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  1. I never really had a "lemon" even though I owned an 83 AMC Concord Station Wagon. We kept good care of the car and it lasted for over 100k miles. It did however have a plastic valve cover that leaked, leaked, leaked. Alright, so it was a "lemon!" I always remember that when the Ford dealers tell me that their plastic valve covers won't warp or leak. Heh heh heh, talk about lemons! My mother must have been either cursed or it was a coincidence that GM and Ford put less and less paint on her cars, because EVERY car she owned had the paint fall off of it: 1974 Ford Maverick (lasted 5 years, junked before it rusted into the driveway) 1980 Ford Granada (lasted about 2 years and it was all primer) 1985 Oldsmobile (lasted about 4 years before there was no paint left...Mom was getting stubborn about keeping it) 1986 Oldsmobile (lasted about 3 years, and voila! no paint left!) 2000 Dodge Aspen (lasted 1 year and no paint! Then Audubon Twnship trash service contractors speared it with the forks on their truck and claimed it wasn't them despite all of the dull white paint on the forks)...she still has it with the 2 holes in the door and fender.
  2. Leave plenty of room on that list for the "new cars" that won't outlast the 6-7 year car loans! 2006 -2009 Chrysler Sebring: no visibility on the sides and rear 2006-2007 Buick Century: plastic, cheap, rides like a buckboard wagon 2006 - 2007 Ford Crown Victorias: can't get much rounder, plastic valve covers, plastic interiors, Expensive to buy, built cheap, cheap, cheap! 2006-2008 Dodge Magnum: again, no visibility, plenty of plastic! 2006-2008 Toyota Avlon: Just a pricier Camry with more legroom in the back. Buy the Camry, it's $10K cheaper with the same engine! Ford Fusion: Just like AMC, they pulled this one together off of the shelves. Cheaply built and relative inexpensive. They are generally safer, but you don't get a lot for your money if you plan to keep the car over the long haul. Many just are made to be exchanged after a few years...helps the auto makers even more, doesn't it?
  3. So say I! I am painting my 90 Mercury and my 89 Ford SW! Guess what businesses my 2 old Fords support in the economy? TAPE Paint Supplies, VA Beach, VA Sherwin Williams Paint supplies California Car Covers Ebay NAPA Advanced Auto Pep Boys Ocean Air Auto Repair Goodyear Tires MIDAS Ford original Parts Group, and others Beach Ford, VA Beach Freedom Ford, Norfolk, VA London Bridge Motor Co. JASPER transmissions Various gas stations Just to name a few.
  4. This is about as close as I can get to an ice cream truck photo. As a former-Philadelphian, we spent our summers at Ocean City, NJ. The "ice cream man" rode a 3-wheel cart-bicycle if any of you remember that.
  5. Airflow, Some folks have no problem with the electronic ignition. I tried it on my older 56 Cadillac and it wouldn't work. I decided not to attempt it on my 70 Electra as my original system works fine. I was not happy with the way the Pertronix required you to adjust the distance it spins from the distributor to get the proper gap/timing. I was unimpressed. Just my opinion. Another is I would take your valve covers off, clean them thoroughly, and repaint or powder coat them. Anyone can put on Edelbrock chromed covers, but so far, you have an original! The best of luck and..."wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?"
  6. I look at it that the folks with new(er) cars are getting an appreciation for the hobby that could result in them keeping their plastic new cars until they're brittle and antiques; or they may get into Model Ts or other older cars as they get passed to a new generation. Truth be told, the only newer cars that have any styling are the retro Dodge, Camaro, Mustang, and Corvettes. Some people may never see a $50k new car up close (you know I wouldn't). I get a laugh at new cars lined up at car shows, but cruise-ins should be for anyone. Judging new cars is like writing an editorial for Motor Trend magazine. If they aren't, don't go to that one anymore. We had this discussion about hot rods and customized cars earlier. Those folks put a lot of effort into them, and they are a great hobby for some that should have its place. We gets scores of hot rods and new Corvettes and Mustangs at our local cruise-ins. The mix of new, old, and exotic makes them fun events.
  7. I would fight it. You will feel better about it, and even if you lose, the fine may be reduced based on your testimony. I was "targeted" by a cop in Abington PA when I was in high school and later when I came home from college. As a volunteer fireman, this guy hated me because I would get fire calls mostly at night, and "horrors!" I had a blue emergency light. Apparently he harassed the Abington volunteer firemen too. After I was commissioned in the Navy, he had to find someone else to direct his hate and harassment on.
