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  1. It was some kind of kit-car / tri-motorcycle.
  2. I showed up to an empty lot in Landstown Plaza in Virginia Beach Saturday.....one by one, more and more cars came and parked. Soon we had about 20 cars! In spite of the masks, we had a great time talking to the kids and visitors, and each other for the first time this year. The weather was perfect. Enjoy the show here in photos!
  3. TTR- a 6 hour drive normally (about 306 miles) going around Washington, DC and then up Route 15 through Gettysburg to Carlisle/Hershey.
  4. I don't see it quite as much anymore, but Norfolk, VA was always had a big smoking population. Drivers would lower their driver-side window about halfway so they could flick the ashes outside instead of using their ashtrays. Unfortunately, the cigarette butt usually ended up on the street too. You could pick out the smokers in a line of traffic with every third car that had a window halfway down.
  5. Tough one to find yourself in a photo with the car(s). Here's two: one from Saint Patrick's Day in 2004, and when I picked up the '56 Cadillac in 2005.
  6. My wife and I drove from VA Beach up to Hershey, stopping overnight near DC on I-495West. We toured the Gettysburg Civil War battlefield in the car and stayed with my brother in Carlisle until the show (blissfully driving, not thinking of the miracle that a 50 year old car was doing so well). I didn't know until we got to the show that the car developed a power steering leak...and all of the vendors had left by Saturday. My brother bandaged it up tightly, and we added fluid all of the way home. I was on edge but we made it home safely where I could order and wait 2 weeks for another P/S line to come in. It was an enjoyable ride though, driving these cars the way you are supposed to. I think the next time I'll have the wife in her car in case we run into an issue. I guess we were lucky on that trip!
  7. Here in Virginia Beach we're cancelling our September car show this year mostly because all of the venues we advertise at beforehand are getting cancelled. We go online with photos though. More to follow on that--- and we will be back in 2021 (God willing).
  8. Glad to see you guys lighten up! Beauty!! You can probably smell that car 30 minutes after it drove by!
  9. At the Tidewater Veterans' Memorial, Virginia Beach.
  10. Well done guys! I love the Corgis-Dinkys with Michelin Man!
  11. My Mom in 1956 hurrying in to her wedding from a 1956 Cadillac limousine.
  12. My mother and my brother in Philadelphia about 1958.
  13. You have to wonder what the ship and cargo were insured for? They may not want those cars back as stated earlier! There's a great story by Guy Gilpatric from the "Saturday Evening Post" stories called "Pardon the French" where a decrepit cargo steamer was over-insured and scuttled.
  14. I always use a no-cost venue like a church or private school parking lot. Make sure to greet your car owners and talk to them so they know that they are very welcome and how appreciative you are that they came! All the best!
  15. Looks like a really solid car! Congratulations!!
  16. I also use California Car Covers. Plushweave for the indoor cars, although it deteriorates after several years leaving car cover-dust all over the car. I have a station wagon I keep in the driveway and have used their outdoor stormweave product. It is lightweight, waterproof, but breathes. I use the belly strap with a rubberized clip to hold it on. I also put a small rubber soccer ball on the roof under the cover to assist in drain-off of water. These last me about 3 years with the intense sun in Virginia and heavy weather/snow.
  17. My '56 Cadillac weights 5,800 pounds...no way I'm sticking my head under there without jackstands, and chocks on the tires.
  18. For Sale in VA Beach, VA: Year: 2001 Make: Mercedes Benz Model: E320 Station Wagon. Description: Bought used in 2005, well maintained and all records go with the car. - White exterior with tan (sand) interior - 189 inches in length - Pwr Steering and brakes - Cassette AM/FM (dash cassette is out of commission), rear CD Changer - air conditioning with auto temperature - Working Sunroof and shade - Front heated seats - 3.2-liter V-6 with 221 horsepower - Hatchback style station Wagon, 4 doors - Doughnut spare with all MB tools and first aid kit - New Tires - Psgr, driver and side airbags for the front of the cockpit; side airbags in rear doors - Replaced dash main board to correct failing digital readouts - Antilock brakes, traction control and stability control - Comes with brand new (NOS) MB floor mats as well as a full set of Weather Tech floor mats for the Winter, and a new car cover. - Just replaced Hood Lift cylinder-shocks and serpentine belt tensioner and pulley. - Virginia State Inspection valid through JAN 2019 - 200k miles. Car serviced regularly. - Driver seat has some creased/cracked leather from use, finish on steering wheel cover is worn. Location: Virginia Beach, VA Price: $6,000.00 USD or best offer Contact: Mark or Patricia Monaghan, jaxops1@verizon.net, 757-471-6557
  19. Howard, Don't use Ebay for that item. It is too nice and you will likely get lowballed. I would recommend a serious auction house instead. Best of luck.
  20. This is my brother and my mother in front of our home in Philadelphia on my father's 1951 Cadillac.
  21. Bill- we'll probably see you one day on "American Pickers" except you'll send them down the road empty-handed!!!
  22. I had a similar issue after a tune-up on my 1956 Cadillac. The idle was so low that it shut off making a turn....or so I thought. I did need to goose it up just a touch but I was having a vapor-lock issue. The timing was actually off and the engine was getting very hot, so the fuel evaporated in the fuel line. Once I was on the timing marks I adjusted the idle up a hair and it seems to be okay now. Just another area to check. You would know it if your engine was running that hot though.
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