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  1. See? You can do anything with a Crown Victoria!!
  2. I don't know if any of you have been catching this show with Alonzo Bodden but it is really interesting. I tape them since they come on at odd hours (1AM here) and the recent show was about the T-Birds, Superbirds, Aero-Car, and the Chrysler Turbine Car. I wasn't aware that there were only 9 Turbine cars left, all owned by the Chrysler Museum, and Mr. Bodden got to drive it. It is mostly California based but once in a while they venture out. He doesn't get to drive all of them though. Some owners won't let him drive their valuable cars, but most do, and ride along. Enjoy it on Speed TV: 101 Cars You Must Drive
  3. I suppose "sportier" means no chrome, no whitewalls, and "classy" is out the window. Some cars would look really nice with stainless or aluminum wheelwell mouldings and thin whitewalls. I really like the red tire stripe on the picture from Leonard. It has that "Covette history" and puts some dimension into the black tire. I'm not much for tiny tires and huge chrome wheels but it depends on the car. I think that the remnant of the Crown Victoria would be a nicer car if they took some trim history from the Ford/Mercurys of the late 1980s and early 90s. It looks like a police car. They will tell you it makes the car lighter....and so do the plastic valve covers!! The new 2009 Buicks I noticed are starting to return to a classier interior. They take their cues from Mercedes and Lexus with the faux wood trim. They also have some body trim that is silver but no whitewalls yet.
  4. Congratulations! Drive it in good health! Another service stripe is added to a veteran car retained in service.
  5. I have a 1989 Crown Victoria Station Wagon which has fuel injection. It just crossed 220,000 miles. It has aso held up very well. I did have to repaint it 7 years ago but the body and interior are still in very good shape for a car my wife and kids abused daily for years. I also have a 1990 Grand Marquis that I use daily. I was considering selling it, but there are really no buyers for them anymore. After a new transmission and an expensive tuneup, I think we're keeping it until the tires fall off. It would be a great, safe car for young drivers, but even though I believe that it has style and nice lines, try convincing a teenager! The station wagons are worth more these days than the sedans, mine topping out around $3500.00. I noticed that my Grand Marquis was worth about $1500-2000 but they sell in the paper here for anywhere between $500.00 and $1500.00. If you need to sell it, do it now. Otherwise, enjoy the "Ford comfort ride." These cars float down the road!
  6. KBM, If your car is a Series 75, then the headliner would be gray wool broadcloth. Most likely it matches the rear seat. If it isn't a Series 75, do some more research before ordering anything. I used Original Auto Interiors and the product was perfect. Make sure to preserve the header bows and the attaching hardware for each side.
  7. This was a very nice show in Newport News, VA on the site of a Lee Hall mansion off of I-64 near Yorktown. A nice mix of cars.
  8. If there is any interest, I would prefer to sell this, my personal car, to a person who would take care of it. My 89 Crown Victoria needs more attention and it is time to sell this one. I am probably 10 years too late, but email me jaxops1@verizon.net if you want more information: 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis GS Color: Lt Gray (custom color) Interior: Gray Mileage: 138,700 Details: Just serviced A/C and transmission. Transmission replaced Dec 2007 with a Jasper professional car transmission. Original engine. Just inspected in Virginia, valid through JUL 2009. All service paper work available 1994 - present. The car is in very good condition. The paint on the roof and trunk is starting to thin, but the paint is sealed and waxed. Photos attached.
  9. Most of these cars of this era I would guess would be rated on or about 9-10 mpg for the city. So getting 10 mpg is about right. I get about 11 mpg in the city, but when I ran my 365 cu in up to Hershey last October and averaged 13 mpg on the highway.
  10. Your car is amazing!!! What a beauty! You definitely won't have trouble selling this one. I really enjoyed the pictures.
  11. As a suggestion, clean the car inside and out and get pictures of it from every angle, including the engine and the interior. List all of the accessories and the mileage. If there are any blemishes and dents, say so and show them as close up as you can. Do some research on Ebay, Hemmings, and ask around about the value of your car. That gives you a ballpark to work with. There are also some good sites and books to use for valuation. Edmunds. Some reputable places to advertise would be Hemmings Motor News , here on the AACA site, and the Cadillac LaSalle site. Cars and Parts Cars and Parts is another good magazine to use if you are interested. Good luck!!
  12. Mike, What a sharp looking hearse. I grew up around those cars, and really appreciate that you could save it! All the best!
