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  1. I'll bet a SPAX pan head would be a good fastener for a more permanent affix. With a fender washer and nylon spacer under the head. Drill a pilot hole in the backside of the rubber - the same diameter as the screw minor diameter. This permits the screw without bulging the strip. A dab of petrolatum to ease the cut. Makes me want a boat tail again! Who wants to trade?
  2. Road Shark, Please share your part source? I gotta do the same some day. Thanks
  3. An original radiator has a cold fill stamp level about 5 inches below the full neck. This space is allotted for the thermal expansion of the coolant. The bottles were added later once the environmentalists caught the overfilled poison being dumped on the public roads.
  4. Curious - Is anyone using lead or lead-like additives to their late '60's engines? Specifically post Nail Head era?
  5. Geez I thought I did that. And it’s been sitting for a month put together with fluid before I cranked her up today. How many cycles of wheel turn must I go through? I ve done several Thanks
  6. OK - so I removed my perfectly functional '67 steering pump to re-paint it. Two hoses, nuts and bolts. Simple - right? The two hoses cant be mixed as one is flanged / nut and the other friction fit with clamp. Put her back on, fill 'er up to the fill line and now she sprays oil out of the cap (intermittently) like a geyser. What the heck???? Death to the perfectionist. Thanks and happy new year.
  7. PWB

    A new era!

    2020 ushers in the '70's Generation into the half century old collectible market. Hemmings predicted the '70's cars would gain value: https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2019/12/31/five-collector-car-hobby-predictions-for-2020-plus-a-few-extras/ Congrats to all us '70's owners and good luck to would be owners! Bring it on - 2020! Not mine but check this sweetie -
  8. Man - if that car was local. Never thought I'd like the rear lens bezels blacked out but for some reason they look like they belong on this combo. Bumper tucked a bit also? This looks like a EXACT copy of a car that was for sale 3 years ago up by Illinois. I called that owner but I just couldnt trust the paint ( and road salt) history. Same mirrors too! Car was HALF the price, then.
  9. Scale Auto has an interesting rap about it: http://cs.scaleautomag.com/sca/general_discussion/f/3/t/56120.aspx Happy New Year all
  10. Pittsburgh steel for a high rise, a posi rear, glass and... the wheel covers!!
  11. Three Musketeers. It’s almost ironic that those wheel covers survive the condition of the car. I love it. The lot is worthy of a hi-res photo shoot! Anyone local?
  12. Oh my gosh! Too cold up there and too hot down under. Think I'll wake up sleeping beauty and see how her new gaskets hold in this cold 60' F, here in Florida.
  13. Simply buying new base grade mufflers will make a stock system louder because the quality is so much less than original equipment. Will save you a bunch of cash if you just wanted it a bit louder. Deleting resonators makes it even noisier.
  14. I got my matchbook from Pennsylvania but haven't found a Riviera yet. Please let me know if anyone wants to sell one. Red and green for the season. Thanks and happy holidays!
  15. Wow - no center fastener. I have a GS air cleaner with A.I.R. (No breather cap as the snorkel vents to cleaner) Should a '67 be with out center fastener? The "AC" must be for Albert Champion before the '74 merger? I believe AC designed the '67 GS cleaner/silencer but that phase probably happened in '66? Thanks!
  16. Heres an image of mine. Only the GS option came with the band to keep insulation clear of the air cleaner/silencer. But thats only part of the whole GS option. Values vary widely depending on condition, colors, originality, mileage or if its a clone. Accurate clones with original parts seem to help values on other muscle cars. A totally rust free GS car can range between 10,000 to 100,000 clams based on what I've seen.
  17. Maybe we can liven things up here. How about a "What the Heck" thread? A "survivor". "Switch pitch trans re-wired to brake switch". WTH? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1967-Buick-Riviera/293346351477
  18. Thought you guys might get a kick out of this: I pulled off my fuel pump to finish its half way painted self from the factory. Two easy bolts. Time to update the original fuel hoses also. Then found out I could see just about all of my timing chain with a borescope. Heck I could even pull on the chain with my finger to not find any slop. I'm assuming its original and it sure goes to prove the years alone don't cause these plastic models to crack up.
  19. The lower and upper Strato frames are the same for Buick, Pontiac, Olds and Chevy. Just the legs change. ‘66 thru ‘72. Of course the release and tilt mechanisms change but can be swapped to any year. Headrests can be added or left off. You try Tim in California? Elco1979@Yahoo.com Gonna cost $$$
  20. Odd - a bid battle 4 days before end? For a bench seat car? Hmmmmm 🤔
  21. A 1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer took the prize. Outlandish
  22. Either way - you pay the price of high maintenance for the most beautiful! I recall there being a few shops rebuilding most of the Jag "modules" on the cheap. You see this 1967 GS up for sale? Bid at 20G already. Oh my...! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1967-Buick-Riviera-GS/254419331406?hash=item3b3c92e94e:g:nPIAAOSwru1dyaqt Shes missing the hood insulation band over the air cleaner. How did that get lost???
  23. The face appearance is close to stock. If they use less power then its a drivers positive. Sure look much better than the LED version.
  24. A term also used by pricey Stanton Turn Tables back from the record spinning days. It appears that model is posing after quite a gyro spin herself. I've re-started my album collection again. Have about 40 LP's now.
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