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  1. Not only did it have incorrect suspension, body, and engine, it had step plates, motometer, wings, incorrect color, and non-factory accessories. With all of the comments from the career judges on the 'Etiquette' thread, I wonder why none have given their two cents on this one.... Frank PS, I'm not a judge, but I know Model T Fords, and I could count at least 200 points in deductions for incorrect stuff on this car. "As it left the factory??? Yeah, Really.
  2. Just thought I would post a photo of the car on the show field.
  3. Bob, this was the one I talked about when we met in Hershey. He had a spot in the flea market just behind me and I saw him pull it out of the trailer around 7:00 AM. I went to look at it, since it was similar to mine. It was VERY nice, but a Rootlieb speedster none the less. It was done up as a Fire Chief's car with repro brass and a completely repro body from Rootlieb. It ahd step plates, brass moto meter with wings and fire accessories such as siren and axes (NONE of which came from the Ford factory). When I leaned close to the car to hear a particular noise, He yelled, "DON'T TOUCH THE CAR, I'M PUTTING IT IN THE SHOW!!!" Now don't get me wrong, I have a similar speedster and it's not nearly as nice as his. But why did they let it on the show field????? Frank
  4. Bob, I must have missed something last year. I don't remember you mentioning any mishap or misfortune on the road when I saw you at your spot last year. Would the others who know more about the incident care to share with the rest of us??? Not that I would ever use this info to my advantage........ Frank
  5. I had a similar problem with a Big Six Studebaker I once owned. I set the timing over and over and swore up and down that the timing was right on... The beast would overheat within 1/4 mile. I then advanced the timing little by little until the engine would kick back at start. Then I backed off little by little until it would start easy without spark knock. The car never overheated again. Not very scientific, but it did the job... Frank
  6. While I have not tried using 12V solenoids with 6V batteries, I don't think it will work. There won't be enough voltage to activate the coil in the solenoid. I don't know what your high heat resistant wire is, but the correct wire should be available at stores in your area. I guess I don't understand why you can't use the correct parts. Frank
  7. If the cables are as nasty as you say, that is most likely the problem. If you go to a good auto parts store (not the chains) and ask, you most likely will find the part you need. They may have to order it, but stuff for the 50's cars is still available. Try NAPA. Here in my area we have CarQuest groups and they have always been able to get the older stuff for me. Some after market regulators will run either + or - ground, but some will not. Try to use the correct replacement parts and you will avoid most of the problems your are having. Frank
  8. Call Eric Maxwell at Universal Tire in Lancaster. He know his stuff and will steer youin the right direction. I have driven on the Lester tread and I really like the soft ride and I like the looks of the wide white wall. It's also very quite. Frank
  9. Your car is definitely 6 volt positive ground. I suspect the culprit is poor connections or cables. If the contacts or cables loose a small amount of voltage at each point, it doesn't take too long before the voltage the starter sees is below 4.5 volts. You should clean all the contacts and replace the battery cables if necessary with the largest diameter six volt cables you can find. Do not use the smaller 12 volt cables. Once this is done, I'm confident your starting problems with disappear. Frnak
  10. This is a true story... About 20 years ago I was at the Hershey meet and was staying at the High Meadow Campground where we would meet others from our home town. It was starting to get dark and our friend Phil had not arrived. He had a fifteen year old Ford truck and we thought he may have had a breakdown. Suddenly his truck came up the hill and he pulled along side of us and looked really tire. We asked where he had been and he replied, "I just came from a flea market in the mid-west where I took my wife for the weekend..." I said "Yeah, how much did you get for her???" He stopped, looked quite dead-pan, and just drove away. Frank
  11. I know the upcoming show is the responsibility of the Hershey chapter, but I can't find a phone number for them. Anyone know if the package with the flea market stickers has been mailed yet? It usually arrives the first week of September and I'm a little anxious... Frank
  12. Ditto on my '27 Studebaker President. Frank
  13. According to my Hudson Book, the Speedabout was not offered in 1928, only 1927 and 1929. 1929 had front wheel brakes and a six cylinder engine. I should have consulted the book before my first answer was posted. Frank
  14. I think it is a '27 Essex. Car spotters guide shows the boat tail was available in late '27, and I know it was available in '28. The belt line looks more like the '27 than the '28. When I enlarged the photo, it looks like the rear hubcap is the hex shaped cap of the Essex. Frank
  15. Not sure, but I think the last year Buick had 23 inch wheels was 1922, so it would be 22 or earlier. Might not want to junk it.... Frank
  16. Not to hijack this thread, but I had a company in Oregon restore the reflectors on a Graham I once owned and they were nearly as bright as sealed beams. The company name was UVIRA and you can probably find them in Google. They electroplate aluminum to the steal reflectors and then polish them to a high luster. Silver starts to tarnish as soon as it is applied. Not cheap, but well worth the price. I guess if I still owned a car with electric lights, I would do it again. Frank
  17. Check the delivery line. If the engine is starving for gas (I'm assuming gravity feed), you may need to choke the carb just to keep the air flow down to match the gas flow. Increase the size of the line to the next diameter and see what happens. Frank
  18. According to my Hollander manual that distributor fits International 46 - 49.
  19. I have a pdf of the schematic for your Starfire, but I can't figure how to add it to the Private Message screen. Send me an email to oldfords@verizon.net and I can reply with the pdf attached. Frank
  20. Doors 3 through 10 have mid teens Buick hinges on them. I had a 1917 4 cylinder roadster that had the exact same hinge. The doors with the kick-up that would be over a wheel well may be six cylinder Buick of the same vintage. Just an educated guess... Frank
  21. Could be Studebaker up through about '23-24. Just a guess, but it has similar lines... Frank
  22. It's the nose piece to an early Model T engine pan. The round machined surface supports the engine in the front engine mount. Frank
  23. I don't own a Packard, but I saw the title of this thread and could not stay away... I used to own a 1927 Stude President Big Six. When I got the car, it needed a complete rebuild, since the previous owner allowed sand blasting sand to get into the oil. I had to bore it .020 over and replaced all of the valve guides, lifters, valves, pistons, every moving part in the engine. I ordered all the parts from Egge and gave him the hole sizes and let him handle the rest. I could not have been more happy with the parts and the fit. I sold the car approx 12 years later and it was still going strong when the new owner took it to Utah. Now, I admit, it was around 1985 when the engine was rebuilt, so I can't speak of the recent quality issues, but I think I got more than what I paid for. I would buy from Egge again... Frank
  24. The steamers used by trim shops remove wrinkles by shrinking the clothe backing that is bonded to the vinyl. The vinyl then stretches to match the new surface of the cloth backing. Sounds to me that you have just the reverse of the typical vinyl seat coverings. If you have vinyl on the back side of the headliner, my guess is that the steamer will not work. I'm not sure what material you have for your headliner, but most headliners are just light weight cloth with no backing. Frank
  25. Could it be '30-'31 Buick? Frank
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