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  1. Hi Terry, my internal glass holding pieces still look useable, so unless there is some serious interest for them, I am not planning to re-make them... Josef
  2. Ok, in meanwhile I was able to get one rim. Still looking for another.... Any leads are appreciated...
  3. Hi gyus, I have 28 Master with #5 wheels, all original and there are NO driver or other side nuts. All 4 threads are the same on "big" nuts (RH thread) and all 4 threads are the same on "small" nuts (LH thread. This is indeed confirmed by your initial picture. I also doubt you can make A4 size by turning down A5 size. There were several threads here in the past, possibly some of the folks can help.
  4. Hi, thanks for your replies. The dash is now clear to me. Sent PM to bicvic. Josef
  5. Hi, For my dash, I am looking for the lower part of the housing / cover that fits over gauges from inner side. Or a picture / sketch of. Also looking for an original spring that returns starter pedal lever. Or a picture / sketch of. Thanks for any help. Josef
  6. Offering brand new replica of headlight bezel, to fit 1917 D45 Buick, can be also suitable for other years, brands or models, not sure. Bezels are made from steel sheet (NOT stainless) by proper forming process on a lathe and fit exactly as they should. Tooling is now available so any quantity can be manufactured upon order. They need to be plated or painted, plain finish is supplied. Overall OD = ~257mm ID (where it fits over headlight bucket) = ~245mm ID (looking from the front, where the glass is) = ~194mm Asking $200 plus shipping for a pair, unfortunately tooling development took some non neglectable effort.... Please contact me on pepcak@volny.cz with any questions you may have.
  7. Guys, have few questions for 1928 Master Six, left hand steering: 1) looking for (aluminium) heat control lever (in dashboard plate; not the choke one) 2) need a good picture of how the heat control and choke rods attach to dashboard control levers 3) need good picture of how the gas and advance control rods attaches to the cross shaft; I do have both rods from the gear under steering box and also some levers, but not sure how they all come together Thanks for any help. Josef
  8. Looking for restorable water pump body to fit 1917 D45 Buick. Good solid body will suffice, complete pump assembly in any condition (frozen, cut shaft etc.) will work too. Thanks for any offers. Josef
  9. Hi Larry, no way I wanted to say Mark is not good guy.. I wanted to say that in Europe we really need to rely on you guys in USA as the supply of parts here is really limited. Josef
  10. Hi Mark, thanks for your kind response My issue is that I am in Prague, Czech Republic and I only need to seek help from good people on the other side of big pond .... Josef
  11. Hi, looking to buy two (one is also a help) 26" flat base Baker rims in restorable condition for my 1917 D45. They are for Straight side 34x4 tyre. Should be 2 3/4" or 2 11/16" (68 to 70mm) wide at tyre bead. 4 locking pins and angle split. Any offers considered. Josef
  12. Ben, I appreciate both approaches, that is to keep irreplaceable original books as safe and clean as possible (here I understand the concern of your friend you mentioned) For workshop use you can always scan these original books and print as many sheets as you need and when you need. This is not so much effort in my view. Josef
  13. Offering 8 rim wedges / clamps for early 1920s Buick. Maybe fit another year or model. They have seen better times, but are far better than nothing. Parts are in Prague, Czech Republic (Europe). PM for details.
  14. I believe that 6.00 - 21" is correct size for 28 Master. with Buffalo A5 wheels. I had original Dunlop tires in this size on my car and bought the same size from Coker. I think 7.00 or 8.00 would look really fat. Is you car model 28-47 on 121" wheelbase? I love these Buffalo wheels, do you have all 6 of them? Difficult to source them these days.... PS: looking into 1928 Shop manual right now, is says tire size for Master (120" and 128" wheelbase cars) at 33x6 (6.00 tire on 21" rim) or 31x5.25 for Standard (114" wheelbase cars) . The math does not quite work with 5.25", but I think this size is not available anyway for 21 rims.
  15. Ok, guage is out and looks to be in working order. Surprised by not-so-nice workmanship - rivets or bolts possibly not needed, but the soldering is at least questionable...
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