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  1. What a pretty paint job ---- too bad it doesnt function properly ....
  2. I finally found my 1929 Stutz sales brochure. See paragraph regarding use of chromium.
  3. I believe the first year for Stutz chrome was 1929 1928 BB would be nickel.
  4. Yep - I received the notice yesterday also. It is a shame due to the fact that it was about the only source that went into some detail on how to actually do something on a car. Compared to the pathetic car shows that are on now thanks to Motortrend, I dont even bother trying to find any useful information off any of these total wastes of time shows. Unfortunately I renewed my subscription for 2 years back in September. I like the comment about filing a claim, but due to the fact that they are broke I would suspect I would have a better chance of seeing Bigfoot hitchhiking before every receiving a penny..... MH
  5. Thanks everybody for all the information. I would love to get a picture of the engine to see if its similar to the 12 cylinder engine Enger used. That is a fantastic hearse!
  6. Does anyone know if any of the 12 cylinder National cars exist? Would be interested also in any literature detailing the 12 cylinder engine that was used by National. Thanks in advance. Mark H
  7. Wheels for the World is a very difficult read at times, but gives a relatively unbiased look at Henry Ford from many angles. As most people with incredible power and wealth came a feeling of dominance. He became a hero offering $5 a day for work when half of that was customary, yet later became an employee adversary when he felt threatened by the power given to unions by the federal government. His son Edsel did not embrace his lifestyle or values, so was heavily chastised by his father to the point that it probably adversely affected his health. His views on Judism stemmed from his intense dislike for the banking establishment as they are the group that ousted him from his previous two business attempts. Even the bankers replacement for Ford, Henry Leland later succumbed to Fords revenge when Lincoln was sold to Ford (one of the greatest eat crap pictures in history is the signing of Lincoln over to Ford). Henry Ford is many contradictions in personality, from the thousands of people who lined the streets of Detroit upon his death to honor him , to receiving awards from Adolph Hitler during his life for his anti semetic views. For good or bad he will definitely never be forgotten...
  8. Has anyone else received this AACA "trinket" in the mail from this sender? I received it with no note - was wondering if someone else was supposed to get it. Thanks, Mark H
  9. What a great time everyone (at least everyone I spoke to) had this year. If people are losing interest in this hobby it sure didn't show here! I too want to thank all of the volunteers that make this such a great event. I especially want to thank the crossing guards that literally risk their lives stopping the traffic on a very busy road hundreds of times a day. I know I made NUMEROUS trips across the road carrying all sorts of stuff . Thanks again to everyone - already looking forward to next year!!
  10. Thanks for the great pictures Annie. You definitely captured the essence of the whole Hershey experience. Beautiful blue skies, full moon and tons of great stuff and great cars to look at!!
  11. Thanks John , and as always - thanks Ed
  12. Thank you - I'm glad to hear that you are pleased with the tires, and especially that you have had no problems with the inner tubes. Maybe pressure put on the manufacturer to improve their tubes worked. Sourcing the correct sized light truck tire tubes for 20" narrow tires has been more difficult then I expected, along with the problem of replacing the stems with the nickel valves on the tubes.
  13. Thanks JFranklin, Lucas has quoted me on the tubes and stems, but they buy the tubes from the same tube supplier overseas as all the other vintage tire sellers.
  14. Thanks again. I believe I will buy the 90 degree nickel valve stems for the correct look and then figure out a way to secure them to locally available tubes as you describe.