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  2. Pete I will ship it on Friday Kenny
  3. Congrats on the 41st year of marriage. My other half only goes into the garage to throw whatever she doesn't want in the house anymore just inside the door. So I often open the door and stumble right into whatever she has decided needed to be in the garage now.
  4. Congratulations, we hit 41 in June, she never sets foot in the garage. Bob
  5. How do you intend to handle the rear, tail section? It seems the earlier models (in that video) the rear is very squared-off, with a trunk/suitcase mounted and two spares. The newer ones seem to have that swooping tail. It seems to me either could be done without invoking compound curves and the English Wheel. I am supposing you would go with the earlier, squared-off tail. Or maybe something else of your own design.
  6. Congratulation's on the 41 and that is three events in one day. Would be a major achievement around my place with the wife even coming in my shop never mind giving a hand. But the up side is I can buy a new item and she would never notice it.
  7. Licespray, here you go. Note that some online bids are already well along.
  8. Halfway through Fall and Hershey behind us, I have started finishing off the back side which was completely bare still. I had to get out the excavator and retrieve some big rocks to build the wall out then do a bunch of filling before I dared run the lift along the back wall. It's still a bit tight and even though I ran the 10,000 lb excavator right along the edge of hte wall, then tampoed it with the tamper, as well as waited for the 2 inches of rain to come through, that 20,000 lb lift still leaves a pretty big dent. I think it's good to go though as I'm 2 feet away from the top of the wall in the tightest spot and the ground I'm running on is original fill from when we did the building. The extra I added was for a cushion. I pre built the trusses for the roof return and go those finished as well as the banding board on today. I also got all but the last section of facia board on, which we stained this morning as my Friend wasn't able to drop them off until this morning. I have a big pile of lumber inside but it 's all been rejected for one defect or another, so I wanted fresh good material for those facia boards. Doing it all alone is a real pain, but I use the lift as a dead man and positioning the big heavy lumber isn't too bad with some gentle use of the controls which is a tad tricky as she has quite a bit of play when trying to be real precise. Things as simple as striking a line become a big task. I got the string all set, got to the other end, pulled it tight and it unhooked. Well a few choice words later and running the lift carefully back down to the other end as I hug the building, I get it hooked up. Pull it tight again , strike the line and due to a small bow in the wall it only strikes about 10 feet at a time. Back down through and strike it in short segments, then it's finally done. I should be able to finish that up tomorrow, get the trim board on , hopefully the plywood down which is pre cut and if I'm super lucky, maybe even the row of ice shield. It's suppose to rain in the afternoon so it all depends on when that hits. The roof return and some other Misc. materials ended up running another $2000. Amazing how fast all these little trips to the lumber yard and hardware store add up. You can see the piles of shakes we are trying to dry in the one photo as the lumber yards supply must have gotten wet. Nothing like doping extra work. 8 bundles had to be split apart and set out to dry. The wife has been staining away so I think there are only 3 left to go. I precut all the soffit material so that will go up quick when I get to that phase. I also bought a Porter cable narrow crown cordless stapler to put the shakes up. Hopefully that will work well as dealing with the air hose getting caught almost every time I picked it up on the other side got old real fast. The nailer was brand new on ebay with 2 batteries for 170.00 shipped and that included the ebay warranty. I wouldn't normally buy a warranty but for $10 it has full replacement for the first month even if i break it or drop it. Even with the warranty it came in cheaper than the cheapest one I could find anywhere else and few had an extra OEM battery. All my green trim boards are stained and many are even pre screwed. I'm trying to get the lift work done as fast as possible to beat winter which could come any day after the first of November. There are days I wish I had just closed my eyes held my nose and bought a cheap metal building so it would be done, but then when I step back and look at it, think this was the right choice. I just seems like the work on it will never end or the money needed to invest to get to the next phase. Pay as you go and doing the work all on your own, sure slows things down. I am sure the wife would have never said a metal building looks good, but she has said more than once that things look nice on it. I'll keep trudging along and hopefully some day it will be done while I can still enjoy it. (the garage when it's done, not the work involved to get it there)
  9. Can anyone confirm the exterior front signal, parking, and rear brake/running lights for a 64? I’ve looked a few places and get different results at each place. And while I’m at it, a list for interior replacements? I know most of the courtesy lights are 90s.
  10. Another Craigslist Chrysler. Not mine. Near Hilton Head SC. $9500, 6 cyilnders. Don
  11. NOT MINE All aluminum body converted to a pick-up many years ago. No email please, if interested call 807 475 8044, if no answer leave a message.
  12. Motor has never been out of the car and runs like a swiss watch. Just was getting warm at idle. getting better by the day though with evapo-rust as coolant
  13. Today
  14. Since my car still has an intermittent hesitation off the line, which is exaggerated whenever there seems to be a stressful situation, I tried something a bit different on Sunday. As I reported in another thread, leaving the car show I encountered heavy traffic. What I did not say was that there is a steep road from the show site to the Rt 9 highway, where cars are traveling 55 mph. At the intersection I had to turn left timing my move between southbound and northbound high speed traffic. That intersection, along with creeping up the hill, caused me to expect hesitation and a potential stall condition just when I would be entering the traffic. Instead, I used low gear for creeping up the hill and entering the highway. In low, the '56 pulled the hill (easily) at just barely above idle, which is an engine speed below the hesitation point. I just creeped up the hill without any problem, and when I made the left onto the highway it jumped out like a scalded cat! Pushed it into drive and away I went, with no hesitation or issue. Shortly thereafter I had hit another traffic jam climbing the slight grade to a 4 way intersection in the heart of Rhinebeck. Once again I dropped it in low and just putted along till I was clear of the intersection and tipped er into drive. You all probably already know this, but it was new to me and it made for a much nicer drive.
  15. There was a 1940 Buick, 90 series for sale in Ca. a while ago. No jump seats or divider glass. It was black and looked real nice. I think the price was in the low 30's Specialty sales in Ca. has a '41 56s coupe in black for $32K (a bit much) but they say it has just a tad over 23K on the clock. Found it on Mike in colorado
  16. Our 41st wedding anniversary today. Wife operated the engine hoist. We put the motor in the Buick today. Lucky me! Charley
  17. This mob makes pistons for '20s REO's but has no listing for yours. Shoot them an email if can make them up for you. The US to Aus exchange rate is kind to you at the moment, so the price maybe very reasonable.
  18. Okay, let's do it. Tell me where to send the check. Thanks for responding. Pete Phillips 301 N. Center St. Bonham, TX 75418
  19. Found this on a Mopar Forum and thought it might be your problem: "Was the water distribution tube checked and or replaced when the engine was rebuilt? Those tubes had a real tendency to rust and cause overheating. Had one flathead 6 years ago where the thing looked like swiss cheese with all of the holes in it.. Was the tube reinstalled when the engine was reassembled? I remember a few cases where the tube was not installed after a rebuild causing quick overheating." Howard Dennis
  20. One of my customers had his done by a HIGH END upholstery shop in leather. IT came out PERFECT. We'll see how long it lasts. Probably forever seeing the way most of these cars are driven & taken care of today. Tom T.
  21. Yes, my reference indicates the bushes were used in 10 applications and the pins used in 4 applications as you both indicate. @Craig Gillingham if you wish to part with those bushes (or anything else that you may find), I am happy to buy them from you.
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