  8. Brian, Hang onto it if you can. I had my 70 Electra with me everywhere in 20 years of Navy service, and kept it under a car cover or in the garage when we actually had one. As a 2nd car we drove it pretty regularly and just kept up safety and maintenance issues while retarding and holding back the rust enough to make it through. My trunk was almost non-existent. I had it patched for many years until I was able to get a new floor put in. Also- there are a few of us "nuts" who prefer sedans to coupes. You'll see why when the kids start coming and you don't have to pull the front seat up to get them in there! Godspeed, and "Semper Fi!"
  9. Welcome Allen. You will probably get a little better mileage than expected because these cars are tuned more often and the engines and cleaned and better maintained. My 70 Buick (4800 lbs) gets about 12-14 in town and up to 17 on the highway. It depends how you drive too and how much stop-and-go there is. I try not to think about it as I fill it back up.
  10. Don't be so intimidated by the media. God, God, God! Christians have the right of free speech as well... for now anyway. I have had a crucifix on my old cars' dashboards always. Kind of a special insurance policy.
  11. We visited the Soldiers and Airmans Home in Washington, DC many years ago and it was such a wonderful visit that I still remember it today. Several of the veterans had me photograph them in the car. Their smiles and happy faces made it so very worth while.
  12. Yes. I had gasoline boiling regularly even when going around the block! [i wrapped my fuel pump and fuel lines to insulate them from the high temperatures on the engine, ad try to avoid additives other than real-lead, and gas that has ethanol] Not yet, although I am running at higher engine temperatures due to the heat of the summer and probably also the gasoline quality. Also- my 1990 Mercury went well over the 1/2 way mark on the temp guage twice last week. It has never done that before.
  13. Good job. Those trucks whizzing by make the whole car rock don't they? Glad you made it safely! Great looking Electra by the way!
  14. We're always out there for St. Patrick's Day and Veterans Day.
  15. "Oh yeah! That will buff right out..." [John Candy: "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles"]
  16. Ebay can be hit or miss with car parts. I have had to return many parts or just "eat the cost" because they really weren't for my model or were in poor condition. I am also starting to get hit with a lot of unethical people on Ebay who either leave negative feedback that Ebay won't remove or sellers that won't honor their return policies. I think the parts swap meet has a lot less variety but you have a better chance of getting what you need. I would also recommend wrecking yards/junk yards.
  17. Thanks everyone. I will check these out. My vinyl isn't white so I doubt I would try the whitewall cleaner. I appreciate everyone's inputs.
  18. How does it work on mold? My 90 Mercury gets mold on the vinyl landau top and I have had a hard time getting it off, and to stay off.
  19. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: my3buicks</div><div class="ubbcode-body">At the risk of having people jump down my throat, wouldn't many of the above idea's put you in the same boat as them? Just because they acted like azzes doesn't meen you want to stoop down and do the same.</div></div> Blast! My3buicks is right. I was laughing about parking some wrecks next to their car, but he's right. Confrontation equals more of the same. Too bad. Imagine being boxed in by wrecks every cruise that you attend. Oh well, it was funny to think about but not to actually do. Enjoy laughing at their ignorance and keep enjoying the car that brings you and your lovely wife together more.
  20. I have a brother-in-law that you could ask. I will send a private note.
  21. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Barry Wolk</div><div class="ubbcode-body">You've rekindled a 5 year old thread. In reading the entire thread I found this quote that may very well have portend the future. I've been saying this for years. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: De Soto Frank</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> The auto manufacturers are in the business of making and selling new cars...therefore, they have to be careful not to build a car so good and so durable that it ends-up hurting the market for new cars...(sorry if that sounds kind of goofy...)</div></div> You've nailed it again Barry! </div></div>
  22. - For the Buick, a variety of places: The Buick Farm (before they moved to GA), Hydro-E-Lectric (convertible parts), NAPA, CARS, Classic Buick Parts, etc. - For the Cadillac I use: Cooper's Vintage, Caddy Daddy, McVey's, D+M Restorations, Collectors Auto Supply, Cadillac King Junk Yard, and USA Parts to name a few. - For the Ford SW and Mercury I use: Big Ford Parts Store, Genuine Ford Parts, Get Crash Parts, and NAPA mostly.
  23. I just picked one up from Ebay. They pop up there every so often.
  24. I've had that happen. In Maryland once I was replacing a dented rock guard on my wagon and a vaccuum saleslady came. She wanted to come into the house, and there I was under the car with my hands dirty. I asked her to demonstrate her vaccuum on the garage carpet runner-strip...she left. We also used to get a lot of Mormons in Va Beach in our neighborhood. Unfortunately for them, they usually timed their visits for when I just returned from Church. Thus armed, I always enjoyed bantering with them for a bit and then if they wouldn't leave, I would politely tell them that I'm not interested. You have to have your guard up if you engage with them. If you're not ready, politely send 'em packing! Peter G's Youtube guy was fantastic. He was ready!