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  1. link no good it a search engine and nothing Packard shows.
  2. great group of cars. wish these were on the westcoast
  3. Thank canceled May 27-29, 2020 and rebook the new dates May 6-9. I enjoy this year event. Looking forward to 2020. I am planning for 50 credit by Hershey 2020 z
  4. Steve; Norman a d team a super thank you for a well run Grand National; meet, awards parking and great baraque joe in Washougal Wa
  5. Does anyone know if the original 42 convertibles came with fender weld material. and what was the color black, silver?
  6. I am old school I like paper magazines to sit in the easy chair, ideally with the fireplace lite on cold winter day or evening. Light snow melting off outside today. more tonight. Washougal, Washington near the Columbia River, Lewis and Clark Country. . I think that be a great region name Lewis and Clark. My local region did not care for my idea.
  7. I think my room at the Hampton too. I keep a file folder for each National meet I am attending.
  8. send you an email, I have NOSR covers for dual switches , and other switch parts and pieces.
  9. see Steve M. comment about booking Hotel early for next year.
  10. Joe_P nice collection of Wagons. My son looking for Wagon that like the mid 1950's greyhound bus Vista Cruiser, I think that one will the extra set of windows set in the roof line. Not sure of the year or post a picture. Found some Muscle vista cruiser link below. .
  11. Auburnseeker Thanks for the tip on international shipping. I've been importing Long Range fuel tank for 4x4 from Australia and the tanks are expensive, even with seafreight. Fedex was another $500 for two fuel tanks. Delivery was great. Freight forward set it up in Australia.
  12. yes, shipping figure need to be check on big item before quoting. I purchase a Class 3 trailer hitch in the Large Box for $150 including shipping, then sold a rear bottom seat for 1940 packard for $100 plus $100 shipping on ebay. I use the class 3 trailer hitch box, little stretch on the girth bottom seat, SHipping only $180, fedEx seem to the cheaps, UPS was $280 plus. Freight forwarders about the same plus a long drive to drop off.