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  1. Thanks John , and as always - thanks Ed
  2. Thank you - I'm glad to hear that you are pleased with the tires, and especially that you have had no problems with the inner tubes. Maybe pressure put on the manufacturer to improve their tubes worked. Sourcing the correct sized light truck tire tubes for 20" narrow tires has been more difficult then I expected, along with the problem of replacing the stems with the nickel valves on the tubes.
  3. Thanks JFranklin, Lucas has quoted me on the tubes and stems, but they buy the tubes from the same tube supplier overseas as all the other vintage tire sellers.
  4. Thanks again. I believe I will buy the 90 degree nickel valve stems for the correct look and then figure out a way to secure them to locally available tubes as you describe.
  5. Thank you for your response. That is not the first time that I have heard about the problems with the off shore tubes. When you question the tire companies about this their only response is that there is no other supplier in the world for tubes, then I can imagine them shrugging their shoulders. Did you buy the light truck tire tubes locally? Did you replace the stems with period correct stems?
  6. Has anyone had any experience with Bedford Tires sold through Lucas Tire in California? I am interested in purchasing a set of 6.50 x 20 bias ply black wall tires from them.
  7. The original link chain pitch is no longer available in case your timing gears are toast.
  8. George also sells sets of rods and pistons that do not require the extensive regrinding of the rod journals that need to be done with the Packard rods. If you decide on the Packard rods I know that Max Merritt had a set available earlier this year.
  9. The Company that was related to Beaver is still in business - Filer and Stowell. They make stationary woodworking equipment. They are a good source of information on Beaver.
  10. Assuming the same sequence of FEDCO numbers was used on the Blackhawk series of cars in 1929, the car number would be 416032 - this number should be found stamped somewhere on a frame member of the car. For Stutz roadsters of the same year the number was stamped on the passenger side left bumper mount casting and the front engine mount frame bracket.
  11. Enger Motor Car Company - also in Cincinnati Ohio with Schacht - used a 40HP 4 cylinder L head Beaver engine (same engine as early Mercers before Mercer began producing their own T head) in their Model 40 series of cars from 1910 to 1914.
  12. What vehicle was this off of?
  13. If anyone is looking for a steering column I saw one for sale at a flea market in Southern Indiana yesterday. Looked very complete and restoreable. .
  14. I am discontinuing an ongoing 1979 450SL project I started several years ago. I have many new items that were purchased for the project that were never used. A short list is complete new interior (leather seats, carpet, repadded dash) Interior color is Bamboo (exterior color Colorado Beige). New soft top - color Black. Two new aftermarket front fenders, New timing chain and guides - motor mounts, reconditioned power steering pump Original parts from car - front grille, steering wheel, radio, all door panels and center console - if you are restoring a similar car I am interested in moving all of the above quickly - I am located 30 mile northeast of Cincinnati Ohio.
  15. Would like comments regarding whether on not the wooden dash on a 1910 Touring car would be finished (stained) wood, or if painted body color. I am in the beginning stages of restoring a 40HP Touring car. The original dash was apparently not usable and discarded by previous owner. The only piece of original wood from the car is at the bottom of the windshield frame. It is oak, very weathered, but does appear that it had been painted a dark color. Original literature from the car states the body was royal blue with cream frame. I also have black and white pictures of the car from the 1920's which would seem to indicate that the dash was very dark, but not conclusive. Virtually all of the restored cars that I have looked at have stained and finished wood dashes, but I am not sure if this is due to current tastes or if this treatment is accurate in regards to originality.