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  1. The hydraulic brakes were not on Studes in the early 30's........ Frank
  2. The two larger plugs are 7/8" thread size and the two smaller ones are 18 mm. I can use the 7/8 AC. I just bought one like it at the Quakertown swap for $5. It too was NOS. Frank
  3. I had a 1930 Graham that had headlights similar to these. The crest on the rim was a little different, but I think the crest is Graham. Might be a different year, say 1928 - 1932 or so. Frank
  4. Intake: .006 (hot) Exhaust: .006 (hot) per National Service Data Frank
  5. I think the Neverout accessories were just that, accessories. They could be purchased by anyone to put the tail light in place. I'm not sure, but I don't think they were OEM parta. I know my 1912 Ford has one, but again, not supplied by Ford. Frank
  6. I'm not sure about your specific cap, but the swastika was used by KRIT. Some say it was so undependable that the initials stood for Keep Right In Town..... Frank
  7. His name is Dave Helms 408 W Harford St Milford, PA 18337-1210 (570) 296-6331 Dealt with him many times, good guy... Frank
  8. I'll go out on a lmb here.... 1931 Chevy Independence (AE)
  9. Thanks, West, but I approached a local machine shop and he not only made new bushings, but he made new king pins also. I'm now in the process of putting it back together and I think all will be well for the coming season. Frank
  10. I know there was a period of time in 1955 when Ford put Thunderbird engines in the Fairlane. I came real close to buying one a few years ago, but could not come to terms with the owner. This one had a small V8 badge on the front fender in front of the wheel that said 'Fairlane - Thunderbird'. I don't think the model was designated Fairlane - Thunderbird, but it was just to indicate the Thunderbird engine.
  11. Sorry to get your hope up, but I located the locks and they are different than yours.
  12. I have to replace my spindle bushings and would like to know if anyone has any new replacements or know of a source. Thanks. Frank
  13. I may have a couple of these clamps, but I'll have to check the barn. I'll post again here of my results, or you can send me your email. Frank oldfords@verizon.net
  14. Check with Tom Laferriere in Rhode Island. I know he recently bought a big six engine just for the timing gear and he most likely has the casting you need. You could post your wanted up in the general AACA forum, I know he reads it often. Try this Email tom@tomlaferriere.com http://www.tomlaferriere.com Good luck, Frank
  15. Take another look.... with the tiny cowl lamp and the 6 bolt disk wheels, it looks more like a 28 Studebaker President. I think the hub cap has a red S sitting sideways. In some ways, I still wish that I hadn't sold mine... Frank
  16. I have a BendPak 9000 pound two post lift and I've never regretted buying it. I'm in NY and most of the shops around here have either Rotary or Mohawk brands and I can't really see a difference. Best shop tool I ever bought. Frank
  17. Stude3: If you look closely, you'll notice that the wheel bolts are spaced for six lug nuts. The only stude that had six was the Big Six. The Standard and Light Sixes had 5 bolts. The '27 Big Six had the temp guage on the dash, so the moto meter was not needed (unless the inside guage stopped working). My guess is that it's a 26 Big Six 5 passenger sedan. Frank
  18. I don't know what you mean by 'will the batteries balance out to 6 volts'. If you want two voltage levels for your car, 6v and 12v, you must connect them in series. You then get 12 across the two and 6 volts at the middle. Just be aware that whenever two or more batteries are connected in series, the stronger batteries will actually supply current to the weaker batteries giving a lower total voltage. There is nothing technically wrong with connecting them in series, but you should replace both batteries at the same time when one of them gives up the ghost..... Frank
  19. By Jove! I think you've got something there, Dr. Watson!!! Frank
  20. I think the car is a 1929 Essex. The double row of louvers were last used in 29, and the 30 Essex had a distinct arch to the tops of the louvers. The tires do look a little big, but they may have just been oversized for the car. Frank
  21. The one to the rear is a 1926 or 1927 Studebaker.
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