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  1. I believe the door is swung open ("suicide style") to the point where it appears invisible in this shot
  2. Hello all - attached are two photos taken on Staten Island in 1941 that captured parts of the front and rear of an older NYC Police Car. We are hoping that someone can help us identify it. We think we've ruled out usual suspects Plymouth (don't believe they had headlights mounted horizontally) and Ford, and went through photos of a host of other makes without finding a match. Many thanks!
  3. I just noticed the same question popped up earlier this week in a post from Ray Garcia. I guess I'm not the only one wondering?
  4. From the fantastic old photo site Shorpy.com comes this clip from a photo taken in NYC's Times Square in 1935. Having doubts that this taxi is a Checker, and wondering if anyone can identify the make. The full photo can be seen here - https://www.shorpy.com/node/25965?size=_original#caption.
  5. Here's another photo from the NYC archives taken on Staten Island circa 1940. The 1937 Ford sedan delivery is most likely sporting a red, white and blue paint scheme (red roof, blue fenders?). Assuming the graphics are all hand-painted, unlike today's vinyl wraps and decals.
  6. According to the Standard Catalog of American Cars, factory price of the Junior 8 Brougham was $2,285.
  7. Someone call Doc Brown and tell him to bring the DeLorean. We need to travel back to 1940 and drive down Richmond Road on Staten Island, where this photo was taken. Someone has an old used car sitting outside that we'd be interested in. (photo courtesy of the NYC Dept. of Finance Tax Photos)
  8. Regarding correct tires for this era, I have additional questions. My 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass is eligible to wear radial tires, but according to judges at the last two meets I attended (Eastern Spring 2019 and AGNM 2020), a radial tire with "p-metric" sizing is incorrect for years ranging from 1967 thru 1975. Does anyone know if current manufacturers of radial tires make a tire with "pre-metric" sizing on their sidewalls? Everything I find that's sized in the "pre-metric" way is bias ply. How is anyone showing a 1967-1975 car with radials doing so with the correct sizing on the sidewall (o
  9. Just curious, were there dash plaques for this meet? My group all picked up our envelopes on Friday, and when we drove in Saturday morning, we got a temperature check and directions to our spots on the field. Perhaps we were supposed to go somewhere else to get the plaque?
  10. Hi all - continuing to scour the NYC tax photo archive from circa 1940. Here are three shots of a variety of cars parked outside the Tompkins Park Restaurant, which was at 222 Bay Street in Staten Island. We have a Packard with mismatched tires, a big Cadillac and a few others for you to identify. Have fun - Paul
  11. Hello all - I am working on a project for our region that is using NYC's tax photo archives to locate buildings across Staten Island that once served the automobile community - dealerships, garages, gas stations, etc. This gas station shot was taken in 1940, and features what was then simply a big, used car. I'm certain many of you will easily recognize its profile and be able to identify it for us. I'll have plenty more to keep us busy and entertained. Thank you, Paul Arena President, SIRAACA
  12. Thanks for the follow up Steve, and for the other points that each have you have made. Yet another thing for us to consider as we sort this out.
  13. Hello all - As I'm sure is the case with many local regions, we here in Staten Island are still unsure about the status of our fall show in September. Many factors will play a role in what we can or cannot do, including social gathering guidelines, venue availability and the loss of local sponsors and donors that help fund the event. That said, we are curious if the insurance policies we are afforded for our events through the AACA and JC Taylor address issues related to COVID-19. If we hold a show within the allowed guidelines at that time, and someone claims to have gotten sick
  14. Thanks Steve - Best of luck with The Elegance. That's the kind of work I'd like to be up to my eyeballs in!
  15. Hi Pat - will you report on the Zenith Award as well?
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