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  1. DavidAU


    Except for the tail light holes the 39 and 40 fenders are the same.
  2. DavidAU

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    "I'm, still waiting on a quote for a garage door. Once I get that I can decide whether to build or buy a door. If it comes in under 3G, I think I'm going to just bite the bullet. That will take a good month of sales to try to come up with that. I can open it back to 14 feet though and not have a worry about the cement trucks. They will be able to pour the floor without a pump truck then." Does your local concreteing services have a concrete line pump? These are like the boom pumps but they run the hose over the ground instead of through a boom and can pump the concrete across the ground up to 150 meters from the truck. They are commonly used where concrete is required inside an existing building where the boom type can't reach. It may be worthwhile contacting your local concrete plant to see what's avalible before you decide on the door.
  3. In my part of the world a lot of people use second hand 20 or 40 foot shipping containers for storage. They are nearly indestructable, reasonably cheap to buy and you will probably get most of your money back when you finally sell it. The 20 footers can be delivered on the back of a tilt tray tow truck.
  4. This company sells all types of rivets. https://www.rivetsonline.com/rivets/solid-rivets#1
  5. DavidAU

    Dim headlights on a 1947 Lincoln

    I would go the relay route controlled by the original switch. As others have said, make sure each light has a good ground wire to it and also check to make sure it hasn't been fitted with 12 volt bulbs/ sealed beams if it is a 6 volt system.
  6. DavidAU

    1956 Premiere-based Continental V12 What-If

    Or a 1956 Ford Zodiac
  7. DavidAU

    How to leak check aluminum head?

    Take it to a Cylinder Head repair shop. Those places weld up cracked aluminium cylinder heads, straighten warp heads etc. all the time (mainly Japanese and Korean) and have all sorts of rubber bungs etc. that they jam in to them to pressure test them in water when they have been repaired. If there is a shop near you that does Vapour blasting ( high pressure water, air and glass beads) it leaves a nice smooth shiny finish on aluminium without polishing. The photo is a head I had pressure tested and blasted a while ago.
  8. DavidAU


    http://minervisten.simplesite.com/ When I try to have it translated by google McAfee blocks it as a dangerous site.
  9. DavidAU

    Ford V8 sedan 1946

    What ever you put on it, black is my preference, use radial tires. Owning early Fords I can tell you the difference in handling and ride between radials and cross plys is night and day. I would never put cross plys on one of my cars again.
  10. DavidAU

    powder coat vs sandblasting and paint

    I had these wheels powder coated and they look exactly like the 2K paint on the body. The beauty about powder coating, apart from the fact you give some one 5 dirty rough looking wheels and a couple of days later they come back looking like new, is when they are being coated, the powder is electrically charged and it wraps around the spoke so the coverage is even everywhere, where as with spray painting it is sometimes quite difficult to get paint on to the back of the spokes if there are other spokes in the way.
  11. DavidAU

    Opinions On This 1936 Cadillac?

    Possibly before and after restoration but a strange way to advertise it if it is.
  12. DavidAU

    Inspired by Keiser

    Looks like the Dodge ute is the high speed version. Check the wiper blade out.
  13. "As of now everything works except the ammeter" Ah, This might have been written in error but in case it wasn't, the 40 Fords don't have an amp meter, they have a volt meter. This was a one year only for Ford so yours might be giving a correct reading after all.
  14. Thanks Tom. I also have looked and couldn't find a number but I was told it was 68-1226 by a NOS parts dealer who thought he had one in stock but didn't. I think they are shrunk fitted into the drum so theoretically could be replaced but its looking like I will have to buy a repo hub.
  15. I'm looking for an outer rear wheel bearing race that fits into the brake drum of a 38 to 48 Ford. I think the Ford # is 68-1226 and the rear bearing ( 68-1225 ) runs inside this race. As an alternative, someone may be able to give me the cross reference part No. of a Timken or similar brand race or bearing that I can try to find locally. (once I have an alternative bearing # I might be able to find the race) Thanks