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  1. answer the Vendor survey, Didn't see the other. Joe Block
  2. I have agree with Mark McAlpine. When I was Region President in the Pacific Northwest, We worked hard to organize a National Meet; covering cost, meeting hotel-motel guarantees for minimum occupancy and banquet attendees is real financial challenge for regions.
  3. might make this and then go to Hershey. i hope. Wife sister and borther n law are planning for the Rider Cup and Nigra fall around end of Sept.
  4. waiting on flights. I have several flight credits now from canceled Nationals
  5. yes nice price for nice truck. Dad had a least 6 corsairs that I remember. the last being his Rampside. RIP for our fathers
  6. I have a 1942 seven passenger sedan that need a front clip. Without wheel wells is OK, I have the shining stuff, and part of the hood, without hood is OK too. I locat in Washington State near to Portland Oregon than Seattle.
  7. nice job Marty, I didn't know you had a Corvair. My Dad had a dozen different Corvairs model. He bought the first one the year they came out, then a second generation after the first generation rear end lock up and he wrecked it. convertibles and others. Dad last Corvair was a Rampside. When he past i took the Harley Davidson, and my brother the Rampside. Unknown to me my brother sold when time were hard for him. I am still looking for a nice HPOF or nice driver Rampside Corvair 95 truck. There was one up in Seattle that fit the bill but it when off the market after offered him about 2/3 of the asking price. Unfortunately my only contact through craigslist a few years back
  8. Is this truck still available. it close to the one my father had.
  9. taking the direct flight. Probably over my wife's objections. We see when rhe time comes
  10. AnniesSS I know what you mean. I want perfect attendance last year, then got sick and missed the first meet. Maybe this year. save travels permitting. Just 5 meets to complete this year.
  11. Nice meet. it was good to see old friend and classic cars. I walk back from the show field to the host hotel. the weather was oustanding and beautiful.
  12. mark i had a chance to do TheGreatAmerica Race as navigator in Kissel back in 1991
  13. Nice discussion. thanks for the question and a big thanks for all the informative answers .