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  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. The Power Tour is on my bucket list !
  2. Selling 4 F70 x 14 Firestone RWL tires mounted on 7 x 14 SS Chevelle wheels. Around 2000 miles on tires. Like new condition.Cost $2100 asking $1050.
  3. We are driving up from Clearwater to judge this year. The weather has been great all week and it looks like it will continue on Sat. It's a 120 mile drive. Hope I am not late for the judge's breakfast. lol
  4. I have been blessed to have been friends of Dave and Herb for many years. They both have giving so much to our great organization. I fully support this fundraising effort to honor these two good men of the A.A.C.A. Sue and I will be donating in the near future and I encourage our friends to do the same.
  5. Congrats Terry on a well deserved retirement. I am a month away myself Lord willing. Talk to you next week.
  6. Book that room for Wednesday brother. My Eagles will win another Super Bowl. ?
  7. Great video. Thanks for sharing Steve.
  8. It is 12 degrees here in South Jersey and going down to 3 above tonight. About 25 degrees below average. ugh
  9. Wishing our AACA family a healthy and Happy New Year. We are very fortunate to belong to the greatest antique car organization in the world. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Phila.
  10. Sue and I wish all our friends in AACA a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year from Pennsville New Jersey.
  11. That's our South Jersey President Ray McFarland. His beautiful Haynes received a 2nd Jr. at this years Hershey. I believe it might be for sell as well.
  12. BLN55, Here are two sites I view occasionally. proteamcorvette.com and mershons.com. I have never dealt with either company but they have great web sites. Good luck with your search.
  13. I will be driving my 70 Chevelle SS454 in the Woodstown 4th of July parade. It's special this year for our family as my late son in-laws uncle is the Grand Marshall. He's a Vietnam vet that was wounded in action. My whole family will be riding with me to Honor this Hero.
  14. Thanks for the update info Steve.
  15. FYI, Just checked Trivago.com and the rate for Sheraton Philadelphia rooms are $95.00 a night. Much better that our rate of $120.00. Looking forward to seeing every one in a few weeks.
  16. In my area of South Jersey the going rate for a 10 x 20 storage shed to rent is around $ 150.00 a month. This is not heated with limited access.
  17. Great job Annie. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
  18. Annie, We have 415 vehicles registered along with 183 Judges. Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few days. Thanks, Dave
  19. Eric, As stated the free track time is included in your paid registration fee. We have decided that Judges with cars that meet A.A.C.A. criteria will be allowed to participate. Thank you foe being one of our Judges. Dave
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