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  1. great ad Anthony, thank for including a price, what are you asking for the boat tail roadster ? thank you
  2. gezzzzz guys, this looks like a HOOT, and really redefines the term land yacht...
  3. neat rig, please do not misunderstand my question, I am not beating up on your price or truck, I would like to know how you got to your price, have no idea what it is truly worth. yes, what is it worth to me, well, I am trying to figure that out, and need some help to get a real value, it could very well be your asking price, yup, the price includes blue sky for it's racing history I have a serious interest... thank you
  4. cause they were city cars, and meant to be very quite and silkly smooth...
  5. think Paul traded upon his reputation for money, the difference between the real thing and a made up Bearcat was very little after Paul billed you for the work. he was a well known for his knowledge of the STuTZ and yes he could be a very likable fellow.
  6. a very quick way to tell an authentic Bearcat, is wheel base, a real Bearcat is 118 inch and all of the Freehill's fake Bearcats were all 120 inch, as Durospeed stated, "buyer beware" time does tend to hide the sins of the fake...
  7. and don't forget the '34 Ford hood stuck inside the early 20's Dodge coupe
  8. there are 2 that I know of...massive restoration and or custom built, either way about the same money.
  9. Model R is a nicely balanced car to drive with power to keep up the bigger cars. Have enjoy many many great miles in my '06 R
  10. thank you I have been searching all the sites and started now posting want ad for a good to better condition box, condition is far more important than price
  11. looking for a good to better condition 1928/29 Model AA express box, thank you j davis thomas40white@gmail