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  1. https://www.estatesales.net/CA/Lakeside/92040/2324142?modal=true Just had this pop up, sorry for the late notice, starts tomorrow in Lakeside, CA, east San Diego county, looks like a LOAD of Chevy Tri-Five stuff, a Cadillac Torpedo sedan, etc.
  2. My 1935 Plymouth Parts List (Issued April 1, 1936, "Supersedes Issue of May 15, 1935") lists #631894 as "Gearshift rail and fork assembly (direct and second)" for a 1935 PJ Plymouth.
  3. My Dodge truck parts book shows #631894 as "GEARSHIFT SHAFT OR RAIL (2ND AND 3RD)" for a "KC,KCL (after 8048701-9203901-8911001)". Therefore, 34-early 35 KC or KCL (long 119" wheelbase) commercial chassis, express, humpback panel. Did not check my auto parts books.
  4. Tom-- Best I can tell you on the welting is as follows: No welting between the ends of the running boards and the fenders, the rubber vulcanized to the metal boards serves that purpose. Between the 'side sills' (splash aprons) there is typically a thin fibre welting without a bead, and those are riveted to the running boards, not bolted. When installed, the running boards just bolt to the brackets that stick out and the splash aprons just slip under the body without any welting. There is beaded welting between the front of the front fenders and the radiator shell and between the body
  5. Mopar, 33-34 side mount cover. If you look at the lip where the two parts come together they are typically stamped with the size, e.g. 600-16, 525-17, etc. 600 would be 34, others would typically be 33. See attached photo. The Chevy logo doesn't make sense because that would put the logo at the top and the cut-out on the cover in the 6:00 position. Depending on which side this one is for (they interchange with the exception of the logo position), the cut-out goes into the fender at the 8:00 position (for the driver side) or at the 4:00 position (for the passenger side). With that positio
  6. "Thanks to the lack of seat belts in either vehicle, the six passengers were all thrown clear of the wreckage."
  7. OK, every once in awhile something strikes me, this time it was the bidding and sale of a pair of 34 PE Plymouth convertible coupe window frames. These are the fairly rare ones with the integral vent windows and the mechanism for the 'dual operation', with and without the vents. Granted, this is only the second set I have seen (bought the first set for my PE) and they are probably impossible to fabricate, but by the time the dust settled, with each part being in a separate auction, the total for the door channels, top window frames and lower window channels was just short of $6000.00. Someb
  8. Here is the page from the 34 Plymouth, fairly rare Accessories booklet dealing with radios.
  9. To some extent I agree with GregLaR that either fog or running lights look odd/overkill on a simple Plymouth--which is true, IMHO, of any car that is 'over-accessorized', a look that a friend of mine used to describe as a car that drove through Pep Boys with a magnet attached. Despite this, I have always run Super 7 Fog Lamps on my 34 PE Plymouth (photo attached) as it has a fairly fancy look anyway, 4-dr sedan with dual sidemounts and trunk rack. I simply wired them with dual filament bulbs and use them as running lights/turn signals, which, again IMHO, look period and better than modern tu
  10. Number doesn't show up in my Dodge parts books but the 65XXXX number range indicates that the part is 1935 or newer, probably in the 35-36 time frame.
  11. OK, I'm getting old. Meant what model 34: PE, PF or PG. SMB
  12. Paul, I have both. What model 34 PE do you have, PE, PF or PG?
  13. Tom, keep in mind that a 35 ship won't fit a 34 shell. Look similar but lots of differences. Biggest difference is that the front of the 35 fits into the stainless trim on the sides of the grille, while the 34--even on the later series with the stainless trim around the grille--sits up above, independent of the grille trim. Maybe you just want a shelf ornament, but thought I would point that out.