  13. I like the maroon or a dark blue, not neon-blue. Just an opinion.
  14. "<span style="font-style: italic">Beep, Beep</span>" <span style="font-weight: bold">The Playmates</span>: 1958, by Claps & Cicchetti Produced by Roulette Records. Beep Beep While riding in my Cadillac, What to my surprise. A little Nash Rambler was following me - About one third my size. The guy must’ve wanted to pass me up As he kept on tooting his horn. Beep! Beep! I’ll show him that a Cadillac Is not a car to scorn. Beep beep. Beep! Beep! Beep beep. Beep! Beep! His horn went beep beep beep. Beep! Beep! [slow] I pushed my foot down to the floor To give the guy the shake. But the little Nash Rambler stayed right behind; He still had on his brake. He must have thought his car had more guts As he kept on tooting his horn. Beep! Beep! I’ll show him that a Cadillac Is not a car to scorn. Beep beep. Beep! Beep! Beep beep. Beep! Beep! His horn went beep beep beep. Beep! Beep! [Normal] My car went into passing gear And we took off with gust. Soon we were doing ninety - Must’ve left him in the dust. When I peeked in the mirror of my car, I couldn’t believe my eyes: The little Nash Rambler was right behind - I think that guy could fly. Beep beep. Beep! Beep! Beep beep. Beep! Beep! His horn went beep beep beep. [Faster] Now we’re doing a hundred and ten - This certainly was a race. For a Rambler to pass a Caddy Would be a big disgrace. The guy must’ve wanted to pass me up As he kept on tooting his horn. I’ll show him that a Cadillac Is not a car to scorn. Beep beep. Beep! Beep! Beep beep. Beep! Beep! His horn went beep beep beep. [Fastest] Now we’re doing a hundred and twenty - As fast as I could go. The Rambler pulled along side of me As if we were going slow. The fellow rolled down his window And yelled for me to hear, “Hey, Buddy, how can I get this car Out of second gear?!” Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
  15. Just to extemporate on Quadfins last comment...if you get hit in the Cadillac, you'll probably survive as opposed to being hit in a Mustang!
  16. Spoken like a true AACA member. Be judicious in when to drive it, but enjoy it. There are already plenty of couches in AACA with 100 trophies awarded and no miles on the odometer. I take my Cadillac out mostly on weekends. I've had my nieces and nephews in it and it is always a lot of fun. Once you get used to the feel of the car, you will be less apprehensive. All the best!
  17. I certainly wouldn't try to tell you what to do, but the 1961 Cadillac was a beautiful car. We had several growing up and they stood out among the others. Most collectors rave over 2 door coupes and the convertibles. Eldorados do very well with collectors as well. We in the minority prefer sedans. I saw a few of these in Hemmings Motor News for sale which may help with what they tend to go for. Hemmings It really depends on condition of the paint, body, interior, and engine/drive-train. If you decide to keep it, try to garage it and get a car cover or it. There are lots of blurbs in the forums that discuss car storage. Keep us updated if you keep the car. There's always lots of help to be found! All the best, and condolensces on the loss of your father-in-law.
  18. - 56 Cadillac Limousine: At recent local car corrals, I am sometimes asked "where do they put the body?" and "you should take care of that hole in your oil filler cap, see it smoking?" - 70 Electra Convertible: "That car isn't old, I just got rid of one I drove for 20 years!"
  19. 1) 1959 Ford Galaxie 500 sedan or Crestliner in blue and white 2) 1960 Cadillac Series 75 Limousine 3) 1962-64 Lincoln Continental 4) Rolls Royce P-III in Maroon and Sand 5) 1968 Cadillac Convertible ...and now for a garage to fit them all in!!!!!! Meanwhile, back to reality
  20. Congratulations my Buick-friend. Hopefully they will appreciate your 70 Electra in Michigan! All the best,
  21. Another version is: "Mann denkt und Gott lacht!" (Man thinks, and God laughs)
  22. I always preferred sedans. The body is in better proportion. The only reason to have a 2-door is when you have no one riding in the back or it is a convertible! As usual I am out-of-step with the rest of the world.
  23. Good job again there Jaxops. You did a good job. Hold all the emails and input, I have it fixed now! Jaxops
  24. Well it looks like I may be off one tooth on the distributor, so I will run the gambit again.
  25. Has anyone every had the dwell and rpms change all by themselves? I replaced the distributor but the condition still exists. Car: 56 Cadillac, 365 Cu 4bbl Rochester Dwell: should be 26-28 normally. I get it to 25 and that's it. Then it shifts down to 22. Once the car warms up it won't go above 24 dwell. RPMs: I shoot for 700-800 in idle and 4-500 in drive. This seems more stable now and has dropped only to about 400 even. I have replaced the distributor, replaced the points and condensor, replaced the plugs and wires, the cap, and rotor. All seem to check out. Any suggestions?