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  1. Selling 4 F70 x 14 Firestone RWL tires mounted on 7 x 14 SS Chevelle wheels. Around 2000 miles on tires. Like new condition.Cost $2100 asking $1050.
  2. We are driving up from Clearwater to judge this year. The weather has been great all week and it looks like it will continue on Sat. It's a 120 mile drive. Hope I am not late for the judge's breakfast. lol
  3. I have been blessed to have been friends of Dave and Herb for many years. They both have giving so much to our great organization. I fully support this fundraising effort to honor these two good men of the A.A.C.A. Sue and I will be donating in the near future and I encourage our friends to do the same.
  4. Congrats Terry on a well deserved retirement. I am a month away myself Lord willing. Talk to you next week.
  5. Book that room for Wednesday brother. My Eagles will win another Super Bowl. ?
  6. Great photos Annie. Thanks for sharing !
  7. Great video. Thanks for sharing Steve.
  8. It is 12 degrees here in South Jersey and going down to 3 above tonight. About 25 degrees below average. ugh
  9. Wishing our AACA family a healthy and Happy New Year. We are very fortunate to belong to the greatest antique car organization in the world. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Phila.
  10. Sue and I wish all our friends in AACA a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year from Pennsville New Jersey.
  11. That's our South Jersey President Ray McFarland. His beautiful Haynes received a 2nd Jr. at this years Hershey. I believe it might be for sell as well.
  12. BLN55, Here are two sites I view occasionally. proteamcorvette.com and mershons.com. I have never dealt with either company but they have great web sites. Good luck with your search.