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  1. Gene at AB&G has all kinds of sheet metal. I got a hood from him last year for my 65. I don't remember what I pain cause I got a lot of other stuff. He's located in Pennsylvania, a little drive up the coast for ya. Those hoods are heavy and big and shipping would probably be more than the hood the way shipping costs are now. If you talk to him he will really encourage you to come and see it rather than ship. He's a great guy, very reasonable with prices and very knowledgeable too. Only thing is you will leave with more than what you came for. At least I did. Could not separate need from want. Good luck, Joey
  2. New Grand Tour coming July 30 on Amazon Prime, it's called Lochdown. The boys, Clarkson, May, and Hammond go for a tour of Scotland driving a Lincoln, a Coupe de ville and a boat tail Riviera. There is a two minute preview on YouTube of it and it looks like the shows they used to do on BBC. For anyone that knows them this looks hilarious. Looks like they are in top form. And anyone that doesn't, watch this and enjoy. Not another car show like it. Especially when they were Top Gear. Other hosts have tried to do Top Gear but these guys are the originals. Watch the older politically incorrect ones, hilarious. Joey
  3. Yep, got mine Wed 28
  4. It was hooked up on my car, i just didn't want to leave it. It was spliced into the wires under the dash and mounted left of the steering column. It has the ends that pierce the wires and slide the rubber boot over it. Did not pay attention were the wires went because i wasn't going to use it in there.
  5. sorry Philip, i'm hanging on to this one. I did see a few on eBay though. there are different model numbers, not sure if that matters. there is one of these (no. 127) on there for $75 and I think he ships worldwide. The challenge would be the wiring. what wire goes where. Joey
  6. Had one in my 65 but, what I thought was strange is four of the six wires are red. Hmm. Did not work though, the flasher relay on the end was missing.
  7. Gene is his website. Just click on his avatar and message him, he'll get back to ya with the info.
  8. I'm getting ready to tackle the rear suspension on my 65 and had a few questions. Replacing bushes, springs, body mounts, shocks and while I'm there clean and paint everything. Got a few questions to anyone that has done this before. Mainly is where to put the jack stands? Manual says support the frame, but won't that leave no support for the rear end when I remove the control arms except the shocks? I thought stands under the rear end and under the frame towards the rear a little higher with just enough pressure. Then when I drop the arm with a jack everything is supported and the arm can swing away. Also support for when I remove the panhard bar. And is the rear spring a possible missile like the front? Do I need to chain it down as i lower the arm? Is there a certain order to remove this stuff? Have already done the front, the rear looks a little easier. I'm open to any and all tips or tricks as this is my first time around with this. also are there any measurements or angles I should be aware of or is there no adjustments needed to the angle if I unbolt everything? Can someone let me know if i'm thinking about this correctly. I know I forgot some things. Thanks Joey
  9. I think this is the way to try. All wiring inside is intact, the harnesses from the firewall in the engine compartment are unplugged. I'll look for the breaker, is it the only one in there?
  10. I'm in the process of putting my 65 back together. It was someone else's project I bought. I need to lower the windows to put the new weather stripping on but, wiring is out of it. Only unplugged not cut up. I plugged in top wiring harness and tried connecting red wire that goes to the horn relay (i figured that's where the hot wire connects so..) to + on battery ,grounded battery. Nothing. There has got to be a way to do this. What part of the harness do I need to power up? Also plugged in driver window switch and rear switches to possibly make a circuit. Does this make sense the way I explained it? If someone knows which prong to jump to on the switch, would that work. thanks Joey
  11. I feel your pain. but, I took mine apart myself and took lots of pics and tagged and bagged everything. I thought about offering pics but you wouldn't know what you are looking at because they are close ups and unless you know what your looking at... It can be done, Ive talked to people that have brought cars home with totes full of parts. Its a challenge but think about the accomplishment when your done. Stand back and say "I built this". Wealth of knowledge on here if you get stuck. Good luck, you must be somewhat mechanical or you wouldn't have gotten the car so, go get em. Joey
  12. Was looking for some parts recently for my 65. Did some searching and Gene at AB&G kept popping up so, gave him a call. He said he had whatever I needed and then some. He is in Pennsylvania, I'm in Kentucky (he said he wouldn't hold that against me). That's where I got the car so, road trip again. 10 or so hours later we made it (wife and I). First thing he asked did you eat? and fixed us sandwiches. Can't say enough good things about Gene, he was great and he did have everything I needed and then some at a great price. I don't think there are enough cars out there to use all the parts he has. It was really overwhelming. I told him my problem is my line between want and need can get rather blurry. So we loaded the pickup with parts. And besides the parts he was great to talk to about these cars. I haven't been messing with these cars as long as some around here (about 10 years) so his knowledge was welcome. I think he said he's been gathering parts for over 30 years, and it shows. So, if anyone needs parts (anything) give him a shout. If nothing else you might learn something. Thanks again Gene, Joey
  13. Hmm, I did not get my nuts with last rebuild.
  14. Prices are on the website. differs according to what you have and finish you want.
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