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  1. Joe Block

    1941-1942 Packard

    send you an email, I have NOSR covers for dual switches , and other switch parts and pieces.
  2. Joe Block

    Packard Radiator

  3. Joe Block

    Hershey 2019

    see Steve M. comment about booking Hotel early for next year.
  4. I got space renewal a few week back.
  5. Joe Block

    What are these things?

    Joe_P nice collection of Wagons. My son looking for Wagon that like the mid 1950's greyhound bus Vista Cruiser, I think that one will the extra set of windows set in the roof line. Not sure of the year or post a picture. Found some Muscle vista cruiser link below. .
  6. Joe Block

    Shipping/Postage costs

    Auburnseeker Thanks for the tip on international shipping. I've been importing Long Range fuel tank for 4x4 from Australia and the tanks are expensive, even with seafreight. Fedex was another $500 for two fuel tanks. Delivery was great. Freight forward set it up in Australia.
  7. Joe Block

    Shipping/Postage costs

    yes, shipping figure need to be check on big item before quoting. I purchase a Class 3 trailer hitch in the Large Box for $150 including shipping, then sold a rear bottom seat for 1940 packard for $100 plus $100 shipping on ebay. I use the class 3 trailer hitch box, little stretch on the girth bottom seat, SHipping only $180, fedEx seem to the cheaps, UPS was $280 plus. Freight forwarders about the same plus a long drive to drop off.
  8. Joe Block

    Using Dynacorn reproduction bodies

    even bad original car might make a great parts car for all the odds and ends you need to make it right. I just check it out and they have 1967/68 Mustang fastback I loves and drove from 1970-1979. less hood scoop. Look like a 67 Shelby style scoop to me. Sure make be wonder about building one.
  9. Joe Block

    Sad news for Brit Car people

    Roadster factory has quite a complete website, I sure Charles will be missed. I had a lot of fun times in the 1972 orange TR-6 back in late 70's. Check it our it a fun site
  10. Joe Block

    What are these things?

    tire spreader perhaps? just a wild guess.
  11. Joe Block

    Tupelo Museum Closing, Selling Off Cars

    I love touring museums around the country. there's always a museum or few in the area at the AACA national Meet, not always a car museum, but something worth seeing. I alway plan an extra day to see the local site at these locations. I think it sad when any close. It is great seeing cars at car shows and tours. I believe museums car get seen more than we realize, unless their private.
  12. Pomeroy4144 Great to see you our driving for Christmas Eve. We light dusting of snow on the lower near mountain top say 10 miles away . The skiers should be happy, Mt Hood, Oregon, 90 minutes drive, is open with the Timberland Lodge at 7800 feet base camp . Timberland and interesting visit, it was build during the height of the depression by the civilian conservation corp, and dicated by President Franklin D Roosevelt. Here a virtual tour. this would be a great place to spend Christmas. My old College Room Mate, Allan. later a Porsche fan Love to ski on CHristmas Day.
  13. Joe Block

    1948 AACA Magazine and bulletins

    Dynaflash8 Yes, I enjoy these old AACA magazine too. I am glad your enjoying yours as well. I especially love the stories from the 50's; where people are working on their earlier era car in their garage or driveway and with help of local blacksmith to make parts, often for free. The touring stories from 50's along with others from the past, such as, the great New York to paris Race in 1905 or thereabouts. BBC has done a great recreation of this tour on DVD. There is a good chance I may have a near complete duplicate set from 50's [possible even a one or two from 1949 should someone want to trade or is interested. Joe
  14. I want to take the time to wish all the AACA member and their Families the warmest and Merry Christmas together with a prosperous New Year We want to thank all friends for the wonder meets, tours, ice cream socials, baroques, and banquets. We were fortunate to attend around the country, Mobile, Greensburg, Gettysburg, Tuscon and Hershey. I also encourage to invite your non car friend to attend, we have friends in Phoenix that now travel and meet us for all the western meets. God Bless All. Joe and Gill Block