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  1. here is the engine number from the block, 87638-C, what do you think?
  2. serial number 87638 C, what does the C represent/mean? should be a BB engine number, the C is what I am asking about, thank you in advance...
  3. great search tool, thank you for providing such a excellent website
  4. good afternoon, I know I am reaching back aways and hoping, In the mid to late 70's Dr, Davis of Wilsonville, Oregon had a 1928 STuTz Blackhawk speedster, it was sold and would like to see if anyone knows of this car, yes, I know it is a long shot, any and all info would be appreciated very much... and no, I am not related to him, yes, I did know him, thank you
  5. sorry I dont have pictures, I am try to understand the speedster, before I go and look at couple of STuTZ speedsters
  6. thank you all, at this point, I am trying to learn as much as I can, I find so much of the info is not very clear and looking for that one guy or guys that seem to know the speedsters inside and out. STuTZ did lots of interesting things in constructing cars, like the windshield/cowl used on the speedster, what else was it used on? 27 body vs 28 body, tails lights? step plates? and I could go on for awhile asking questions good reproduction makes it hard to tell the difference between the original, what are some of things to look at do have the Splendid STuTZ and have more questions than not from reading it are all speedsters Blackhawks or ? sorry for the dumb questions, usually I am pretty good at car history but this one has me a little confused, really looking to learn what is correct and what is not! thank you
  7. looking to chat and learn about the 1927/28 STuTZ 2 passenger speedster, any and all info is greatly appreciated
  8. looking for either a 110 or 115 Packard engine and transmission from a '37 Packard, needs to be at least rebuildable and complete. thank you
  9. to keep things honest and clear, my first, private message to the seller, included my phone number, and had hoped they would have called, I did send three more messages with no response, and 4 days later and three more messages to the seller, I did a message today, with an explanation, all is good, there are several family members involved, I wish them good luck with their sale, headed back to the shop, finishing up the old Lincoln touring sorry to have troubled the seller and wish them well fyi, IMHO, this old girl deserves to be restored despite the reality of what it is worth when done, but the smiles per mile on a cool fall day is priceless
  10. oh, I did answer his question, I am about 500 miles away and have a nice big trailer, help to load the Cadillac, cash, and confidence of what the old caddy is...and what is needed, just crickets, and have sent a couple more private messages with it no reply, I will be passing on it.
  11. call me crazy, I like the 1922 Cadillac, and have restored many a car for my personal use, with never a thought of selling, fyi, yes a sedan is much like a boat, just hull in the water to throw money in, yet, there are so few prefect days to drive an open car, that a sedan is very nice for the not so prefect days. I offered $3,500.00 and only response I received was, where did I live, so, my guess is, $3,500.00 will not buy it, oh well...
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