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  1. Looking for a set (or source)of original Buick rallye wheels code 895, 15x6 with 5X5 bolt pattern to fit a 1971 Buick Riviera. They don't have to be in perfect condition but not so bad that they need to be rechromed if possible. I am in Massachusetts so would need to be local or able to ship.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. My wife feels I need to make it clear that she is very handy (and more handy than me in her mind)........
  3. So I think we’ve confirmed that a team project might not be the best idea. I go back to the original question of whether I should be able to complete it on my own. Sounds like the felts can be a pain.
  4. Though I consider myself devastatingly good-looking with a snappy wit (though not sure my wife agrees) I only consider myself at best modestly mechanically inclined. How difficult is it replace all the weatherstripping by oneself (I do know that is technically not mechanical)? Was thinking it could be a good team building exercise for my wife and I during the fall or winter. Thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Brad! A lift would definitely look good in there but I'm going to get this car in shape first. Hope you are doing well and making progress on your Riv. Damon
  6. Those are nice as well. I'm curious if I could replace the center cap on the Cragar Keystone Classic with a more appropriate Riviera center cap. Think it could look nice.
  7. Thanks, that is good to know. Last question (for now)! What is considered a good price for a set of 4? I can get the pictured set for $400 (once I confirm they are 895). Obviously no center caps though. Thanks!
  8. Rivnut, Are the 895's the only one's that fit on the 71? If so, where do I see that code number at? Thanks, Damon
  9. Hazdaz, I'm impressed how you did that as I don't have that kind of skill. That being said, you are correct that it helps me decide. Too much grey. Needs more chrome to make the rest of the car pop. Thanks!
  10. You make a good point. Will have to see what I can find! Thanks!
  11. Tom, interesting to hear your perspective on the strength of the aluminum radiators. Do you have any experience with a distributor that produces a quality aluminum radiator for our Riv's? Thanks, Damon
  12. Those are nice. I'm all over the place on what I should do with my wheels. I like the Rallye's as well as the turbines that Turbinator does. Would like something maybe a little unique and think the grey rims might look nice against the grey car but I have a terrible eye.
  13. Are those rims silver/grey in the middle? I had contemplated something similar but my car is a bit darker so wasn't sure how it would look.
  14. Ok, so it seems unlikely that my wheels have the 4 holes factory bored to attach the turbine. I will take a look at the wheel covers this weekend and take pictures. Not sure I want to restore them or not. Your turbines that you show look great so I can see the hard work you put in them.
  15. Turbinator, Do you have or have you done any of these that would replace the standard wheel covers on a 71 Riviera? Don't love the look of my current wheel covers so trying to decide whether to find a set of Buick Rallye's, an aftermarket set of rims, or possibly some turbines. Thanks, Damon
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