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  1. Manual, no bends, driver appearance. You pay shipping Thanks
  2. PWB

    Best Rebuild Kit

    Fantastic info guys. Over time I've forgotten more than I've learned! A lot of - ooops I knew better. I'll use all this good advice and keep you all posted. May take a few days as I don't have every tool in the world. I was spoiled in the military by free use of the auto hobby shop. I miss that! (Ran out and bought my first compressor yesterday) When shes fixed I plan on swapping for a boat tail. Their prices are getting ridiculous, however. 😑 Paul
  3. Tilt for floor shift models. This is for a Riviera. I'm betting it fits other models. Spring and bearing feel tight. $300. central Florida
  4. PWB

    Best Rebuild Kit

    Best way to check that is to get #1 to TDC compression stroke and relate to 0’ correct? (before tear down) Thanks
  5. PWB

    Best Rebuild Kit

    I dont know yet. She started running intermittently rough a year ago and I just dismissed it as cheap gas and / or water in the tank. All of the sudden she sputters and backfires on attempts at starts. I checked everything outside the engine at least 3 times. I got good spark. Changed and rebuilt the new carb twice. Changed the coil and points just to be sure. Triple checked all the wires for chaffing or breaks. The vacuum advance works fine. Cant find any vacuum hose breaks. Replaced the fuel hoses. Got fuel jetting nice on both sides. Plugs are like new. The distributor cap was at #1 terminal with balance at 0'. (I never messed with turning the distributor since I owned the car) I drained the fuel tank and borescoped - not a speck of dirt. I drained the oil pan and borescoped - no plastic teeth or chunks of metal. Next I need to do a compression / leak down test. ---- when my aching back heals! Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks all Keep on MOTORING 🧐
  6. PWB

    Best Rebuild Kit

    Oh so sorry The engine. Thank you
  7. So it looks like I'm going to end up rebuilding my motor. Does anyone recommend a best rebuild kit or piece-meal of sources? ('67) $ no issue. She gets the best. Thanks! Paul
  8. Post up some pics when you get time please. 🤪
  9. That’s incredible. So tell us where you found these gems. Congratulations !
  10. Oh ok You mean pull the whole distributor? That may be easier than pulling all the plugs, manually cranking and trying to find 1TDC. I don’t have a second mechanic to help. I have a good borescope. What do I look for exactly inside? Thanks
  11. Hello Would you tell how you safely broke loose your balancer nut with motor installed? Thanks Paul
  12. Well I’m guessing it’s happened to me. All of the sudden my car is having a terrible time trying to start. I swapped the gasoline, fuel hoses and carb. Borescoped the fuel tank and not a spec of dirt. All the electrics seem ok. Replaced coil, points and alternator anyway. I get good spark and plenty fuel pressure. The motor turns with no clankity weird noises when I disconnect coil. Spark plugs look new. I never ever loosened the distributor and assume it never was. Vacuum advance works fine. I could only guess the chain has jumped? ugh 😩
  13. I have the original style '67 Voltage Regulator. Can these be intermittent in performance and / or cause rough starts? Are the new (AC Delco) style replacements any good? Thanks
  14. Curious as to the cost? Couldn't hurt to do a mix with local 92 Octane?
  15. Thar she blows....
  16. My blown base gasket had provided a mighty wind. 🤴 .
  17. Has no one reproduced the '73 bumper strips yet? Thanks
  18. Thanks all. The cat-pee ethanol has a LBP than gasoline. And it is hot as hell here. My base fiber gasket was blown. You have to put a special hi-temp base gasket. Fel-Pro 60043 I took a piece of my old gasket, put a lite on it and it burned up. So did the new one in the carb re-build kit. What junk. Time to ditch my ratty, tuned down A.I.R. carb anyway. The corvette guys also have it figured out by completely insulating and sealing: https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c1-and-c2-corvettes/1978466-q-jet-carb-base-gasket-tech-info-the-hot-slot-manifold-problem.html I'll set the A.I.R. aside and put this gem in:
  19. Thats EXACTLY whats happening to my car in this Florida heat. The channels were made for colder climates cold starts, right? So ditch the shield and install the gasket without the holes - should do well here?
  20. Stupid question? My '67 has been running rough and stalled on me out of the blue. I tore down the carb. to troubleshoot. Does the heat shield (or heat conductor - I forget) get a gasket on both sides? If not, which side gets the gasket? Thanks much.
  21. So, if the points visually appear good - and open and close properly like new - they should be ok?
  22. What happens to the points? Resistance changes? They get fused? Melt? Thanks
  23. Whats the potential/real damage for leaving the ignition switch on a '67? I've heard destroyed points, coil and condensers if points are closed. True?
  24. Previous posts here have highly praised the ones produced by Alma. But they are on back order due to the pandemic. You must get them thru retailers such as this one by me: 3611 NW 27th Ave Ocala, FL 34475 352-509-3281
  25. Greetings Replacing the compressor in my '67. I don't know if my old one is original. Would someone please tell me the specific '67 part # so I can find and match the correct decal? The internet shows many decal variants for '67. Thanks so much.
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