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  1. Is Philadelphia the nearest major airport for Allentown, or would Newark or Harrisburg better. thanks
  2. I need to find a new home for 180 limo, it was our wedding car some 30 years ago. but weather and storage have reduce it condition. need a full restoration now. COmplete car. $11,000 and mighht help with your shipping, car on the west coast in Washington state.
  3. jeff where the 180 limo for sale, I have and would love a running run to drive while working on mine.
  4. yes. need to figure out where to keep my luggage. I am flying out Saturday evening and staying at th host hotel. I figure they have a luggage storage room. as chk is noon. I am looking forward to seeing you and all my AACA friends. We took the get-on get- off bus from South Miami Beach before our Panama Cruise. it is a good way to see a lot of Miami in a short time
  5. I see the signup and registration is available. Where the link to the Activity Brochure? I would like to book a early - a cheap flight. Host Hotel. thanks Joe
  6. I purchase a lot of pieces of Literature from Mr. Walter Miller over the years. I noticed he hasn't been at Hershey that lat few years Take from hemmings daily news letter Remembering Walter Miller, 1953 - 2019 Posted by Richard Lentinello - With a deep-seated passion and life-long appreciation for automotive literature, this soft-spoken gentleman was a friend to everyone who ever met him. On Friday, November 15, the collector-car hobby lost a giant of a personality when Walter Miller passed away at age 66. It was a life cut short by pancreatic cancer. Walter began collecting literature on automobiles both American and foreign at a very young age, and he never stopped. He turned his love of printed brochures into a life-long career, one which...Read More see below
  7. Great meet. The two days of premeet tours I was able to attend were fantastic. A big thank you the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club. Well done.
  8. Curious; Is any one arriving at the Ontario airport Wednesday around 1 to 2:30 PM . I land at 1:05 PM on Southwest. I am looking to share a car and/or ride to the Host hotel, I currently have a Rental Car reserved. Email: for more information. Joe Block
  9. I will be at the green field membership booth Thursday from 10am to noon near the giant center, come by and renew your membership & bring a new member to sign up with me. thank Joe B.
  10. I spend more time talking, meeting & new friends and learning about what vendor make than I did in the past. Before I was like a driven machine "on the Hunt" for Rare (any) part that fit my cars. Hershey to me these days is like a giant museum: i have slow down and started enjoying the view and people more each year. I found that if a vendor has an empty seat; most people will let you take rest if you only ask politely. Joe
  11. If you don't know the diffeerence between 41 and 42 upper taillight lens your lucky man. many 42 are running 41 taillights that seem to be what was available over the years. as 42 was short production year WII
  12. one problem with R134 is the older hose are foil lined and tents to leak out of a goods R12 hose.
  13. looking forward to the sale is the location the old library or the new building. 501???
  14. can deliver to HERSHEY. $500. leaving Monday evening, Oct 6
  15. I have lot 1940 to 1942 Packard parts. email you needs for Hershey. also 150s Packard chrome script NOS 8 inch and 4 inch length 135 and 70 each. space on the green field by appointment or i can drop by your lovation. other 50s chrome and gold 400 scipt joe I d