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  1. Nope, you have it right, no more holes in the starboard front. SMB
  2. Tom-- OK, keeping in mind that I have my fuel and brake lines run inside of the frame rails for safety, my 34 PE convertible frame is otherwise completely original. Starting from the center of the X-member and running back to the frame rail, each side has 6 holes but they are different from side to side. The 'port' side (driver side here in the states) holes are 3", 3 1/2", 3", 3", 3", 2 1/2", front to back. The 'starboard' (passenger side here in the states) holes are 3", 3", 3", 2", 2", 2 1/2", front to back. As you can see from the attached photos, the 2" holes are where the frame has a
  3. I think that catch and lock assembly is the most complicated part on the entire 34 Mopar line. I have rebuilt window frames on the 34 PE Plymouths I have and I am almost glad that my 34 Dodge coupe is a DRXX without the vent windows. Real pain. Be very careful with re-installing them in the window frames because they are held in with those through-body rivets and the pot metal of which the assembly is made is very prone to cracking (although from the pictures, yours look fairly solid). Continuing to enjoy your progress and envious of your skill set.
  4. Tom--There is a wood stringer mounted underneath the body that sits on top of the frame, with small rectangular spacers of body webbing at the body bolts. Wood is made of full 1 1/2" thick stock (4 cm to y'all) and has a taper at the front and various cutouts to match with the bottom of the body contour. The three attached photos are of the stringer in place underneath my PE convertible, looking from about mid-body towards the rear of the car (just the one wood stringer, not the plywood you can see, that is on top of my body dolly). The other two photos are of a single stringer out of the c
  5. I think it would be easier to find 35-36 rims, which are also 16". The center recessed area on the 34's doesn't easily drain water as does the 35-6 rims so when you do find 34 rims, they are more frequently rusted out than the 35-6. My experience is that the 35-6 wheels and caps are easier to find, no question about that. I think the rims may have been marketed to other commercial uses as well, for example I remember in the 1970s all of the local commercial skylight companies had them on their light trucks/trailers. As I indicated in my other posts, with the exception of the stripe on the
  6. Wheel on the left is a 35-36 Plymouth. Wheel on the right is a 35 Dodge. The Plymouth wheel you have a photo of is missing the clips to hold the 35-36 style hubcaps on. The 34 artillery wheel center is actually two pieces sandwiched together, whereas the 35-36 is a single piece. My experience with the 34 rims is that they are prone to bend and also often crack around the lug holes. You could run 35-36 rims and with the caps on you cannot tell the difference except that the stripe on the 35 caps is closer to the center than on the 34. Attached photo is a 34 wheel without the cap on it. A
  7. It has been a very long time since I did mine but I do recall I did not split the hose, just drove the shaft out with a punch. If it slips when you put it back in, you can probably carefully crimp the bracket until it grips or hit the end of the shaft with a prick punch, which should expand it enough to lock it in place. Or, epoxy it in place.
  8. Exactly. Roller attaches with sheet metal screws on TOP of the inside door panel, with the roller and shaft hanging down. See attached the one on my 34 PE (with the vacuum hose!).
  9. What I found works well is a piece of rubber vacuum hose, cut to length. Slips right over the shaft. Mine has worked for years like that.
  10. Looks like those reflectors will work great! Certainly better than my old Christmas lights ones, although those worked pretty well. On the roller, that does not attach to the frames, it attaches to the door itself, outside of the window frame, and serves as a roller against the vertical divider between the vent window and the main window. When I get home tonight I will shoot you a picture of the installation. SMB
  11. It is amazing how much just a little bit will help brighten those tail lights. Here in the states, Ron Francis and other suppliers have what they call 'bright bulbs' that put out significantly more CP than the originals, even with 6 volts. I originally put tin foil in mine on my 34 PE sedan and then got some of those reflectors that used to be put behind Christmas lights and used them for years. Finally painted the insides with reflective silver paint. Easy to see now. SMB
  12. Late model rear end for sure, see the tube shocks instead of the lever shocks. Looking at the side profile of the cab I again note that there will be a mis-match with the 33-style cowl and the 34 PE long hood. Who knows... . SMB
  13. 34 short (108") wheelbase PF also had the independent front suspension, but yours is obviously the long, 114" PE wheelbase.
