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  1. You have to wonder what the ship and cargo were insured for? They may not want those cars back as stated earlier! There's a great story by Guy Gilpatric from the "Saturday Evening Post" stories called "Pardon the French" where a decrepit cargo steamer was over-insured and scuttled.
  2. I always use a no-cost venue like a church or private school parking lot. Make sure to greet your car owners and talk to them so they know that they are very welcome and how appreciative you are that they came! All the best!
  3. Looks like a really solid car! Congratulations!!
  4. I also use California Car Covers. Plushweave for the indoor cars, although it deteriorates after several years leaving car cover-dust all over the car. I have a station wagon I keep in the driveway and have used their outdoor stormweave product. It is lightweight, waterproof, but breathes. I use the belly strap with a rubberized clip to hold it on. I also put a small rubber soccer ball on the roof under the cover to assist in drain-off of water. These last me about 3 years with the intense sun in Virginia and heavy weather/snow.
  5. My '56 Cadillac weights 5,800 pounds...no way I'm sticking my head under there without jackstands, and chocks on the tires.
  6. For Sale in VA Beach, VA: Year: 2001 Make: Mercedes Benz Model: E320 Station Wagon. Description: Bought used in 2005, well maintained and all records go with the car. - White exterior with tan (sand) interior - 189 inches in length - Pwr Steering and brakes - Cassette AM/FM (dash cassette is out of commission), rear CD Changer - air conditioning with auto temperature - Working Sunroof and shade - Front heated seats - 3.2-liter V-6 with 221 horsepower - Hatchback style station Wagon, 4 doors - Doughnut spare with all MB tools and first aid kit - New Tires - Psgr, driver and side airbags for the front of the cockpit; side airbags in rear doors - Replaced dash main board to correct failing digital readouts - Antilock brakes, traction control and stability control - Comes with brand new (NOS) MB floor mats as well as a full set of Weather Tech floor mats for the Winter, and a new car cover. - Just replaced Hood Lift cylinder-shocks and serpentine belt tensioner and pulley. - Virginia State Inspection valid through JAN 2019 - 200k miles. Car serviced regularly. - Driver seat has some creased/cracked leather from use, finish on steering wheel cover is worn. Location: Virginia Beach, VA Price: $6,000.00 USD or best offer Contact: Mark or Patricia Monaghan, jaxops1@verizon.net, 757-471-6557
  7. Howard, Don't use Ebay for that item. It is too nice and you will likely get lowballed. I would recommend a serious auction house instead. Best of luck.
  8. This is my brother and my mother in front of our home in Philadelphia on my father's 1951 Cadillac.
  9. Bill- we'll probably see you one day on "American Pickers" except you'll send them down the road empty-handed!!!
  10. jaxops

    stalling in turns

    I had a similar issue after a tune-up on my 1956 Cadillac. The idle was so low that it shut off making a turn....or so I thought. I did need to goose it up just a touch but I was having a vapor-lock issue. The timing was actually off and the engine was getting very hot, so the fuel evaporated in the fuel line. Once I was on the timing marks I adjusted the idle up a hair and it seems to be okay now. Just another area to check. You would know it if your engine was running that hot though.
  11. I have had 4 fuel relays installed in my 1997 Lincoln Town Car since Thanksgiving. This last one was epic...I was stranded last week on Route 1 just south of Dover Air Force Base. I couldn't "reset" the relay as it had melted to the module (not a good sign at all). Although it was a fairly common part, it wasn't available in Dover and it was Saturday at 5PM, so I was towed to Philadelphia to my Aunt's mechanic who put a new relay in the next morning. Unfortunately, there is a short or ground problem causing an electric surge that had melted relay #3 near Dover, so the real problem is being investigated. An expensive tow, and a lesson in "modern" electronics. Something to be said for a direct-drive fuel pump! (Blasted "modern" cars:mad:) So if you have a relay burn out- check for grounds down the wire loom and power sources. A replacement relay may not be the solution!
  12. Come and join us in Virginia Beach Sept. 6th 2014 for our 4th annual car show. Here is the flyer and registration link: http://jaxops1.tripod.com/AOH_Carshow.html
  13. I have 2 very nice driver-quality 69-70 Electra wheelcovers for sale, $25 each, Paypal or personal check. Please add $10 for shipping in CONUS, or local pickup. Mark Monaghan Virginia Beach, VA AACA, ASWOA, CLC
  14. Alex, I can empathize completely. As was suggested in an earlier reply, size them, up and if they don't want to share and warm up to you, move along! Keep looking and you will find the right folks to talk to. Sometimes you don't need to be in a club to enjoy it, and sometimes it's the right kind of folks and you can have a lot of fun. I love old limousines, hearses, ambulances, and sedans (horrors! Not the coupes??) Keep charging! Slainte (Cheers!)
  15. Come to Virginia Beach and join us in supporting the Saint Patrick Division Ancient Order of Hibernians charities at our 3rd Annual Car Show (all makes and models). Link for more information and registration: AOH 3rd Annual Car Show