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  1. You may want to loosen the water pump belt, or remove it to see if the clicking stops, I had a water pump that made a ‘clicking’ noise. Jack
  2. About four times a year I am asked to help judge show and shine car shows with about 300 to 500 cars in the show. I always appreciate the late models displayed with numerous trophys, as this allows me to distribute the trophys to other cars that are displayed with none.
  3. These are the fair one , really only suitable for around town use.
  4. My grandfather bought this new when I was born. I've been taking care of it for twenty years. It's a mostly original car, still runs and drives well. It was his baby. Jack
  5. Some photos of the free tires I have for pick-up, in South Jersey, 1 unused, 2 good , 2 just fair at best. H78-15.
  6. StylishOne, I have a set of 5 H78-15 Commander wide white walls (3 inch) that you can have for free if you pick up. They are bias ply. I had them on my 47 Buick until about a year ago. Two that were on the front are fair, the two that were on the rear are good, and the one that was the spare has not been used. These tires are probably 20 plus years old, but are not dry-rotted or cracked. They have a nice appearance, however, I would not use them for any high speed, or sustained highway driving, just perhaps low speed local use. I am located in South Jersey near Philadelphia. Thanks Jack
  7. Great video on an unusual car, at least here in the states, looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. Jack
  8. Two quarts does seem a bit much for the puking, is your temp guage indicating that it is going toward 200ish? Mine wold be ok on cool days but I took it out on a hot day and when I stopped, it really let quite a bit of coolant out and the engine was running hot. I did the gravity test on the radiator, the block seemed clean, but it would not regulate temp well. Re-cored the rad, 160 thermostat (a bit low, I think a 180 may be better for the car), and now the car holds 160 all of the time, and only heat-soaks to about 175. My 47 uses a 7 lb cap. Jack
  9. Sorry for assuming that you were overheating, if you are filling the radiator to the top, it will puke out a bit of coolant until the coolant is about 1 1/2 inches below the top. This allows for coolant expansion. There may be a fill line embossed in the top of the radiator tank on the engine compartment side. Jack
  10. According to CARS Inc. catalog (oldbuickparts.com), 37 - 39 use an RC-10 non pressurized cap. The overheating may be caused by sludge (rust, scale, etc.) in the block, generally near the rearmost cylinders. This can be cleaned by flushing, but the best way is to remove the rear freeze plug and to get the sediment out. On my 47 248, I too did the fill it up and see how fast the water runs out 'gravity' test, which I thought went well, but I went and had a new radiator core done and it solved the problem. If you record the radiator, be sure to put a coolant filter (Google 'gano filter' ) in the upper radiator hose, to keep any remaining block sediment from moving into the new core and ruining it. There are numerous threads on this forum that cover this topic of overheating and sediment in the Buick 8. Good luck! Jack
  11. I have a similar noise in my 47 Super. I was told it is likely my transmission input shaft bearing. Jack
  12. 5 Diamondbacks shipped, about $1,500. Changing wives, ???
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