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  1. Chris--Looking good! I do think you are right about the location of the metal floor panel edge, it is too far forward. Attached are three photos, two of an original 33 convertible (the one the window frames I sent you came from) floor, and you can see about where the metal floor ends. I have also attached a photo of a 34 PE coupe floor, which is configured about the same, for reference on the cross member and where the floorboard fits. Keep on plugging! Scott B.
  2. Mike--ply33 beat me to it but that is the same book I have. As with most of the Plymouth parts books, it also has a 'part number' for the volume, in this case D-2660. I think I have just about all of the Plymouth (and most of the Dodge) parts books from the early 30s up through 35. There is a master parts list for Dodge as well. If you need a number, let me know and I will be glad to look it up for you. On my earlier comment about the Mopar parts numbers being weird, that was based upon what appears to be a practice of re-numbering parts or assigning different part numbers for the same pa
  3. Chris--Ply33 is correct about the mounting location for the dash light switch. You know me, I'm a 34 PE guy, but every PE or PE dash I ever owned had the same instrument lamp switch, a photo of which is attached. The 34 PE parts book lists the part number as 79498. If you look at "Pre-1934 Plymouth Master Parts List", which includes the 33 PD, it shows the same part number, 79498, for the PA, PB and PD. Keeping in mind the weird world of Mopar parts numbers, my guess is that this is the switch for the 33 PD as well. Hope this helps. SMB
  4. Chris--I have a clear photo of a package shelf from a 34 convertible during restoration that I will send to you separately, it is too big for this website to handle. Maybe you can figure out how to re-post it for other's information.
  5. Chris--As you know, I have both a coupe and a convertible--the package trays are completely different. The coupe has a bolt in unit whereas the convertible has a shelf and 'seat backing' that is integral with the body. See the attached photo.
  6. Couple of quick items: First, I believe I have the parts you need for your 33 window frames. You have my number so give me a call. On the number stamped next to the coil hole, that number is different from the car serial number and, according to the people I have talked to, those were sequential from 1933 through 1934 on the convertible coupe bodies. They don't seem to show up anywhere else in those number ranges. My convertible has the same type of number stamped on it, as does an original firewall from another convertible. I seem to recall that there is somebody in the Plymouth club th
  7. While it doesn't help much on convertibles (although they may have been marked as well) you often find factory chalk marks on the inside of closed cars, setting forth the body style (here, a 34 PE business coupe) and the color (the light metallic gray, 'gray metal light'). This was marked on the right rear of the top, to the side of the rear window.
  8. Nice PD. I have the remnants of a 33 PD convertible body, doors and back only, but the best I can tell you about the interior color is that it appears to be plain metal, perhaps with some sort of metal treatment on it, which is what my 34 PE convertible has on it. I do have a 34 PE convertible firewall with the original paint still on it (you can tell it is a convertible because it has the unique convertible number series stamped up by the coil hole) and it appears to be a gloss black or, at the very least, a semi gloss.
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