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  1. Yes, A Big Thank-You to the Greatest Generation. All Veterans are my Heros. Thanks Dad. RIP
  2. I was in the class of " 72 " and my 1965 Mustang six banger fastback was no match for Edgar Davis 1970 Chevelle L78 4-speed hotrod. Fastest car in Pennsville NJ at the time. Great times to remember !!!
  3. I found a nice1953 NJ license plate. Now have one for the year I was born and one for the year the Mrs. was born. Will not reveal that number. Also bought a glass oil container with a funnel attached. Items will look good in my pole barn.
  4. Yes , That is exactly what happend to a few of them back in the day. LOL
  5. I fill the tank and put some sta-bil in there. Bat. tender pluged in and stored in my pole barn. In South Jersey if there is no salt on the road I take her out for a drive once a month or so.
  6. Received in todays mail. Will see everyone on fri.
  7. Not't a darn thing. Spent the day fighting a 103 degree fever. I hurt from top to bottom. Have not felt this bad in twenty years. :mad:
  8. Will look good on my granddaughter who turned 4 years old today. Happy Birthday Zoey !!
  9. God Bless America and keep us safe now and in the future. We must never forget 9-11-01 !!!
  10. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. South Jersey is good for right now !!!
  11. Sue and I will be working the membership and library booths on Fri. and will have the Boss Mustang in class 36I on the show field. Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.
  12. Wow, What a neat video Brings back my childhood days with Mom and Dad.
  13. John, Thanks for posting the pictures. They look great. Cars and good friends, what more could you ask for.
  14. I believe all badges except the 1st jr's badge must be sent back to headquarters in Hershey, once the vehicle changes ownership.
  15. Yes, A" BIG" thank-you goes out to all the menbers of the Appalachian Region for hosting a great show. Sue and I had a wonderfull time doing all the planned events. From the track tour to running the Boss 302 on the high banks of the Bristol Motor Speedway. To the car cruise and picnic on State St. On Fri. Night. Great time was had by all. What a lovely area that part of the county is. Sat. nights banquet was very well attended with good entertainment to start things off with. And the food was good ole southern cooking. You could not ask for anything more.
  16. Great choice by the way. I just filled my 2000 f-350 dulley today for the trip to Bristol. It took 28 gal at a cost of $100.00. That V-10 gets 9 miles per gal Towing. But I do tow with ease and comfort. You don't even feel the trailer behind you. Good luck with it.
  17. It's this week, from the 11th to the 13th. Car show is on Sat. at the Bristol Motor Speedway. The host hotel is the Bristol Inn and Convention Center. There will also be a downtown car cruise on Fri. night. Hope you can make it.
  18. Sue and I are leaving early Thur. am. Looking forward of driving the Boss 302 on the high banks of Bristol speedway.
  19. This home movie brings a tear to my eye when I watch it. I think of my late Father and all of the Greatest Generation. God Bless them all.
  20. Happy 4th of July everyone. God Bless America and our military.
  21. Very amazing. If I could do a brake job that good I would be very pleased.
  22. I pull with a Ford F-350 crew cab dually. Would not pull with anything else. Very stable on the road. With the V-10 engine , it will pass everything but a gas station. It is also my bad wheather vechicle. Have pulled with 3/4 ton single axle trucks and did not feel safe when it was windy and when tractor trailers passed me. Came close of being sucked into one once.
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