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  1. That’s a neat old school bus, thanks for putting it on for the rest of us to see.
  2. Good morning DeAnna this is Dale in Montana Iam so sorry to here about your loss, I wanted to let you know Iam very interested in your 25 Studebaker, do you have a title for it, and will the engine turn over, have you thought about a price ? If you care to get back w me here is my email or your welcome to text me. dale.tharp@gmail.com / 620 332 493two Thanks
  3. This is Dale in Ks. Iam still interested in pictures of your rough PB hood. Thanks Dale. 620 332 493two / dale.tharp@gmail.com
  4. Good morning guys this is Dale in Ks.the same one that has been Montana Iam interested in a PA Radator and still looking for a PB hood and window regulators, any help would be appreciated. Thanks 620 332 4932 / dale.tharp@gmail.com
  5. I believe it’s about 119” WB
  6. Thank you very much for the info, I wander if that would have been a touring car or roadster from looking at the cowl?
  7. I guess two pic. Is all I can load.
  8. I have pic. If I can get them to go
  9. This is Dale in Montana I have an old Dodge w a TT ford rear end, I need help w the yr. and roadster or touring I believe it’s been a farm tractor in its sec. life. But I couldn’t stand see them to take it to recycle. Any help is appreciated thanks. 620 332 4932 / dale.tharp@gmail.com
  10. This is Dale in Montana, I sold this 59 wagon in Ks. about 2 yrs. ago but I don’t think the guy is doing anything w it, it would sure be a project all right, and there is a lot of rust in the floors ,I may have the guys name and number if you have any interest. Dale dale.tharp@gmail.com /. 406 557 611one
  11. This is Dale in Montana on the Knight car seems like it’s a 1928 and I don’t have a clue on price still won’t know till I look at it my self. Thanks PS. If there is interest we’ll figure it out.
  12. This is Dale in Montana I do have a spare knight car, not just an engine, I was going to restore it probably won’t get to it. It does have the sleeve valve engine, I think it’s a six cyclinder,I had it running about 18 or 20 yrs. ago. I turn it over ever few yrs. when Iam in that old building, it’s probably been a yr. now Sence I have turned it, but Iam sure it’s free. It’s in Kansas and Iam going there when the lock down gets over, I could get someone pic.if there is any interest, It’s a three door sedan complete car, unrestored, It has some damage to the rear seat where the top had leaked, from a leak in the building from the old guy I bought it from. Seems like it has the trunk on the back, and some damage to one front fender but pretty nice old car other wise, I do remember it has the bud vace and the key to lock the transmission. I better end, I guess I got a little long winded here. Thanks Dale. 406 557 611one ranch / 620 332 493two cell and Ks.
  13. This is Dale in Montana Iam interested, how bout location or did I miss it ? How bout price ? dale.tharp@gmail.com / 406 557 611 one Thanks
  14. This is Dale in Montana I would be interested in your Nash head lights if still available. Thanks dale.tharp@gmail.com. / 406 557 611one.
  15. This is Dale in Montana I gained a lot of info from that article on the Austin Champ thank you very much and it is a R R engine Iam thinking of, I guess I didn’t see anything on dual fuel on this vehicle I do know it has the combat wheels. Thanks again guys. dale.tharp@gmail.com. Iam looking for one for parts.