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  1. Hi I’m looking for a 1929-1933 cadillac, lasalle, packard 2-door coupe NEEDING restoration Barn finds, basket cases welcome please no other years or makes text/call 360-348-7323
  2. I’m trying to find a 1955 Buick convertible NEEDING restoration barn finds, basket cases missing title welcome please only this make and year 360-348-7323 text/call
  3. Hi Doug yes it does have a heat tube I posted pic of the one I have any help would be great the only way mine works is the spring expands opening the choke but once it cools and retracts the choke stays open what’s closes it?
  4. Hi carbking it’s a 1964 Carter model ?what do you mean the bimetallic coil ? its the original choke and right according to the books the only way I can see that the way my works is that the spring will open the choke as it expands
  5. HELP I have a 1964 impala with a Carter carburetor 4 bbl . The choke does not close. I took the automatic choke apart, and seems like the spring is only supposed to operate in the open direction, as it heats up and uncoils . what closes the coil ? this is a pic of the spring I have
  6. I think the Mentioned vehicle is out of my price range for what the owner is asking 50k
  7. Hi does anybody know of a 29-33 Cadillac Lincoln, Chrysler ,maroon ,packard ,Buick ,lasalle 2-door needing restoration is? Any help would be great?
  8. Hi everyone hoping somebody can help , I have been contacted about a 1931 Cadillac coupe V-12 with dual side mounts and rumble seat Barn find , all there except a very few amount of small items. needs total restoration, what kind of price is reasonable for something like that , and what kind of value when restored? thanks
  9. Hi do you have a complete motor? also looking for a 29-34 2 door coupe needing restoration?
  10. I’m looking for a non restored complete V12/V16 engine Any model thanks chris 360-348-7323
  11. I’m looking for a non restored complete V12/V16 engine Any model thanks chris 360-348-7323