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  1. The car behind the green one has the horns in the same position as the original post.
  2. The Restoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred Cars first published in 1957 and revised 8 times up to 1975 is a very good book. Amazon has a new one listed for $850 but they are available for a few bucks if you search. It covers all facets of Vintage car restoration. ie Mechanical, instruments, Body, Trimming, chassis etc. https://www.stellabooks.com/books/richard-c-wheatley/the-restoration-of-vintage-and-thoroughbred-cars/1817425
  3. A lot of Bosch Magnetos use a Simms coupling with 19 teeth one side and 20 on the other which enables the timing to be infinitely adjustable. The magneto shown has a 19 / 20 coupling on it. They would be part No's 446/19, 446/20 provided they have the correct shaft taper and coupling 450 on the following link. https://www.completeautomobilist.com/categories/complete-automobilist-workshop-parts-vernier-coupling
  4. Pertronix data says that 40511 coils will not work with a points ignition system and are are for electronic systems only. They also state that .06 to 1.5 is the correct ohm for 8 cylinder engines. 3 ohm is for 6 cylinders. It looks like 45011 is the one you should have. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Pertronix-45011-Flame-Thrower-II-Ignition-Coil-6-Volt-0-6-Ohm,20866.html Edit: Reading Speedways blab I'm not sure this one would work either. I would contact Pertronix and ask them.
  5. https://www.classicfasteners.com.au/slotted-5/ Bunnings sell the cup washers in a few different sizes.
  6. You should also check out Fordbarn.com Many early Ford V8 owners frequent that site.
  7. A friend of my Mothers had one of these in the 60's. She referred to it as her Transistorized Belair
  8. Vapour blasted sump and head. Sump was degreased after the original photo but was still in-grained black. the vapour blast cleaned it but it took about 1 1/2 hours
  9. Maybe you could contact these people as they advertise they make them in leather and also in metal. http://accentsunlimitedgaiters.com/
  10. I'm sure thats where the Air Force got the idea for ejection seats.
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