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  1. The following was posted to their site at the bottom of the 'Marion' description: <span style="font-weight: bold">Addendum This lot is believed to be an amalgamation of several brass era cars from a variety of manufacturers. The chassis and powertrain are believed to be from an Overland as well as other miscellaneous parts. By virtue of the percentage of Overland parts on this vehicle it may best be described as a homemade Overland speedster with Marion tags and badges. Please speak to an RM specialist for further information.</span> Maybe this forum is read by more people than we know..... Frank
  2. I sent you the files via email. They are pdf's and are large. if they are too large to load, let me know, and I'll try to make them smaller. Frank
  3. I just found a similar diagram showing the contacts on the Eismann switch that you have. Even the contacts show the same labels. I'll send that too. Frank
  4. I have several wiring diagrams that may help you. I have the complete diagram for the 1919 Loco Model 48, but the switch contacts are not named. I also have some diagrams for different Berling mags, showing switches and their connections to the mags. These are more promising, since they have the contact labels shown. If I can scan them tomorrow, I'll send them to you. Frank
  5. It is, indeed, the very same car that was auctioned on Ebay. As to the authenticity of the car, I stand by my earlier post on the same subject.
  6. Since your email doesn't show, I put my ad at the top of Buy/Sell.
  7. I had a 1930 Graham that had the identical rail with the roses and all....
  8. I know I do not have the headlight switch, but refresh my memory. Wha is the Auto Vac?
  9. I have a pair that were spares when I had my 1929 Essex, but the measurement on the rim of the lens is 8 15/16 X 7 15/16. If these will do, let me know.
  10. I have a cylinder head for a big six from 1925 - 1927. Most likely will fit a 1928 Commander also. Magnafluxed and surface planed. $150 plus shipping. email: oldford@frontiernet.net or call 845-876-4800.
  11. I have a cylinder head for a big six from 1925 - 1927. Most likely will fit a 1928 Commander also. Magnafluxed and surface planed. $150 plus shipping. email: oldford@frontiernet.net or call 845-876-4800.
  12. I have a new set of Betco 875 X 105 metric tires with 4 new tubes for sale for $1000 for the set. I will not break the set. email to oldford@frontiernet.net or call 845-876-4800.
  13. Don't you just love it!!! Do you need a radiator and shell for this car? Frank
  14. They have a web site: http://www.fordor.com/default.htm and an address and phone number: P.O. Box 792, Nederland, Texas 77627 | Toll Free: 1-800-375-6663
  15. Layden, I am somewhat familiar with this car, since it lives just a few miles from me. I don't want to wish anyone ill, but this is an estate sale and the sellers may not know exactly what they have. I believe now, and have always believed this car to be a home made Overland Speedster. If you look closely at the photos of the wheels, you can see where the Marion centers have been silver soldered into the hubs. The headlights are pure overland, since they came from our barn about 5 years ago and we told the then owner that the headlights were from an Overland, and they fit the forks perfectly. When I questioned the then owner of the heritage of this car, he waxed poetically about the car being on the Isle of Man and so forth.... Be careful..... Frank
  16. The standard torque value for a 3/8" fine thread grade 8 bolt is 31 pounds. I would set the wrench at 30 pounds and be done with it. make sure the threads are in good condition, but I would be wary of using old connecting rod bolts that are most likely stretched. You can get new bolts at a decent auto supply store. Frank
  17. I think the truck is a '27 1/2-'28 Graham Brothers. Look on pages 199-200 of the American Truck Spotter's Guide and see one that is almost an exact match.
  18. Tom... the most important thing to bring is MONEY. My booth is CM18-21 Stop buy for a cold drink. Money won't buy the drink, you'll need that to resurrect that big Stude... Frank
  19. Steve, I don't mean to be difficult, but read the large sheet that was sent with the windshield stickers. This is the one with the map on the back and is headed with "HERSHEY '05" Under "Traffic" "Vendors are permitted to leave field after 3:00 PM to return at a later time. (Dinner - Visit - Etc.) A filed pass MUST be secured to regain entrance after Flea Market is closed by security. Passes will be assigned to vendors by security police stationed at exit gates and surrendered to gain admittance at the field gate. This note has been on every set of instruction that I have ever received since I started as a vendor in the original blue field... Frank
  20. Temporary Permit??? This sounds like the field pass that one is supposed to receive when exiting the swap meet in the evening to go to dinner. Every year for the last 25 years, I have tested the rent-a-cops at the gates by asking for a field pass to return to the swap meet and every year I get the same response, "What field pass???" They tell me every year that they never heard of a return pass. Every year they let me leave and return without the pass (if, and only if, I am driving an antique car to dinner.) If I'm in a modern car, it MUST have a flea market sticker or I'm not allowed back in. In light of my experience, my guess is that the gate keepers will not have a clue as to what a temporary permit is and will deny entrance to the swap meet. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the meeting on time.... Frank
  21. I'll have many parts that fit the Bix Six President (1927) at my booth in Hershey. CM18-21. email me for a list.... Frank
  22. I sent you an email. I have several engines and you won't have to go all the way to Hershey to get them.....
  23. This IS a good thread.... I think the Ford is a 13, not a 14. The 14 had a front fender with a bill on the front. The 13 was plain. Also, I think if you look closely at the center piece of the windshield, you'll see that the top half of the windshield will not fold forward. This was unique to the 13 windshield and was changed in 14 to allow the windshield to fold all the way forward. Frank
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