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  1. Could it be a Bush or a Brush 😁
  2. Nosy Brit, (pun intended ) look as plymouthcranbrook has answered your nozyness I have lived in Brookfield almost my whole life and never knew the history behind the British home. Thanks plymouthcranbrook for finding them sites and posting them. Very interesting read. Cheers to you too 🍻
  3. Went to the website of the place my Stepfather lives at and found this picture on the opening page. As stated on the home page “Home Sweet Home” Since 1920 British Home Brookfield Illinois
  4. Me, I am doing well. I visit my 88 year old stepfather everyday to make sure his meds are filled, bring him food and just to be there with him. He lives it is an independent living facility and they are on lock down. I have been designated as his only visitor/care giver at this time. Home life well I have been working from home since March 17 but I still follow my normal routine. Get up at 5:15 have my 2 cups of coffee, Apple Cider Vinegar drink, mess around a little for about 20 minutes which is my normal time to drive into work and then login into my work computer. I do all
  5. The place you received the quote are they located in Berwyn? I had my interior done by Mr Trim. Don't recall off hand my bill was but am sure it was under $10,000. I was indeed to have it complete fairly quickly since I needed the car done for my wife's nephews wedding. So the cost was a bit more for the quick turnaround Attached are some pictures of my car.
  6. Thanks gents, I did order the PHS report and received it a few weeks back. According to the report the GTO original color was the Matador Red, Black vinyl top with black interior. Can't wait until spring to get out to tune it up and drive it. Thanks for the additional info. I really appreciate it. 😎
  7. RansomEli, I have used some these products for my restoration. Was very pleased with ease of use and the Tech support I received from Barry the owner Southernpolyurethanes (SPI)
  8. 95Cardinal, Thanks for breaking down the trim tag for me I really do appreciate it. Looks like some good winter reading for me from the links you posted. 👍
  9. Thanks for info and links. Will look into ordering the info packet from PHS. I had looked the car over when I got it to my nephews and seen no signs of red anywhere. The drivers door jam still has a service sticker with no traces of red around it. Wonder if the tag was changed at some point?
  10. The one with the gray front fenders was before getting them painted The one with golf ball in hole (not sure how that posted) was of my first hole in one
  11. Edinmass, These are some of the pictures from the broken link above.
  12. Hi, I just purchased a 1969 GTO. The color of the body I believe is the Verdoro Green Midnight Green but the trim tag reads PNT 52 B Wonder if some one here can verify that code for me? Thanks
  13. Been some time since I posted last. Not much going on with the Packard. Been in hibernation for about 2 years now.I know the following pictures aren't of a Packard. I once owned a GTO and regretted selling it. I have been looking at adds lately and my twin found this one Facebook market place. We went out to look at it a few weekends ago and I could not pass on it. Body work and interior has been restored, engine bay could use some tlc.Now back to the Packard. I have put about 1000 miles since finishing the restoration. Would like to drive it more but need front end alginement. The new tires h
  14. Article in local paper on film in the next town over from where I live https://www.rblandmark.com/News/Articles/11-19-2019/Riverside-home-goes-back-in-time-for-'Fargo'-filming/?utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rblandmark.com%2F https://www.rblandmark.com/News/Articles/11-7-2019/TV-series-picks-Riverside-to-stand-in-for-1950-Kansas-City/
  15. My brother and his boy enjoying a ride in the rumble seat. My driving companion Harley who is no longer with us. I sure miss that boy. Our Great Uncle Al own my 31 before my father bought if from him in the late 80's. I still remember to this day when our Great Uncle Al would take us for a rides in the Rumble Seat around Marquette Park in Chicago. What fun it was......
  16. @topblissgt, Beautiful 69 GTO Judge you have there. I sure would love to own one once again along with a 76 Grand Prix I once owned.
  17. Kudos to him/her and a big thank you to him/her for being so generous for doing this project for the chosen ones. Will we be shown the type of projects that were chosen?
  18. MrEarl, Curious what years are the Firebirds and what are the condition of them?
  19. Marc1122, Your most welcome. Please let us know if you do purchase the pickup tube from them and how it fit and the quality of it. Also price (that is if your ok with posting it here). I could not find a price sheet on their site.
  20. Marc1122, Here you go http://www.mykmlifestyle.com/King_Seeley_Fuel_Sender.html
  21. Need a Golf door lock with key for my 1931 Packard 833. As you can see from the attached pictures of the one have have the cylinder lock broke (darn pot metal) and also one ear for mounting broke off. Also attached dimensions Thanks
  22. Here are a few in the Chicago-land area. Way out of my price range thou Iron gate motor condos auto motor plex chicago auto bahn country club
  23. Matt, What a beautiful bird!!!!! You sure do have a knack in having great cars show up in your showroom.
  24. I received the reminder postcard in the mail that I have missed renewing my membership. Went to online store but I have forgot password selected retrive password but still waiting for retrieval email. I will call in to pay
  25. I have used SPI's products from their SS black, high build primer, epoxy primer, truck bed liner and their cleaners. I was very pleased with their product. The support you get from them was wonderful. They have a matte black. southernpolyurethanes products
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