  14. OK, got a better look at the photos you had in your last post--looks like somebody has been doing some serious fooling around with this one. As per my prior response, cab looks like 33-34-early 35 series Dodge truck cab. The top rear corner of truck doors are rounded off and that is what you have, following the rain gutter. All of the 33-34 Dodge cars and even the KCL panel has a squared off corner, so I would seriously doubt that this was converted from a sedan. Particularly with the belt pattern and the bead on the B pillar, pretty sure this is an original Dodge truck cab. Hood is 34 Ply
  15. Looks like a 33 Dodge truck cab by the very straight and narrow A pillar. That bead on the B pillar also looks like 33 Dodge. See attached photo. SMB
  16. If there is no serial number on the passenger door jamb, is there a 'Briggs Body Number' plate on the firewall? If so, all PE 4-door sedans had numbers that started with a '600' prefix.
  17. Wheels look like later, circa 37 Mopar. Both the 34 PE (114" wheelbase) and the 34 Dodge (117" wheelbase DR, DRXX; 121" DS) had artillery wheels, each with a different pattern. The Plymouth wheels have more of a 'hole' configuration, with the 16" wheel having 10 holes and the 17" wheel having 12 holes. Dodge 34 rims have more of a raised spoke look to them and have a reinforcing piece around the hole for the hubcap. On both, the hubcaps snap into an opening in the wheel. The center section of the wheels is actually made of two parts, an inner and an outer piece, sandwiched together. My e
  18. I believe they are actually a steel frame with a stainless shell crimped over the top. Or they are in fact chromed steel. I have a NOS or very early takeout 33 Plymouth convertible coupe window and frame assembly, picture attached. While it looks like stainless steel, it holds a magnet. If you look closely at the inside edge of the channel, you can see that the edge appears to be crimped over, perhaps over a steel core. Chris has a set of 33 frames he got from me which do not have the glass in them so he can probably give you a better idea.
  19. That is a GREAT photo! Car is a 34 PE Plymouth. You can see the cutout in the window sill garnish for the lever that throws the 'double acting' front window mechanism, which was unique to the 34--the 33 has a single window, without a breaker window. In addition, those teardrop shaped escutcheons on the outside door handles are 34, and the late 34 models had them like that with the hidden screws. If you look closely you can also see that the handles have the 'winged' and pointed shape of the Plymouth handles instead of the curved inward handles found on the 33-34 Dodge. Chris is right that
  20. Ian--Well I finally found the steering column bracket for my 34 Plymouth PE and it is mounted with the open end up--I marked it with an arrow when I took it off. Attached is a photo and, while it is a different style than that on your Dodge, one can assume that the installation was similar. Looks like yours is mounted correctly. They really don't fit well, particularly with the rubber seal in place. SMB
  21. Ok, I checked and cannot find a photo of an original installation of that collar. I just seem to recall removing it on my 34 (granted, 34 PE Plymouth, stateside) and it went up, not down. I think it was designed to hold that rubber piece in place, over the rubber as opposed to under it. It may be that your installation is different, don't know for sure. I am attaching a photo of the seat tracks, as found originals on my 34 PE, on an original floor board with original wood under the tracks, with the tracks in some sort of cad plate. Again, who knows. SMB
  22. Beautiful work you are doing, keep it up. One comment, one question: I think the collar on the steering column goes the other way, I think you have it upside down. Let me see if I can scrounge up a photo of an original installation and send it your way. On the seat tracks, beautiful work. Why did you paint them black? Did they seem to have been painted originally? The set on my 34 Plymouth PE convertible are identical, right down to the handle, and they appear to have been bare metal (perhaps cad plated) originally. I just wired brushed them and flushed out the grit/etc. from the insid
  23. Tom--I'm back after a hiatus with too much work going on to have time for my Plymouths. Yes, what you see in the photo of the red convertible are the rear splash apron to fender seam covers. Keep in mind that the red one is a 34, not a 33, however I believe they are identical in that area of the body. If you need some photos of the rear seam covers, which are two piece, let me know and I will send.
  24. Here a a couple of photos, 34 PE Sedan hood. Checked my 34 PE convertible and it is the same. I think the front one is bigger because it mounts higher up on the hood panel than the rear one, which is right next to the bead on the edge. By the way, keep up the great work on your Dodge, it is beautiful!
  25. Larger one goes to the front. Should be the same as on my 34 Plymouth PE. Funny thing, all the years I've had these and I never noticed that they are different lengths...Will shoot you a picture later today if you need one.
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