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  1. With the Dreaded Renault now sold I can start my search for the Rapier's older and larger brother, the late 20's Lagonda 3 Litre Special I sold quite a long time ago. I believe that it has not been seen or heard of since or that it has not turned a wheel or progressed since the day I sold it. What motivates these people? I understand that it is still holed up in the same garage that it was parked in all those years ago not far from the home of a good friend and fellow VSCC (Life) Member. Right now we are in the middle of a Co-vid 19 Lock down but as soon as the associated restri
  2. Ok Ok it is now official I have sold the Renault and it should be picked up as soon as its new owner can travel. I cannot truthfully say that I am sorry to see it go only that I had hoped to get a little more for it. Too Bad! Once it has gone I will be able to sort out my life or what ever is left of it. For further info see my Thread under British cars Lagonda Rapier
  3. And surprise surprise! I now have a second potential "buyer" ready and willing to "steal" the Renault from me. I could let it go for a "Song" but neither of them seem know the right words to put with the music. Bj.
  4. Good Morning The sale of the Renault has been temporarily held up. The (Potential) Purchaser is having difficulty arranging ( affordable) transport from LA. where the car would arrive in America travelling by sea, to his home near Chicago. Is there anybody reading this who may be able to help or make some useful suggestions? Unfortunately there is no room left in the price for me to assist him any further. Failing this I will be putting the Renault up for sale again at the new Record Low Price of Aust $ 10,000 that is at todays rate under US $7,250. Surely a gift in anyone's t
  5. Hello Frank et al It seems to happen every time, just when you think that a car is sold, the "buyer" disappears in a puff of smoke! Just what motivates some people to sit at their computers merrily tapping away wasting not only their own time but everyone else's as well, I do not know. So it is back to the "drawing board" as it were. Only one thing is certain, my 1927/9 Renault Monastella is still for sale! For the benefit of anyone interested, the Price is now a never to be repeated, rock bottom Aust $10,000.oo. That is at todays exchange rate, just $7,150. US.7,161
  6. There are only two things certain in this life and neither have anything to do with buying or selling old motor cars. I think that you can safely uncross your fingers for the next little while. But thanks for the though Bernie j.
  7. One way or another it would appear the Renault is about to change owner. I should know for certain later today. Bernie j.
  8. As long as you can remember to draw breath every now and then you will be OK. Right now I am busy sending a bundle of photographs of the Renault off to a potential new owner. Fingers crossed !. Todays pics include one of the new front mudguard (Fender) brackets. These include a conduit for the turn indicator wires. This also helps make them a little stronger and less likely to flap. Bj.
  9. Hello Frank I must apologise I missed your Birthday 6/8/58 has to be a lucky combination of numbers. Having said that, it shows me that you are a mere boy when it comes to years. Just out of short pants as we used to say "once upon a time". Good luck and here is to many more years. Bernie j.
  10. Today I finished checking the "bottom end of the motor and I am satisfied that all the con-rod and main bearings are in good servicable condition. All the nuts have all been done up to the required torque and "lock wired". I chose to go down the "Lock-wire" route as with the current "lock down" in force here in Victoria Australia the local shops are all closed and we have a restriction of a maximum of 5 kms travel outside our front gate. This meant that I was unable to buy "split pins" apart from mail order which could take several weeks before I saw them. My next step is to check my sto
  11. This was "lifted" from the Morris Minor Forum. The early Morris motors were supplied by the Continental Motor Manufacturing Company of Detroit USA. Continental then decided they no longer wanted to supply motors to Morris so Morris purchased the drawings and tooling from Continental and engaged Hotchkiss to manufacture their motors. Hotchkiss had metric tooling and insisted on using metric threads. However upon the insistence of Morris the metric fastners were to have Whitworth/BSF head and nut sizes. The use of these threads continued until the release of the Series 2 OHV Minor which rev
  12. Monday morning and by some miracle the motor is out and on my "trolley" so I can now relax for a moment. One problem that I do have is that during the nine or ten years since I first started to work on the Renault it seems that about half the (pre-war) metric nuts have disappeared. Todays task will be to discover the size and number of "turns" i.e. "Coarse or fine" thread. One problem is that pre-war metric nuts and bolts were different sizes to modern ones. Just ask any Bugatti owner? Better still ask any Pre-war or T type MG owner, most still do not know about "Morris Metric".
  13. It is now Sunday afternoon and I am well on the way to having the Renault motor out again. I have learnt (the hard way) that you cannot remove the sump with the motor in the car so it is back to square one! This time I will make absolutely sure that I have everything back in place before I lift it back into the car. Bj.
  14. Now it is Sunday here in Australia. It is damp and cool. Not really raining just the occasional light sprinkle, enough to be a nuisance. I need to be out in the garage doing some more assembly work on the Renault engine, but I cannot help thinking "Why am I doing this? No one is ever going to drive it." I just wish that someone would come and buy it, if only to proove me wrong. Of course the "dreaded Covid" will prevent anyone even coming to look at. Every thing will look so much better next week! Now BACK TO WORK !
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