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  1. My replacement NOS grill came crated. Too easy to crack without support. You don’t want to see those belts at the shipping hubs and they literally throw them in the trucks by hand but occasionally get dropped Seasonal help during holidays ugh
  2. No sir I sold the seats to a cat in Texas - is putting them in a Catalina. Gave the upholstery to Mr. Reed. My back can’t handle that monster powered up Strato
  3. They found a home. Thanks all Any one interested in my console on ebay? I'll give big discount to ROA members. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Buick-Riviera-Floor-Shift-Console-1966-1969/174275213753?hash=item28939cb9b9:g:8f8AAOSwLrletHnu Happy Thanksgiving
  4. Thanks Gonna trash them soon....
  5. (Rear) Cigarette lighter for Strato-Bench option
  6. Curious what wears out on the switch? Spring?
  7. Mr. Ricky First you have to pop off the horizontal chrome strip depicted in the image. Tape everything up to prevent scratches. Use a plastic spatula to pry it out. It may spring out. The upper valance screws are now revealed. Then you remove all the metal valances (at the knees), ash tray assembly then center A/C louvre and duct. Disconnect wiring /antenna. Remove the radio knobs and nuts. Then you have a metal support bracket under the radio (if it wasn't lost). Support radio at same time or you'll crack the plastic bezel and / or scratch the clear instrumentation lens. Take your time. Good time to strip the valances and ash tray door - re-paint.
  8. '85 T-Type https://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-Buick-Riviera-T-Type-Turbo/184522430698?hash=item2af664d8ea:g:0hcAAOSw7AhfpB4Y Firemist? Seems way too Burgundy! 😆
  9. '85 with only 66K on the odometer. Sure seems legit. Only $7250. If it didn't have the white top I would love it. Wow https://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-Buick-Riviera/124399025084?hash=item1cf6c27bbc:g:Rt0AAOSw92hfkDk3
  10. I’m not sure it’s a ‘67. He has a uniquely cast center cap I’ve never seen before on any GM similar cover. And the medallion is of smaller diameter. Very interesting.
  11. Well they were definitely an option in ‘67 and were so popular they spread to Caprices, Camaros and Corvettes. Their 3D effect seen in person can not be matched via 2D photography. Seven pounds each of the balance weighted sculptures didn’t appeal to some pound saving “mag” fans. Add another pound with an added spinner and more vertigo. Ah - shall beauty over function prevail?
  12. There’s a guy here in Ocala with an early ‘67 with a ‘66 horn bar. Original? Also he hasn’t run it in over a decade. He owns a collision shop and tons of fine antique cars just collecting dirt. Im gonna try to get it one day! It’s metallic red with white buckets.
  13. PWB

    Oil Issues

    I’m afraid that part number is for a switch and works only for oil low warning lamps. The oil pressure “sensor” is not reproduced that I know of. My needle always read a little high. Monitor your oil level and you should be fine.
  14. Wait a minute - I wrongly assumed it to be a second gen. Sorry
  15. Have you removed the lamp access cover then tried to grip and hold the tumbler sleeve from rotating? You might need a third hand.
  16. Some are unavailable especially with original fastener hole locations.
  17. Hey there Would you please tell again where you got your beautiful tires? Thanks Paul
  18. Got a friend who needs a couple Riviera relays repaired or at least internally looked at. Willing to pay for help. Please let me know Thanks Paul
  19. Try U-Ship. (Website) Transporters bid for your job. The longer you can wait the cheaper the cost. Personally, I'd put them in a PVC tube. Dont trust card board.
  20. Dump Louie and go with Dewey. He had mine with new cadmium put on. While at it we did my hood latch as well. I advise send anything you want metal "etched" and get it all done at once. Kudos
  21. Definitely a poser. Paint overspray in the wheel house. Trunk paint out of the can nilly willy all over the place. Crooked GS badges. The console wood appears to have two layers of wood? I'll sell ya mine. What a flipper. You can look in the fender wells for the drill burrs with a borescope. Run Luke, run!
  22. I took your advice and opened up the relay at the fire wall which was not clicking. Appeared all good in there. The coil passed a continuity test. All other terminals passed. Put her back together and re "brazed" the case. So I then I wacked the AUX relay case a few times. She sputtered and clicked. Cycled once and now works great. Thank goodness because apparently that AUX relay is unobtainium. Thanks all.
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