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  1. I just replaced the battery from Antique Battery in Pennsy for my 1970 Electra. After a short charge, it started right up. We are good-to-go!
  2. Wax, wax, and more wax. I have to do the limousine a section at a time or I'll be too worn out for anything. I finally got it done so it is ready to go for the summer....now I have to wax the Electra.
  3. I was finally on shore duty in the Navy at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester (Wor-stah) Mass. The Navy sent me to San Diego for training, and just before I noticed my fuel line leaking. While I was out there I found a junkyard in San Diego, and retrieved the whole fuel line. Needless to say it wouldn't fit in the luggage so I carried it onto the plane and had it between my knees all the way back to Massachusetts. Can you imagine that today??? A perfect fit, it solved my cracked fuel line problem.
  4. I added an engine-to-firewall ground that has been missing for years. Yesterday I replaced the battery-to-fender ground. Hopefully this will take care of my spurious electrical issues!
  5. It was this car in my signature, a 1970 Buick Electra Convertible. It was just a high school car (although a cool convertible) when I got it, and then a college friend suggested that I attend the AACA car show at Saint Simon's Island, Georgia. I took 3rd Place, and from that point on the convertible became part show car, and a daily driver.
  6. The 1990 Grand Marquis is still available, price reduced (not the car in my signature by the way). Email me for information or an appointment: jaxops1@verizon.net
  7. This is a clean and well-maintained Grand Marquis GS with 118K miles. Gray, with a light gray interior. Landau roof in good condition. Interior is velour with driver 6-way seat. Full-sized spare plus a doughnut spare. Steel-belted radials with good treads. No rust or damage. Roof and trunk need paint. This car has the original engine, the Ford 302 fuel-injected SFI engine. It starts right up, and the car drives smoothly. Transmission replaced with a Jasper professional transmission 5 years ago. Full repair history available since 1994. $2,200.00 obo, contact jaxops1@verizon.net (Va
  8. Never had that problem. I'm ready with my response, that I get the same or better gas mileage than their SUVs. Also, I don't need a shoehorn to get into my car, and a chiropractor when I get out! Wasteful would be to get rid of a working, safe vehicle, and start 5-7 years of car payments on a small plastic car that won't outlive the loan.
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