  14. Lot of good points raised by the comments. Having run both stock brakes and a front disc conversion, there is no question that there are numerous ways that a front disc conversion can go wrong and it is much more complicated than it seems: wheel clearance on the disc calipers; need for a combination valve and residual pressure valves; master cylinder sizing; room for the vacuum booster, etc. I have found that, despite all the trouble, a disc conversion, if done right, stops better. However, most stock hydraulic brake systems (bounced my Model A with mechanical brakes off the curb numerous
  15. Handle is passenger side, '34 Dodge, not '33. As your catalogue photo shows, the '33 does not have the teardrop escutcheon, which is found on the '34. Will fit the '34 Plymouths but not correct, those handles have multiple ridges on them.
  16. You have my sympathies. I am 6'3", 285# and, thankfully, my 34 PE Plymouth has an adjustable seat. When I installed it, I 'cheated' it back about 1". Also, the seat frame has multiple holes in which to install the seat tracks so it can be adjusted backwards and forwards. I suppose the alternative is what is somewhat bluntly known as a 'fatman' steering wheel... .
  17. OK, it took me more than a day or two but here are some photos of a 34 or an 'early 35' KC pickup (express) suicide door (the one with the Dr. Pepper logo), side by side with a 33 Dodge sedan door, which also fits the 33-34-early 35 KCL panels. You can see the unique upper rear corner of the express doors which are rounded instead of squared off. As best I can tell, the hinge configuration and spacing is the same. Hinges are located, centerline, at 7 1/2" and 38" from the lower rear corner of the door. SMB
  18. OK, I plead guilty, 'twas me and my wife. We try to go every year and support the local merchants and charities. Took our 34 PE sedan as usual, hoping by next year to have our 34 PE convertible running and up there.
  19. I am sure I have a photo or two, will pull that out in a day or two (pretty busy for the next couple of days) as well as a full picture of that express door I have, suicide.
  20. OK, I think we have proof that this is an 'aftermarket' change. Your photo of the top, driver side hinge (where you can see the screw and bracket from the rear view mirror) shows that the 'shroud' around the hinge is on backwards. That shroud should be on the front side of the hinge, with the 'open' side of the hinge to the rear. See my express door photo on a prior post and the black 34 PE convertible photographed below--different body style but the hinge shroud configuration is the same, clearest picture I could pull out of my files on short notice.
  21. Interesting. I would pull one of the door panels to look at the inside of the belt line at the front of the door where the door handle hole is on the normal suicide doors. I doubt that anyone would go to the trouble to metal finish the inside of the belt line even if they filled the handle hole. Attached is a photo of the upper rear corner of a passenger side suicide door actually off of an express (rounded corner, unlike the passenger doors, commercial sedan and commercial panel doors, which are squared off. Gives you some idea of where the upper hinge would be on a standard suicide d
  22. OK, I also just noticed this: Your sheet lists a build date of March 35--which does not match what the parts books show for the serial number runs. Again, the more you know... . ;-) SMB
  23. OK, I have a fairly extensive collection of 34-35 KC and KCL materials that I have put together over the years to assist in the restoration of my late 34 KCL panel. These include the "Dodge Parts List 1934 and 1935 Model Series, Trucks Built from January 1934 to June 1935", issued June 15, 1935 (Publication D-3416), as well as the "Dodge Trucks Parts List 1935 Model Series, Trucks Built After June 1935", issued September 1, 1935 (Publication D-3553). These list serial numbers starting January 1934 at 8023001, with those built after June 1935 beginning at 8048701, this latter series including
  24. Couple of quick questions before I hit my parts books: Do you have the '34 style dash with the squared off instrument cluster in the center? Or is it of the 3 round gauge type? What does your firewall data plate say, if it is there?
  25. If you are in San Diego (as I am), sign up for the event in Vista, first Sunday in August. About 300 cars show up and they close up the old downtown streets. While they call it the Vista 'Rod Run', lots of restored and lightly modified cars show up. Good family event and opportunity to swap stories with owners. Contact the Vista Village Association to sign up. I will have your 33's cousin, my 34 PE four-door sedan, with side mounts, in attendance and would be glad to talk Mopar with you. SMB
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