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  1. The SJAACA is having it's 42nd annual SwapMeet & Car Corral on Sun, March 24,2013. It will be held at the Salem County Fair Grounds. Show time: 8am to 3pm. Vender set up time: 6am to 8am. fair grounds is located 1/4 mile west of Cowtown. 735 Rt. 40, Woodstown, NJ. Highlights, Police directing traffic from parking lot. Over 350 Vendors last year. tailgaters welcome. Plenty of parking, For more info contact, Gary Green @856-575-5547 or Chuck Gibson @ 609-221-5435
  2. Charlie, You can stay in the host hotels parking garage but it will cost you more as a non guest. Not sure on the price but it's higher.
  3. Ccar, There is a published list in the judging guidelines manual that you can buy here under the merchandise section or better yet if you attend a judging school you will receive one after the school for free. Judging schools are conducted at every national meet and at the annual meeting in Phila in Feb. every year. This years dates are Feb 9th, 10th and 11th. Hope to see you there. Dave
  4. Happy New Years as well !! Stay safe,
  5. Wishing all our AACA friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy ' AACA ' New Year.
  6. Well said Wayne, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone as well.-
  7. Today, Sue and I spent a lovely day visiting both the Library and Museum. We started off early this morning from home using all the back winding roads we know.The Corvette really enjoyed the hills and curves of rt. 772. We arrived at the library by mid morning. We had a nice visit with both Librarian Chris and Executive Director Steve. Yes, they work on Saturdays. What a great staff we have at the Library and Research Center. I spent an hour or so going through all the 1970 Mustang literature. Can you believe that. lol The next stop was to our fantastic Museum. We arrived there to be welcomed
  8. I was honored to have visited the grave site of one of the Greatest of the Greatest Generation the other day. Major Dick Winters of Easy Company. Best known for his role in the HBO mini series Band of Brothers. He is from and entombed in Lancaster County Pa. Rest in Peace Sir.
  9. Well said, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all as well.
  10. Our Prayers as well for Mason. God Bless !!!
  11. Great video Read. Very inspiring and well done. Looking forward to seeing you in Phila.
  12. Paul, Our region had our monthly meeting tonight and we have decided to make a donation to your region to help the good people of your area. A check will be going out for $500 in the near future. We were very lucky with minimum damage in our part of New Jersey. Good luck and give your members our best. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Dave Birchmire, Sr. South Jersey Region
  13. Took the corvette out for the last event of the year. It's called the frostbite cruise and the name was very accurate. Was in the fortys and windy. We stayed a few hours and went for a nice ride in the country to warm up.lol
  14. Not in New Jersey when 40 plus years ago Jr. high was 7th and 8th grades and you got your license at 17. By the way I drove a used 1965 Mustang my senior year.
  15. We were very fortunate here in Pennsville.We were right in the eye of the hurricane which means we received less wind and rain. Some flooding from the Delaware coming over and a limited number of power outages.
  16. This is a very serious and life threatening situation for us in South Jersey. As of 8:00 pm the hurricane's path is projected to come up the Delaware bay following the Del. river right past Pennsville N.J. where we live. Winds could be up to 85 mph with the total rain fall of 5 to 10 inches. We have done everything we can to secure the house and the cars. We might have to evacuate by Sun. night. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks, Dave & Sue
  17. The AACA Library and Research Center "Friends of The Library committee is staffing a tent behind the library tent for rest, water, or a place to store your items you bought during the day. You just have to be a "Friend of the AACA Library" and if you are not; for $ 15.00 you can become one and have a place to rest and store your 'great finds during the week. Items must be picked up no later than 4:00 pm every day.
  18. You got my vote also. Very sharp and dead on correct car. Wish you the best. It's no Mustang but not bad. lol
  19. Took the Vette down the shore for a 75 mile trip to a show at Cold Spring Village in Cape May. We had a great time on the road and being with car friends was a bonus. Weather was good with it being a little cooler down there.
  20. George, Great videos, Thanks for posting !!! Love those muscle cars.
  21. It seems I received the southeastern spring meet tab by mistake. That tab was for the Charlotte meet. I received the southeastern fall meet in the mail because they had no record I picked it up on Sat. night.
  22. I just received a southeastern fall 2012 tab in the mail today. When I attended the Shelbyville meet last weekend I got a Grandnational tab on fri. night and a southeastern spring tab on sat. night. Two meets and two preservation tabs. I don't understand why I received a 3rd tab in todays mail ?
  23. What a great story. This is what it is all about. Good people with cars helping others. Ken will be in our prayers.
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