. Not a gear insight and where the gears should be, there is a "universal joint" making a direct drive through the "box "Who, How, Why" are just some of the questions that will need to be answered. I used to have some good contacts through the Renault Freres (Club) in France. At this stage I am not sure if to join the English or The French branch of the CLUB The French tend to be difficult if your command of their language is not perfect. I will try "touching base" with both clubs. Bernie j.
  2. Going no-where looking back. I introduced this subject back in 2014 and got no response then, Now that I am now starting over again working on "my" Renault the question has arrisen again. Attached is a photograph of the Mechanical brake servo attached to the rear of my Renaults gearbox. Nowhere can I find any reference to this. Can anyone add any light to this ? Bj.
  3. Hello Sebastien It is one of those unexplained mysteries. Not just the one but the two people, the one that I originally sold the car to and the second person who bought the car from the first and then in turn sold it back to me. Pre WW2 Renaults are a very individual car, just the placement of the radiator(s) makes them different but then mechanically they are also quite different! The connection between the motor and the gearbox is like nothing else. This and the general layout of the chassis and suspension asks all sort of questions. There seems to be just the one answer to all or any of these. "Oh, but it is a Renault! Even little things such as the steering wheel. Why FIVE spokes? Bj.
  4. Thank You Dr Data Not all, but the more interesting cars that pass through my hands as "Another Project" are very memorable, or at least to me. Even if I have put them out of my mind, it does not take very much to refresh my memory. Of course for most of these I do have photographs so that I can always refer back to them. Next to my family my cars, "Basket case rescues" have tended to take over. Over a 60+ year period as an "old car" enthusiast, a lot of memorable cars have owed their refreshed or renewed lives to me. I find it tremendously satisfying to be able to breathe new life into my "basket cases", so it is not entirely a one way street. The Renault is not unique in this. Some people will tell you that it is a form of madness but to me it is very normal. It has brought me into contact with people from all around the world. For example I do not find it unusual that I, living in Australia, am having this conversation with you in the USA! If it had not been for the "1922 Dixie Flyer", I would have never thought of the AACA or of this Forum. Somewhere buried within the Forum there is another Basket Case Rescue story dealing with it, even more remarkable than this Renault. With the Renault I probably needed a breathing space, now I can go back to it refreshed and hopefully finish what I started, some years ago. Without being too sentimental, I am glad that the opportunity to do so has now arisen. Having said that I did have another "unfinished project" that I could have just as easily gone back to. It will have to wait, I just hope that I can livge long enough to finish it too. If I don't no one will even notice! If you can understand all that, you are doing well! Bernie j.
  5. One of my first tasks will be to lower the rear suspension to drop the tail of the car down two or three inches. This should improve the balance of the car. More re this later. Bj.
  6. With the Renault safely in my garage, I have spent a "pleasant Sunday afternoon" mentally going through what needs to be done and where to start. The body has survived all the moving around extremely well, looking at it today you would think that it had never left my "work-shop". With very little more work it will be ready to go to the painters. Likewise the windscreen frame can go off to be nikel plated almost at once. It has to come off before any paint can be applied so it may as well be plated. I need to lower the rear suspension. It has just the one transverse spring at the rear which makes this much easier and lowering the rear will vastly enhance the appearance of the car. The timber dashboard needs a light sandpapering and another coat of stain and some clear satin finish then a gentle polish. The front seats frames need a little more work and they can go to be upholstered. While this is being done I can cover the interior trim panels. I had cut out these and trial fitted them before selling the car five years ago. It is all very much as if I had never sold the car and had perhaps just gone away for a week's holiday. The only down side is that I am five years older but the good thing is I do not feel a day older. Bj.
