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  1. Dave, I'll try to give an answer similar to yours, in that the movie wasn't stupid, but it did have a rediculous scene or two.... There was a made for TV movie about Henry Ford a few years ago that started out with a camera moving through the Ford plant in the summer of 1908, presumably to 'listen' in on the conversations between H. Ford and his design team. You could hear them remark about the new 4 cylinder engine in the new Model T, and how this car was going to revolutionize the industry. As the camera entered the room, there on the floor between the men, was a brand new 1926-27 engine with wide pedals!!! Now you would think the technical assistants on the movie set could have figured that one out...
  2. It fits 1951-52 Pontiac 6 cylinder (all) and 1953-54 Pontiac 6 cylinder standard transmission.
  3. I've had the pleasure of having a booth in Hershey next to a couple of good ol' boys from Charlotte for quite a few years(past AACA pres. for one). THis year they gave me a jar of that Marmon Mustard that was part of the banquet and it might just be the best mustard I've ever had. I would like to know just how good the Wenol is on the brass lights on that 10 horse Stanley.....
  4. I don't know too much about dodge trucks, being a model T guy, but this weekend I saw a bronze coin that was a dodge dealer give-away that boasted dodge trucks with hydraulic brakes and 4 rings per piston. I know that dodge bros became dodge after being bought by chrysler in 1930 or so, and that dodge cars had hydraulic brakes before that, but any idea what the vintage of this coin could be? THanks.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, I think it was unpainted cast iron grey. I drove nothing but Ford products in the 60s and 70s and always remember the master cylinder being natural rust after about a year or so.
  6. Many Big Six Stude parts for sale, most from 1926-27. Cylinder Head, planed and magnafluxed (real nice) $150. Can deliver to Hershey. Many parts, call for needs. 845-876-4800 or email.
  7. Thanks for your concern, but we try to remain true to the brand. You need to stop buy our booth and see the Reo. I'll even let you drive it if you like. It's amazing that this car was a contemporary of the Model T. It's a generation earlier in design. I think that's why I bought it, being so primative and all...
  8. If there is anyone coming to the Hershey show from eastern Oklahoma or vicinity and has an empty trailer for hire (one way) please contact me. Need a Model T brought to the show. Thanks.
  9. The one on the right is a 26-27 Studebaker. The smaller headlights indicate it may be the larger Big Six. Since it is a photo of lawmen in Utah, I'd say it was the Sherrif model. The Sherrif was a Big Six with extra horsepower to nail the perpetrators of the day. The car on the left seems to be a Model T Sedan.
  10. I'll say a 1925 Dodge Bros. It was the first year for the straight bottoms on the doors and the 1926 model had a one piece windshield. Just a guess....
  11. My '27 Big Six President (27) used 8" Tilt-Rays. I have extras if you need them.
  12. National Service Data says the tag is attached to one of the bolts on the left side of the transmission. Probably similar to the engine tag that is under one of the intake manifold bolts.
  13. According to my National Service Data for 1965, there should be two lines of numbers on the ID plate. It should read something like "PCE-BG". If so, it is intended to match to a 390 CID with a 4 bbl carburetor. It does take type F and has a total capacity of 11 quarts from a dry start.
  14. Let's see if I can remember... I had a slant six valiant and removed the cover to clean it and install seals. I seem to remember that the returns were HUGE and along the bottom of the head. When I say HUGE, I mean bigger than quarters. If they are plugged as bad as you say, then you have major sludge. Frank
  15. Can you give me more info? Hub shaft diameter? outside diameter? Etc. I have a rather nice Neville wheel, but I don't know if it will fit your car. Frank
  16. Tom, The dry cells actually have 1 1/2 volts per cell. That would be a 9 volt battery if 6 are shown. I would use a 12 volt battery... Frank
  17. Diogenes was a Greek philosopher who was always looking for an honest man. Well, I just bought a 1909 Reo from Rodger Hein of Washington and I found that honest man. I purchased the car from two photos and his description only. Couldn't be happier with the car and even more so, glad to have 'met' Rodger.
  18. Are you sure the 26 Chevy has a fuel pump? When you say 'vacuum fuel pump' do you mean a mechanical pump that pumps both fuel and vacuum or do you mean a vacuum tank that relies on pressure differential between the main tank and the small vacuum tank under the hood? I believe the 26 Chevy had a vacuum tank not a fuel pump. I do not know of anyone rebuilding vacuum tanks. Frank
  19. I'll be there on Saturday and Sunday, since I live in town. Come and see our parts booth at Y1 & Y2 and introduce yourself. On Sunday I'll have my 'new' 1909 REO Model G on display.... Frank
  20. Why do you say it's not Stude. It has the same number 8 at the top as the badge in front of the radiator on a 28 or 29 Stude. Same script, same font... The hole in the side is for the badge bar... I'd say it's a 28 or 29 Stude President 8 Frank
  21. Reading these posts, I'm reminded of the TV movie about Henry Ford. I think it was based on a book written about 10 years ago. There were so many historically inaccurate facts in the movie that I almost lost my cookies. For instance, the movie opens with some dialog in the background about the 'new' engine to be place in the new Model T (1909). As the camera enters the model room where the talking men are, there on the floor next to them is a brand new 1926-27 engine with wide pedals. In another scene where Old Henry got mugged, he was standing next the drivers side of the car searching for his keys so he could unlock the door!!!
  22. By Jove, I think I've got it.... The 'at speed' photo has the controls on the 'other' side.... Frank
  23. I can't help but ask, If it is 'at speed', why are the wheels not turning???? Maybe it was a staged photo to appear 'at speed', unless the speed it 'was at' was zero.... Frank
  24. Welcome to the forum, SU_8. Shouldn't you be on the Plymouth forum???
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