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  1. This is Dale in Montana I sure would like to see pictures of an early Hupmobile. dale.tharp@gmail.com thanks.
  2. M. Katch & Co. In Fredonia Ks. Is where I worked and that is in SE Ks.
  3. Just FYI I guess Buick’s were cheap after the war! In the late 60s I worked for a recycling place in Ks. and found several old receipts like this w titles in a draw of an old desk. They were buying these cars by the pound just pull them a cross the scales or drive them across, if they had a good tire or two they would pull them off and if there any gas in the tank they would sifen it out and pull the battery if it was any good and crush the rest. dale.tharp@gmail.com / 406 557 611one.
  4. This is Dale in Montana I have what ever came out on 32 Plymouth I will check and see if it’s close, both ends of his bracket may be the same so it could be turned over and used on the other side and not have to have a right and left. dale.tharp@gmail.com
  5. This is Dale in Montana just a little FYI for now days I just received a pair of 32 ply. fenders shipped by Grayhound from Ca.to Montana for only 70. and everything went good.
  6. Well that probably wouldn’t work well. To much distance between us.
  7. This is Dale in Montana, I don’t know where your located but if close to me you could come by and cut some brackets off one of these old model T frames, or dig around in an old farmers iron pile in your area. dale.tharp@gmail.com / 406 557 611one
  8. This is Dale in Montana I have a 32 Plymouth I would be interested in trading for a studebaker bout the same yr. dale.tharp@gmail.com / 406 557 611one
  9. This is Dale in Montana I may have some Buick wheels but you need to be close where you can drive and pick them up. If you have a pic.of what you need and we’re close I would look and see if I have them and how many. If I remember right they don’t all have the little cap on them, and maybe not even Buick. dale.tharp@gmail.com / 406 557 611one
  10. This Dale in Montana I would give 50. plus shipping for your Studebaker carb. dale.tharp@gmail.com / 406 557 611one Thanks.
  11. Chris this is Dale in Montana I posted a 1929 Buick coupe on your other add and never heard back. dale.tharp@gmail.com /. 406 557 611one.
  12. This is Dale in Montana, do we have contact info on the owner of the 33 studebaker yet ? If it is really for sale,if so I need more info and pictures, inside, wood ,seats,dash,floor, engine compartment and info how complete does it turn over? Close up of rockers any glass for patterns, paper work (title) Thanks dale.tharp@gmail.com / 406 557 611one.
  13. Has any one seen how complete it is and if it has a rumble seat , dual sides , is it a roller? Engine turn over? dale.tharp@gmail.com / 406 557 611one Thanks
  14. This is Dale in Montana I sure would like to know more about this 33 studebaker and see some pictures if anyone can help. dale.tharp@gmail.com / 406 557 611one Thanks
  15. Where is the PA that’s going to get rodded and how much is going to be available. Running boards engine, Tranmision, wheels, hub caps. Thanks Dale. 406 557 611one