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  1. The Frontenacs that are mentioned above by Louis and Arthur Chevrolet were reworked Model T fords. The Chevrolet Bros. made speed equipment including the Frontenac overhead valve set-up and also the Frontenac Ford Engine. The overhead valve head was available in three flavors for the 8 valve model including the "T" (Touring), "S" (Speedster), and "R" (Racing). The T was for everyday use on regular cars and light trucks, the S was for those who wanted slightly more power, and the R for the racing circuit. The R head came standard with twin stromberg updraft carburetors for that extra punch. They even had a twin overhead cam version that qulified at Indy at 88 miles per hour in 1923. An you guys thought Fords were dull..... Of course, this has nothing to do with the original question regarding the earlier Frontenac Cars.
  2. There were two Lafayette cars. The first was built in Indianapolis IN from 1920 through 1924. They were then bought by Nash. Nash used the name again on a lower priced 'sattelite' car from 1934 through 1937.
  3. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. May just keep it or sell it, but I need to know more about it first.
  4. Can anyone tell me about an early auto air pump? It is a four cylinder pump whose tag reads: "Kellogg Four Cylinder Tir Pump - Pat'd Oct. 1910 - Rochester, NY" It is very old, with an imput shaft that is driven by either a pully or a gear, Not sure since just the shaft is there. There are four mounting holes on the bottom to allow it to mount on a flat surface. Picture can be seen at <A HREF="http://home.att.net/~oldford/airpump.jpg" TARGET=_blank>http://home.att.net/~oldford/airpump.jpg</A> <BR> Anyone ever seen one of these???
  5. After you are sure the cooling system is OK, be sure to check your spark. If you are running a retarded spark, the engine will cook. I have found more heating problems are related to timing than poor radiators, but I always go after the radiator first.
  6. Not much response here, any 1 1/4" side draft will do. Thanks.
  7. Parts Wanted Zenith HP5A side draft carburetor. 1 1/4" throat, Any condition.
  8. Kevlar is unsuitable for dry applications because it has very poor abrasion characteristics. In simpler terms, it can't take the scuffing that occurrs when the clutch is slipped or engaged slowly. That is the reason it wears poorly in a cone clutch. Its strength is in the length of the fiber, not in the width, hence it tears. The reason kevlar is suitable in Ford transmissions, is the fact that oil is present. The oil simply lubricates the kevlar to allow slippage. Heat is not the problem in either dry or wet applications, since kevlar can withstand temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees F. Hope this short explanation helps.
  9. Gents, I have been manufacturing Model T transmission linings made from woven Kevlar for many years. We call our linings NEV-R-WEAR and have had very good success with our product, so I think I speak from a position of experience. The one thing that makes Kevlar succesfull in a Model T is the oil that bathes the bands. In a dry application kevlar is terrible. We have given kevlar bands to owners of Model NRS Fords and they tell us that the linings rip off the bands in less than 100 miles. In light of this, I would not recommend kevlar in any dry transmission. If anyone has been successfull using kevlar in a cone clutch, then you have been fortunate, but when customers ask me for my opinion, I suggest they use leather in a cone clutch.
  10. oldford


    I remember my first trip to Hershey. I think it was in '73 and there was only the old Blue Field and three rows of vendors in the Red Field. The Red Field was across the road where the nursery is now. I haven't missed one since. I'll echo the others comments,"Be prepared for rain and mud." Many vendors realize their stuff has gotten wet before and will sell in the rain. Some of my best buying days and best selling days are during the pouring rain. If someone is willing to trudge through the rain and mud, you know they are serious...........
  11. I don't want to burst your bubble, but the biggest selling american car in history (Model T) has a firing order of 1-2-4-3.
  12. I don't think they are late. Seems to me, mine comes in just around Labor Day. I think I WON'T miss moving to a new field. Chocolate always looks good to me.<BR>See me at CM18-21.
  13. Is there any way to send me a picture through email? I have a few 20" rims, but don't know if yours is like mine.
  14. It is obviously from a 1927 Temula. The casting date gives this away. 1927 Temula production, like most cars of the era, began in July of 1926. Another give-away is the lack of a water pump. Temulas did not have water pumps until the 1928 model year, and is was then that they moved the distributor to the now familiar position in the center of the cylinder head. Temulas used the Borg-Warner transmission throughout their total production runs, so the tranny might fit many different year Temulas.......Sorry about pulling your chain, but I saw that no one was answering your post, and I thought this might renew interest.
  15. Are these lug nuts the ones with a flare that is larger than the hex nut and have an 'L' or an 'R' on them?
  16. Neil, I looked this weekend in Stowe, VT and last weekend in Macungie, PA, but only found 8" liberty lenses. I will continue to look.
  17. Yes, it is a 1929 Essex. The hubcaps in '29 were 6 sided while the Hudson caps were larger and 12 sided. The double row of hood louvers are not arched as they were in '30 , so it nails it at 1929.
  18. For Sale: 1927 Studebaker President. Located in Rhinebeck, NY. Pictures can be seen at <A HREF="http://home.att.net/~oldford/rspecial.htm" TARGET=_blank>http://home.att.net/~oldford/rspecial.htm</A> or info obtained by calling 845-876-480
  19. For Sale: 1927 Studebaker President. Located in Rhinebeck, NY. Pictures can be seen at <A HREF="http://home.att.net/~oldford/rspecial.htm" TARGET=_blank>http://home.att.net/~oldford/rspecial.htm</A> or info obtained by calling 845-876-4800.
  20. Durant, did you get good results from Tuckyman? I have a few 'parts' vacuum tanks in the basement. One is a 318-A with a cone shaped float and the other is a tank with a number I can't make out that has a round float with a flat top and a convex bottom. What are the dimensions of the float you need? We might just have a match.
  21. I'll be going down early Saturday morning. I have been to the show many times and each year the chrome seems to get more and more space. I usually pass the chrome by and concentrate on the booths that have more rust than chrome.
  22. I recently bought a Ford Model T speedster that has 1926-27 Ford wire wheels. Since I prefer the look of 30 X 3 1/2 high pressure tires, I would like to have someone build a wire wheel using 30 X 3 1/2 clincher rims and the standard 21" Ford wire wheel hub, since the Ford wire wheels are more readily available. Does anyone know of someone who can do this???? Thanks in advance.
  23. I have a complete '29 Essex transmission for sale. The aluminum webbed bell housing is also in excellent condition with no cracks. $50; won't ship; may deliver to northeast shows.
  24. Let me check this evening when I get home, I may have a set for your buick. Does this still use the starter/generator from Delco or was it a starter only by '25? I'll check my books. I have over 5000 brushes in stock for most cars before '35.
  25. I posted this on the Buick fourm, but I think that one is mostly new stuff. I have what I believe to be a pair of rear touring doors for a 4 cylinder Buick. They are shaped very much like a Model T door (no cut-out for the rear fender), and have the typical Buick door hinge. $100 for the pair. Can send email pictures.
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