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  1. I have heard of a usage tax. They track your mileage at registration renewal. Makes your joyride a little more costly. Why not, just one more way to track people and sell that info so we get more unwanted solicitations. But hey, they know what's good for us and, its for the good of the people comrad.
  2. TA-DA. easy fix, thanks to all. Appreciate all the help. Thanks, Joey
  3. obviously been doing this for some time, incredible. I'm curious what do you do with all the screws and fasteners? There are so many different ones. How many 55 gallon drumfulls do you have? Screws, nuts and fasteners oh my!
  4. ok, good. they are in jersey, probably not open now huh? but good to know its not an uncommon part. thanks
  5. Thanks fellas. When it was running I believe I did hear a leak. Guess I just pry it out and replace with new. Thanks again for the help. Joey
  6. I am in the process of detailing, refurbishing, restoring, reviving and when i removed my intake I found this on the underneath of it. Its in the center of the runners underneath, almost looks like a freeze plug. Obviously rusted through, don't know what this is, was wondering if this goes into intake to cause a vacuum leak. Did not want to pick at it until I had a clue as to what it is. Haven't ran the car much since I've had it, I bought it to revive it, so I don't really know how good or bad it performs. any info would be great, Thanks Joey
  7. Ok, just got around to dropping pan. In the service manual it says basically remove plug after unplugging it, pretty vague. Do you compress the plastic clips inside and slide out? Again, don't want to force anything. any suggestions how to do this? Had a pair of needle nose on there but was afraid to squeeze too tight if that wasn't it. Thanks, Joey
  8. ok good. I guess with 50 years it doesn't take much, i didn't twist too much but... thanks, glad I can access from the pan. Thanks again, Joey
  9. so, back to my plug. now i have fluid leak since i unplugged. what did i do? break the internal plug? has to be plug, was not leaking before. Can I remove the female plug to replace, if so?
  10. I will do that. So I guess the rubber is stuck to the plug in the trans and that is what is turning a bit? Can I try to pry a little on the edge of the plug with a screwdriver to break the seal of the plug?
  11. Hey all, I'm doing a light resto on my 65 but not removing drivetrain, just refreshing things. So expect other inquiries. Went to unplug it from trans and can't get it off. Don't want to force it if there is a certain way. It does turn a little, should it turn and pull off? Or just pull off with some encouragement? I can get some good leverage by grabbing it with some spark plug boot pliers. Just need to know if I should pry and pull? thanks Joey
  12. Ok, that sounds like a plan. So it sounds like I will still have to adjust both inner and outer to get things straight but just don't have to remove anything. I can deal with that, but it sounds like it will be a two person job, that combo can't be light? It just looks like it would be so much cleaner to take all this apart and paint it and reinstall. (plus repairing battery tray) Thanks for clearing this up. Joey
  13. Greetings all, have a dilemma. Recently purchased a 65 that was someone else's project. Mostly original but they started redoing things with no real direction. So I've decided to redo as much as I can without doing a frame offend sort things out. Not a show car just a nice driver. It will be driven but just want to clean things up really good. My question is, I have all of the sheet metal off the front end down to the inner fenders and radiator support. Was wondering how far to go down this rabbit hole. Are the inner fenders adjustable? If I remove them is there adjustments, alignments i need to do when i put them back on? May just leave them on if so because putting everything back together and aligning inner and outer fender, hood sounds like a real pain. Getting things back together and finding I need to realign the inner fender and take things back apart.... ugh. Short question, are the inner fenders just bolt off bolt on? Thanks Joey
  14. I use POR-15. It lays good with no brush strokes and the color is (i think) spot on. Just follow the directions, clean and degrease real good and apply it with a foam brush. And as with all POR-15 wear rubber gloves or you will wear it for a few weeks.