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  2. 41 Su8, I have tried searching 'battleship linoleum', unfortunately, it appears that it is only available in the Americas and I am in the UK. I cant seem to find any suppliers in the UK or Europe. I think the shipping costs from the States would be rather high. Joe in Canada, many thanks for the link. They certainly have what I am looking for, the problem is shipping to the UK. I will contact them and see what they think. Terry Bond, I have tried to find out what material was used on the floors of the Humberette, but too date have had no luck, some owners say carpet, others say lino! Here are a few photos of the floor on other Humberette's. A much modified Humberette in Australia with a modified floor to give more room for your feet. This looks like carpet? Not sure if this is carpet or lino? This looks as if it could be lino? This is definitely rubber mat. Definitely carpet. Difficult to tell, maybe rubber mat? Thanks to you all for your help.
  3. Little off the topic but I’ve been finding my mirrors a bit useless, they don’t give a whole lot of reflection of the side of the car. I hunted down some 96mm blind spot mirrors and stuck them on. The difference is just awesome I can see every part of the side of the car from top to bottom. I’ve been using my chrome headlight to look for cars next to me more than the old flat mirror.
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  5. Got everything balanced up this morning. All the weights all match up perfectly after taking a little off here and there, and the totals were all the same. 4 days working out the jig and 3 hours to balance it all. Haha. There was one piston that was 1 gram more than the others but I didn’t want to take anymore of it. Got most of it buttoned up today and it all went together really nicely. Will put the head and sump on tomorrow and prep it for painting.
  6. 1969 chevy camaro 350 v8 a/c car On Ebay
  7. #CarShow Oldtimer Breakfast Tournai - Belgium April 22, 2019 Photos by Capri Power (see all the photos on next link)
  8. Leaving Minnesota May 1 to York PA area. Can haul car, pickup and parts. Wayne. 507 two six nine 6696.
  9. I would guess that the electric fuel pump could be the problem. You should have maybe 1-2 psi at the carb. More than that you could be over running the carb/float with fuel causing the car to run rich. Just a thought.
  10. I’m changing out the original exhaust manifold bolts on my 57 Special and was wondering out replacing them with grade 8. Any thoughts and advice? Barry
  11. OK Riviera People: I run the kind Bob the Turbinator runs. Perfect! Hey, I also noticed the valve stem on the 63 wire cap is at 6 'o clock on the factory picture. I've been putting all mine at 3 'o clock. Will i get in trouble with the cops on that one? Mitch
  12. OK Buick People: It's happy. Ever go to a swap meet and see the vendor ask too much for their stuff, pack it up and keep doing the same thing? Well, cars can also be like that. Now at least if the car is not selling the seller has a legitimate reason to consider lowering the price. Yup, VERY VERY HAPPY. Mitch
  13. Very nice car ! It takes me back to 1969 when i was in Canada -Ontario working on a tabacco farm as a Belgian student helping the farmers to get the harvest inside .On the weekend we where taken to town and in one street there was a car like this one parked on the side of the street .It was a yellow one .I hope this one finds a good home .
  14. I may have two of them. sell them or scrap it..
  15. goose may be cooked, beginning the roasting process as we speak. $0.7 Billion loss this quarter, expected $0.5 Billion loss next quarter. Sales in Europe very poor. "The Palo Alto, California-based company posted an adjusted loss per share of $2.90 for its fiscal first quarter. This was wider than the $1.30 loss per share consensus analysts were expecting, according to Bloomberg-compiled data."
  16. Before you buy from Coker, make sure you're going to drive the car enough to get your money's worth. If you're only racking up a few hundred miles a year (if that), it might be more financially prudent to get some "close enough" whitewalls from Hankook or the like.
  17. The mirrors came in today. They are very close to fitting over the hinge but just a bit too small to do it. There isn't much material I can grind off the mirrors, I might have to take a hair off the hinges. I will have to see when I have time to work at them properly. The pins they came with are also too narrow and the set screws are too close to the center, but this can be resolved. Cost too much to send them back and try again, they will work ok.
  18. Is this the formula? (14.7 x .8 x 4.51.3 ) - 14.7 I can't do 4.51.3 in my head
  19. If you have not done this before you may have to clean off the outside rim of the dampener, wire brush the engraved marks and highlight them with chalk or white paint.
  20. That is the point. The multigrade should allow easier starting and circulate better when cold, but hold a higher pressure when hot.
  21. Most 12 volt timing lights work just fine on six volts. I have never had a problem with one yet.
  22. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, Location does complicate things. Let me check the directory. Harry Nicks in Redlands, CA used this donor to aid in a V63 roadster project. They would have had no use for anything aft of the cowl. But I think the distance would be a deal killer. Hmmmmmmm....................... Perhaps your friend has the makings of a speedster project. - Carl
  23. Hi Pete, Thank you for your post and information. While the car currently runs with the Remy 626K, I do have a passing interest in ultimately returning the car to its more original setup. If you have a 626A or K97 I would be interested in obtaining some pictures from you and also knowing what your asking price would be. My Email address is Regards Glen
  24. What is happening now has little to do with what will be happening way down South. Up to 100 F or more, with the Sun directly overhead, pavement temperature you have never seen constantly re-radiating into every mechanical component in line-of-sight : fun stuff !!! Get a MASSIVE oil cooler, perhaps aviation surplus, and run 20W/50 full synthetic. At least 140 in the rear end, frequent lube with synthetic grease. And slow down going into headwinds in the heat. You will enjoy some locations with elevations above approximately 4000' or so. Remarkable relief from the heat. - Carl
  25. Not sure if this one counts. It was the car I used to pull 40 cars out with a log chain.. It is 33 years old.. But run great..
  26. Before putting on an oil cooler, perhaps put a temperature gauge in the oil and find out what is actually happening.
  27. Matt Harwood is the expert on this, but I'll offer my non-expert opinion: In my experience, the color of a car does have a significant effect on market value -- and the current market favors original or at least period-popular colors for prewar cars. It seems to me that folks buying 80+ year old cars mostly are the type that favors originality. To that crowd, a strange or garish color scheme is like putting a Chevy small-block in a Packard. I wasn't in the hobby then, but I suspect it was a little bit different 40 or 50 years ago, when prewar cars were only 30 or 40 years old and restoration standards weren't what they are now: An old car may have just been a fun curiosity, so a crazy color was putting your own stamp of individuality on things. But these days it seems like originality reigns. Given the hassle and cost of painting a car over, market values suffer from oddball choices.
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