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1934 Pontiac Coupe, not mine

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4 minutes ago, Xander Wildeisen said:

I do not think I have ever seen a three window coupe for sale. Good looking car. Must have a low production number.


I see maybe one a year.   Not very often.   The one I lusted after was a black rear spare car about 10 years ago.


This one is for sale for 43k.




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1 hour ago, Malo48 said:

Wow, that's a wide price difference between the two.


A new winner for worst ad I have ever seen.    The 17,500 asking price is much more realistic than the ask on the car at the beginning of this thread.

But the 34 looks like a better car,  and I think there is a slight premium for 34 over 33.   Which means maybe they are both over priced.



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I LOVE three windows.  Somebody needs to explain to me some day the allure of the 5 window.   More room inside to push the seat back?


This one has hot rod written all over it.  Shame, but I can't contemplate the cost of restoration.  It would be a lot.




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I found a sedan for sale.  The automotive sedan ecosystem could put that three window back to factory. I bet the build/ restoration would be less than a Pierce Arrow, or a Packard. Only you alsancle can save this car. For just 35 cents a day, you can make a difference in a young three window Pontiacs life. Now is the time, the need is greater than it has ever been. Look into those head lights. Act now.

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