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  1. Warning: it may roll your odometer.
  2. Oh, thanks for the reminder Mr. Ed. I just renewed. I guess my renewal card got trashed while I was on the road. I wish they'd find my ROA # from the 80's. Hey sjbJ112 - I got a free and decent driver grill if you become a ROA member!
  3. Perhaps... It appears that you have a '67 grill. Unbent spare bumpers don't exist I'm afraid. These were easily bent up in the middle with a 5mph bump.
  4. Black paint, white letters/numbers chrome and finished wood. Like viewing all the instruments together in an orchestra. Eternal Class
  5. Almost 100 Rivieras for sale on eBay alone. Unprecedented? Whats goin on?
  6. It appears to me that the image of the green one was captured at a further distance from the camera. Sample swatches always prove best. Grain pattern seems correct for ‘66 and up to me.
  7. Gonna need a hood scoop. And we gotta be impressed by the “excellent” yet bent front and rear bumpers. I do hope they get 30G however. All boats rise with the tide.
  8. Thats about 53 Buick Rivieras now on the ebay market alone. Quite saturated?
  9. Would you please tell us what website this car is on? Thanks Paul
  10. Flammable lockers should be grounded to earth. It was a rule in the military. I assume for lightning and or static electricity. (Metal lockers)
  11. eBay seller Flaisheratflashnet has your GM NOS right side muffler for sale. I agree with you on a stock sound. Purr like a wildcat. He also has a ton of old Walkers. You can also get generic resonators cheap. All new mufflers are more noisy than stock. I added resonators to my ‘73 Chevy and made all the difference.
  12. Well you know I’m always tinkering. I electronically copied the ‘67 GS then had it made onto wood veneer. I just think Buick really should have come thru with the advertising. It came out less than perfect. I just held it in place for the photo. If someone wants it they can have it. Looks perfect from 2 feet away. Hope y’all got a kick out of it
  13. They proclaimed the same for '67, I believe. However, check out this freak for '67:
  14. What? This is not a circuit "board" which are made of phenolic resins. This is an old - probably Mylar film which would have a melting point of 489'F according to Dupont. Probably has lost is flex and become somewhat brittle. Your average soldering iron tip is at 626' to 662'F. Solder melts at 370'F. You are nuts to solder on that in my opinion.
  15. Like Mr. Ed stated. Make sure you stir up the copper with a toothpick because it sticks to the bottle base. Don’t flex the circuit card - have all bulbs in before the application. I’d put on quite a few coats to minimize resistance.
  16. The stop leak tablets work great for tiny leaks. It feels like a cheat but it will save your mind. I had a water pump on my old 455 that wouldn’t seal for anything. Forget about the torque. Cadillac went so far as to mandate the use of the tabs in the ‘90’s.
  17. That ‘65 Turquoise Mist is simply fantastic. My favorite ‘65. White seats would send me. Nice pics
  18. If I see one more super fine boat tail up for sale (by owner) I'm gonna lose it! '72 w/buckets! https://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/d/sacramento-1972-buick-riviera-boattail/7056854751.html
  19. '66 Dual Quad w/ Plum Buckets! https://nh.craigslist.org/ctd/d/middlebury-1966-buick-riviera-gran/7052061528.html Fantastic
  20. Triple Black - non bucket BT: https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/cto/d/union-grove-1973-buick-riviera-boattail/7050532164.html (Not mine)
  21. I like these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1966-Buick-Riviera-Gran-Sport-1-27-SCALE/274212773343 Quite affordable with 6 colors to choose from! Low maintenance (Not mine)
  22. Ditto. On my bucket list. ‘70 is the best year. Try finding one with a floor console in good shape. Seems more rare than the Rivs. And a ‘64 Impala was my first car. Red on black.
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