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  1. Greetings Please help. I'm looking for the part # for the '67 headlamp motor relay. Not the auxiliary relay. No I.D. on the old one. Got this unique insulator. Thanks much
  2. I forget - does a '73 have a 5X5 lug pattern? This is 15X6 with 5/5" lug pattern. Will it fit? Thank you
  3. I have a set of powered bucket cores from a '66. I also have a re-chromed power switch and the plastic aprons. PM me if seriously interested. Thanks
  4. Full black set. From Distinctive industries. I never fully installed them. Very nice set. Just as good - if not better than original. PM if you or someone you know is interested. Thanks Now free. You pay shipping. Thanks
  5. WOW what a color combo! This is a steal if zero rust. https://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/cto/d/dunedin-1963-buick-riviera-custom-build/7167111434.html (Not mine)
  6. If you can accept used parts try Tim at elco1979@yahoo.com You can use Plast X polish then a permanent silver fine point paint pen to bring them back - if not cracked. Then brush on a clear poly over the silver if you want it to last. Also, I’m pretty sure the Electras share the same ring to swap.
  7. Now that’s livin’ Cruising a Riviera OR an Indian in a Pennsylvania Summer. I got a pic of my grand dad in his Navy Uniform on an Indian circa WWII. Awesome!
  8. Wow I didn’t believe it could get this bad. I just got my Echlin version today - made in another country. But I will try Thorcap next. I could only find the condenser rating in my trusty old Texaco service cheat sheet stating it to be .18 to .23 mfd. Hope it’s right! Thanks all. Happy motoring PS: sure would like to see a pic of that Indian!
  9. Simply awesome. So who sold the correct front springs? Kudos to them as well. Floor shift? Thanks for the pics!
  10. I cant believe it doesn't blow at 7 in this heat. What are you running - full time electric fans? 16 lbs should suffice.
  11. Just my opinion: If you can find a good set of the deluxe covers it would look fantastic. Besides, everyone has the chrome wheels. Cover your nuts!
  12. I just went thru all the above without testing my condenser because it had less than 200 miles on it. New condenser came in the mail - now it runs better than ever. Maddening without a good old oscilloscope.
  13. Replacing my inflated mufflers due to a flooded then backfired engine DUE to a cheap-o distributor condenser. Is everything new - garbage? 😓
  14. Don’t forget to re-install the spring like I would.
  15. The Daycos seem to be missing a bend. Just spend 5 more bucks and get the AC Delco 24058L.
  16. Upper control arm bushings are first to wear out then the brake reaction rod bushings as they are rubber. After you have ruled out wheel balance and potential front end issues you might want to investigate the drive shaft as Rivieras have a unique phase that most driveline shops fail to recognize. The Buick manual shows the correct phasing.
  17. PWB

    '73 Stainless?

    Curse you - bean counters! So, I’d guess the adjacent door piece is “pot-luck” also.....
  18. Greetings On a '73, is the rear window lower molding solid stainless? I have to ask because I see a on-line partial image of one that seems to be pitted as chrome does. Thanks much Paul
  19. Well, it is sloped so I posted a pic with scale:
  20. Most all re-popped cables flex in a twist and produce a lower read out. They're simply not as good as original. An old timer speedo repair man told me that. You're better off getting an old (un cut) one from the junkie.
  21. Manual, no bends, driver appearance. You pay shipping Thanks
  22. PWB

    Best Rebuild Kit

    Fantastic info guys. Over time I've forgotten more than I've learned! A lot of - ooops I knew better. I'll use all this good advice and keep you all posted. May take a few days as I don't have every tool in the world. I was spoiled in the military by free use of the auto hobby shop. I miss that! (Ran out and bought my first compressor yesterday) When shes fixed I plan on swapping for a boat tail. Their prices are getting ridiculous, however. 😑 Paul
  23. Tilt for floor shift models. This is for a Riviera. I'm betting it fits other models. Spring and bearing feel tight. $300. central Florida
  24. PWB

    Best Rebuild Kit

    Best way to check that is to get #1 to TDC compression stroke and relate to 0’ correct? (before tear down) Thanks
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