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  1. looking for 1959-1960 el camino with good body running or not 830-589-2412--------------bln55@yahoo.com
  2. looking for complete 1954-1960 cadillac coupe or convertible thanks 830-589-2412 bln55@yahoo.com
  3. looking for driver quality cadilllac nothing to expensive prefer 1955 but will consider1954 or 1956 thanks 830-589-2412 bln55@yahoo.com
  4. looking for restorable coupe express pickup 830-589-2412 or bln55@yahoo.com
  5. need headlihgt glass and one reflector for 1937 hudson terraplane pickup thanks 830-589-2412 bln55@yahoo.com
  6. bln55

    1937 reo price help

    looking for a 1937ish, found a 37 reo ,needs restored owner had on ebay wants about 3500 for it is that a decent price how easy are they to find thanks Gordon bln55@yahoo.com
  7. looking for 2 headlight lenses and one reflector plate also glove box door thanks 830-589-2412 bln55@yahoo.com
  8. wanted hudson pickup any condition thanks 830-589-2412
  9. looking for old studebaker pickup thanks 830-589-2412
  10. looking for title for 1955 gmc suburban thanks 830-589-2412 bln55@yahoo.com
  11. looking for studebaker pickup project thanks -bln55@yahoo.com or830-589-2412
  12. looking for old panel truck chevy, ihc or others 830-589-2412 bln55@yahoo.com
  13. with good body running or not 830-589-2412 bln55@yahoo.com
  14. looking for 34 or 35 dodge with suicide doors i any condition 830-589-2412 bln55@yahoo.com
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