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  1. Hmmm. Lots of folks looked, but no one had replied, so figured there was no interest. Thanks for asking. Ben, It is complex. First, there is no trans problem. This is normal power train-drive train behavior on this car. Indeed, as counterintuitive as it may seem, the input shaft does briefly speed up - just before being abruptly halted, since the car is stopped for the shift. It is a real-time race condition playing out inside the different computers. Multiple events are playing out in parallel, very fast.
  2. Would you please see this post? https://forums.aaca.org/topic/342910-at-input-shaft-rpms-higher-than-engines-rpms-why/
  3. Any transmission specialists on the forum? Why does the TC housing/impeller and Engine speed (and turbine and input shaft) on these cars briefly gain speed when transitioning from gear-uncoupled in P (transmission in neutral) to gear-coupled in D - when at a stop? The turbine/input shaft on these trannies are turning in P, and halted once in D (due to the car being at a stop). So, the rotating turbine/input shaft are transitioning from clutch-/gear-uncoupled (no gears nor clutches engaged, no loading on the turbine/input shaft) in P … to clutch-/gear-coupl
  4. Elantra '96. The two simultaneous signals are the live shift controls. They are in C. And, yet, when creeping, the pulse gen ratios align with 1st gear's spec ratio. misterc9 do you have insight on these early Hyundai ATs? Can you explain what's happening in the trans when it's in creep?
  5. When shifting from P to D, why do the AT's input shaft RPMs briefly invert higher than the Engine's RPMs, before settling to 0? This is for an early gen Hyundai electronically-controlled 4-sp AT being AACA restored.
  6. SM states C is in 2nd gear.Yet, KD switch remains closed …. and …. gear ratio matches 1st's.Why is the ratio not 2nd's?
  7. This is a non-starter in this case, being an air filter assy. (It is a special air filter.)
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