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  1. Contact Tom Laferriere in Rhode Island, he reads and posts to this forum. He needed a timing gear and bought a complete engine in Boston a year or so ago. He may still have the crank. It's worth a try. Frank
  2. Bob, You'll have to stop by on Saturday to get a glimpse of the 'breathtaking T stuff'. I have to go to a family wedding on Sunday. I'm bringing less and less of the T stuff to fleas lately. My stuff is mostly mechanical and its worth more to me as spares. I really wanted to bring the REO down this year just to slow Dave down a little. Frank
  3. Dave, check with the Model T suppliers like Langs or Macs. They have modern cables with the correct ends for the original style speedos. They may have the correct length. Frank
  4. I just found this in the guidelines: 9. Prior to 1915, tires must be matched in pairs (front and rear), but spares need not match anything on the vehicle except each other. (If there’s more than one size spare, they will naturally differ.) 10. The following items are accepted for judging without penalty under the “Grandfather Clause”, due to their initial acceptance in the beginning of the judging program. a. Whitewall tires. Must be proper size designation and proper style. b. 1941 Last use of double whitewall tires. 11. Tires on all vehicles must be as specified by manufacturer. They must be nearest the correct size if the correct size is not available. Tubeless tires with a tube will be allowed without removing the wording “tubeless” on vehicles that did not come with tubeless tires. Tubeless tires were introduced in 1955 for cars and light trucks and in 1956 for heavy trucks. No mention of brand requirements. Frank
  5. I think Matt is wrong on this one. I'm not really into judging, but I thought as long as the tire size and brand matched (all including spares) and that the size was available from the mfg. then all was ok. By your reasoning, anyone riding on Universals in an early car will have points taken off, since the Universal name was an invention of Anne Kline's. Frank
  6. Is the tail light plated? I think I have one that is painted black in near NOS condition. I'll post some measurements and a photo tomorrow. Frank
  7. The pine cones were used by both Hudson and Essex in 1929.
  8. According to my Fitzgerald catalog, number 455 fits a Port Huron Model F 8 cylinder engine, 4 cylinders per head, two gaskets per engine. Frank
  9. It's a Ford Model T sidelight bracket, but not a Ford light. Might be a universal replacement of the era.
  10. This didn't happen to me, but to my brother. I was there at the time, so I guess it qualifies. I had a ratty TR3 and he had a rather nice Morgan +4 (around 1980 or so). We were parked at a diner parking lot getting ready to go in for breakfast when a boy and his father walked by the two cars. The boy looked at the Morgan and yelled to his father, "Look, DAD, an MG..." His father replied, "You know what MG stands for? Morris Garages". We still laugh at that one....
  11. I have been successful removing chrome on many small parts but never have tried it on large areas. HCl (HydroCloric acid) will remove chrome without touching the nickel. Muriatic is a 5% solution of HCl. Sulfuric will remove the nickel from brass items without damaging the brass. Frank
  12. The correct trade name for this fastener is "Common Sense". Believe it or not..... Frank
  13. The cable is most likely a chain that goes from the swivel to the speedo. Most of the units have broken chains and don't work. Go to a Model T dealer (Lang's, Mac's) and get a modern speedo cable with the ends that match your present cable and you'll be happy. They will need to know the brand of speedo and the length of the cable. Good Luck. Frank
  14. I used to work in Poughkeepsie and would drive past the old FIAT plant every day. In recent years the building housed the Western Printing plant and was located directly across from Marist College on Route 9. It was torn down some years ago to make way for the new Home Depot store.
  15. I would say Overland, about 1918... Frank
  16. Such a lovely car from the 'South of France' Frank
  17. The radiator mascot looks like the Atlanta Cap. (She was the Goddess that through gold apples on the ground to escape suitors). The Atlanta cap was introduced in 1927 when the temp gauge was put inside on the dash. 1925 and 1926 would have had a motor meter. I would say 1927. Frank
  18. I believe they are 1929 Hudson or 1929 Essex. I had the Essex quite some time ago and they match perfectly. Frank
  19. There has been a few threads discussing the pros and cons of the most recent show, but I have not heard a mention of the Kruse Auction. I must say that since the auction has been running, I've enjoyed the theatrics. I've always thought the auction circuit was just a shell game with the cars changing hands back and forth. In spite of all of the hoopla, I found it entertaining after a long walk through the flea market. This year was different. I was embarrassed by the lack of both spectators and cars. We arrived around 8:30 PM (I think) and there were so few people in the area, that I thought it was over. The number of cars was minimal and the bidders even fewer. I went out to get a coke and the concession workers were standing with their arms folded with no customers. Was it because of the RM auction running at the same time, or has the buying public become tired of being insulted by Mr. Kruse??? Frank
  20. This is not related to either car named Frontenac. It is a badge that was given to the buyers of the Frontenac Overhead Valve cylinder head that fit Model T's and A's. This bolt on conversion raised the HP on a Model T from 22 to over 50, depending on the model of the head that was purchased. The Chevrolet Bros. raced in the 1921 Indianapolis 500 with one of their heads and placed 3rd that year.
  21. I bought a Frontenac overhead conversion for my Model T a few years ago and the old gent that sold it to me gave me a radiator badge with the Chevrolet Bros. Coat of Arms and the name Frontenac on it. He claims it is an original that was offered at the time the overheads were offered in the early '20's . I posted this on the MTFCA page and no one new much about it. I was told that some were reproduced in the 60's, but were labeled as repros. This is not marked with the repro mark and appears to be original. Anyone know anything about these??
  22. I posted this answer in the other forum : My National Service Data shows Delco 629 as a 4 cylinder Plymouth, 1931-1932. The suffix D is confusing, since the book shows suffix A, H, and M. Frank
  23. My National Service Data shows Delco 629 as a 4 cylinder Plymouth, 1931-1932. The suffix D is confusing, since the book shows suffix A, H, and M.
  24. My space is CM18-21 in the Chocolate Field. We are about 30 miles south of Albany. If you can get them to my space, I can get them to Hudson.
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