  7. The Renault arrived home safely yesterday and all the boxes of "stuff" unloaded. Now here is a funny thing that carries on form my earlier comments. The car has passed through the hands of two subsequent owners and approximately five years have passed us by. Now looking at the boxes of parts thay came with the car I have had that funny feeling. As I unpacked all the stuff to put it onto the shelves in my garage I am certain that NONE of this stuff had been unpacked since I placed it all into the various boxes and cardboard cartoons five years earlier.. I still have trouble understanding what motivates people to buy a vintage car "project" and not even unpack all the bits to at least look at them. Perhaps it is me that has this owning and retoring vintage cars all wrong.
  8. I find it almost unbelieveble BUT the last owner actually used the photographs I had taken almost five years earlier for his "For Sale" advertisement. It is now due to arrive "home" sometime later today. Somehow apart from travelling a couple of thousand miles around the southern parts of Australia this Renault seems that it will not have progressed at all. I fail to understand why or how these wannabe "enthusiasts" even bother buying a car in the first place. Sadly this does not seem to be an exclusive "Australian" complaint, you need to look no further than the pages of this forum to see examples from all around the world. Bj.
  9. Meanwhile the Lagonda Rapier still takes pride of place, I still need to investigate the lack of volts coming from the generator. I have bought a little Volt-meter but it is only telling me something I already know. With the Co-vid 19 shutdown it takes the pressure off having to "look at it". Using an external battery charger means that the car is OK for short day trips. Especially if there is no night driving requiring head lamps on. Mean while you can keep an eye on my proceedings with the Renault..... AACA Forum/French Cars/Renault Monosix. Bj.
  10. Four years later and I have just agreed to re-purchased the Renault Monosix. I am now anxiously waiting for it to be delivered, As far as I can tell despite going through two or possibly three different new owners absolutely nothing seems to have been done on the car. This time I am detirmined to at least complete a cosmetic restoration. It is such a shame to see such a rare car languishing untouched. This photo shows the car about to leave our home in May 2016.
  11. Hello Dr Date, That 3 Litre was to be my original intention but in this life you can never be sure of things, Completely out of the blue I have changed horses and I am buying (back) the 1929 Renault Monosix. I had started to rebuild it then had one of my fits and sold it. It is at much the same stage as that 3 Litre but it was not so many years ago. Hopefully the four new tyres I put on it will still do for a "Cosmetic Restoration". You will have to move over to the French car section of this forum to follow it. I should have it home by the weekend. If you have never seen one of these enchanting French cars you have a lot to learn !!!! Just for a start there are TWO radiators, one on each side at the rear of the engine behind that bank of Louvres. This photograph was taken some years ago having sold it, it was about to depart from our home. I doubt that anything has changed. In terms of Rarity this one falls into the same category as "Rocking horse poo". Bj. Bj
  12. Bon jour! I had my first 1924 Citroen 5CV around 60 years ago, for some time it served as my "Daily Drive". Since then I have had two others and would be interested in buying another as a "Restoration Project". Attached are two photographs one of my last 5CV and another of a stunning little car taken some years ago in France at the Mont L'Herry Historic Race week-end, just South of Paris..
  13. While we here in Australia continue with our "Covid 19 Lock in", one of my very good friends who lives in the same area has told me that he knows the street and house where the 3 Litre was last seen, albeit some years ago, there has been no other sighting of the car so it is highly probable that it is still there, hopefully tucked up safely in a garage. Once we are free to move around I will go and investigate if in fact it is there and if I can see it and perhaps talk about buying it back. Bj. 887.
  14. Meanwhile with the Covid "Lock-in" there can be no excuse for leaving all those unfinished jobs until "later". For me it is frustrating that I cannot go out and start checking on the exact where abouts of the Long Forgotten Lagonda 3 Litre "Special". You have not heard the end of this yet but we may have to wait a few weeks more. Bernie j.
  15. Meanwhile with the Covid "Lock-in" there can be no excuse for leaving all those unfinished jobs until "later". For me it is frustrating as I cannot go out and start checking on the exact where abouts and condition of the Long Forgotten Lagonda 3 Litre "Special". You have not heard the end of this yet but we may have to wait a few weeks more. Bj. 799.