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  1. I use POR-15. It lays good with no brush strokes and the color is (i think) spot on. Just follow the directions, clean and degrease real good and apply it with a foam brush. And as with all POR-15 wear rubber gloves or you will wear it for a few weeks.
  2. Probably won’t be 20 probably around 10 to 13. I’ve had some people do a walk around with there phone with FaceTime..that way tell them look there, look at that, it helps a lot. I guess when it comes to the money part just trust my gut. Appreciate the input though.
  3. I am car shopping now and it seems nothing is close to me. How do you purchase a car from an individual out of state hundred of miles away? With smart phones now you can do a walk around and discuss things but still I’m not wiring 20k to someone I don’t really know with no way to track it. Do shippers get involved with the money exchange ( seems like a liability they would not want ) or is there a broker. Never done it before, I was always able to find something close. Thanks
  4. I used the POR 15 on my engine. My engine was in original condition when I got it. Just well used but ran great, so I just wanted to spruce it up a bit, but one thing led to another and I went further than I planned on. It was ( well while I have that off I should clean this or replace that ) just snowballed. Removed accessories and as much from motor as possible, then cleaned and degreased, degreased, and then degreased. Applied the paint with a foam brush, it really lays down good, no brush strokes at all, even on the valve covers. first two are before. The flash makes it look a little lighter.
  5. Just thought I'd close the book on my problem. after fiddling with things, got a good ground and ended up bending the float on the new unit to match the old one (Bob). Still off a little bit, but in a good way, it reads lower than it is. So, at empty I have a few gallons left. thanks for all the input.
  6. Saw this coming through Alabama a few weeks ago. 63 or 4 Did not see a salvage yard or anything just a few what looked like garages. There was some woods way off the road beyond so, never know. (Was not climbing the fence in Alabama to see) Looked like the poor old girl had been up there a while. set of road wheels? Joey
  7. I have narrowed it down to somewhere on the tank. Either a ground or the sending unit itself. I have, I think, a pretty good ground. the one I purchased said it was for a 65, but if it wasn't how would it read if anything? Also this one is stainless, would that affect the operation of the unit? I recall someone saying on here about someone who rebuilds original units but could not find anyone in the Riview. Does anyone know of someone in case I go that route? thanks, Joey
  8. Good job Chris. did you use your glass you removed or new glass? If you reused, was yours in decent shape and how did you clean it? I'll probably be doing this soon and my glass is sound but just looks old, especially when the sun hits it ( spider webs in glass ). I would like to polish mine with something if it would work. I've seen stuff from Eastwood about polishing, I have no chips or deep scratches just a little hazy. Also, what tool did you use to remove your trim? thanks, Joey
  9. How was you adjusting done? Did you bend a little put it all back together, check it, take it apart again, bend a little more? wow. I guess I need to fill it uo to see how much I'm off then go from there. thanks Bob
  10. yeah, i thought that too Ed. It was bought as a 65 unit. like I said a few other people on here bought them and they worked fine. The thing that stumps me is the unplugging of the gauge and it goes to full. I am hoping for a fix that I don't have to drop the tank again, but it's not looking that way. thanks Ed
  11. Hello fellas, have a problem with my gauge accuracy. A few years ago I replaced my sending unit because gauge was not reading correctly, gauge was showing less than what was in tank,(checked gauge by grounding it and it worked). Unit was original too and it showed when I removed it. Anyway did not drive much last year so it wasn't an issue, but hopefully this year is different. I bought a unit off e-bay that some others on hear had bought and said worked. when I installed it I also put an extra ground on it. put ten gallons in and reads just above E, if I disconnect the ground it changes nothing. If I disconnect the hot wire (yellow) gauge goes to full. I don't think it's the unit i'm thinking my hot wire is grounding out somewhere along the line. I don't want to put more gas in it to see what it does if I just have to take it out to drop the tank again. when I had the tank out everything got cleaned and painted thats why I put an extra ground on it. Is there an adjustment on those units? I just dropped mine in. Any help is appreciated. thanks Joey
  12. Pretty cool, I'm getting ready to do the same thing. I was going to do something more labor intensive but, not now, I like your deal. I saw your other post, are the body mounts you used here the same (66-67 chevelle) as there? thanks Joey
  13. I don't know where you are located but, I have a 65 for sale. Do a search on this forum " 65 for sale " to see the details. Don't know what you are looking for but check it out.
  14. Got them working. Not really sure, I cleaned everything real good, replaced the bulbs and rewrapped the wires I cut to remove the trailer plug. I think my wrap job wasn't insulating enough. Plus I don't think the lights have been removed for ages. Thanks for all the input as always.
  15. Thanks Ed, Yeah this is my 65. I removed the bumper to get the angle off. while off I removed the lights and lenses to clean them. Put them back and I have brake lights (with key on is this right) but no tails. Replaced bulbs today to start fresh.I guess the ground I removed was not a Buick ground but someone might have done it to remedy this problem. Can I ground a wire that goes to all lights or does it have to be each one? thanks