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  1. Spot on! Thank you so much Vintman!
  2. Here are a couple of photos from Sweden, of a car I have not identified, probably with a Swedish coachwork. I'm thinking it might be something Italian? It's pretty similar to Fiat, but it doesn't seem to fit. Any other ideas? Photo: Knut Brydolf, Eskilstuna stadsmuseum Source: https://eskilskallan.eskilstuna.se/items/show/80925 Photo: Knut Brydolf, Eskilstuna stadsmuseum Source: https://eskilskallan.eskilstuna.se/items/show/80922
  3. Today I stumbled upon another picture of a Darracq in Sweden, again with number plate A282. The photo was taken outside Gustaf Ericsson's Automobile facory in Stockholm. This seems to be the same car as the original photo in this thread. And it seems they reused the same number plate as the Darracq limousine from the earlier post. Photo from the Swedish Museum of Technology in Stockholm: https://digitaltmuseum.se/021016315081/
  4. Any ideas of what this could be? The photo was taken in 1910 in Sweden. Photo: Johan Henrik Hansson (Hedemora municipality archive)
  5. Here's a couple photos of similar Darracqs. https://digitalcollections.detroitpubliclibrary.org/islandora/object/islandora%3A245334 https://www.alamy.com/a-darracq-2032-four-cylinder-motor-car-licence-plate-or-registration-plate-number-h-2554-photograph-taken-in-reading-in-england-in-1906-it-has-an-aa-automobile-association-radiator-badge-number-5464-fitted-the-driver-can-be-seen-wearing-a-large-fur-driving-coat-image242283330.html https://www.alamy.com/a-darracq-2032-four-cylinder-motor-car-licence-plate-or-registration-plate-number-h-2554-photograph-taken-in-reading-in-england
  6. Thanks Ariejan for correcting this identification. I based it on the older post, which turned out to be wrong. You are definitively correct about it being a Darracq, and probably correct in them being different cars too, it was just all the similarities that got me.
  7. You might be right, we will probably never know for certain. Anyway, the important thing is that the make of the car is identified as a NAG (given that the car in the photo posted by Leif in the linked post was correctly identified).
  8. It was not uncommon in these days for luxury cars to have two coachworks, one "summer body" and one "winter body". So it could be the same car with just the body switched. There are also probably a couple of years between the photos, in the winter photo the car seems new and in the summer photo it seems used, so that could explain why some details doesn't match. But I am not at all sure that it is the same car, it just seems like such a coincidence that they would be so similar, and that the registration numbers seem like they could match.
  9. I think I have solved what it is. I think it's a NAG. It could even be the same one as this one (A282):
  10. I'm very unsure about the registration number, but the middle digit looks different than the first and last, so maybe A989 or A282?
  11. AACA seemed to compress the image, so here's a better version.
  12. Interesting photo of a car in Sweden, but I'm failing to identify the make of the car. Any thoughts? The photo comes from Arboga Museums fotoarkiv (the Arboga Museum photo archive). https://www.arbogamuseum.se/Foto/fotografier.php?nrinrow=3907
  13. Interesting, but none of these seem to mach with the plate on the closeup. It seems to be a three digit number with a 2 in the middle.
  14. An image of the complete car can be found here: https://bildarkiv.sca.com/fotoweb/archives/5000-Historiska-bilder/SCA-Bildarkiv/SCA5/4369.jpg.info
  15. Interesting thought. I'm not convinced though, the Stevens-Dureya badge seems a bit different.
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