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  1. This ad is on the HAMB right now along with photos (will attach one here). It's a good thing I don't have anywhere to keep this because I am a sucker for a '40s GM fastback. 1941 Series 61 Sedanette Cadillac. This car is in great shape for its age! Very solid. Very minimal rust. All original glass! Runs like a top with a fresh tuneup Front brakes have been reworked. The rear still needs done but the parts come with it. I have several original manuals/books and parts catalogs that come with it. Interior is in nice shape. Carpet could stand to be replaced. Paint is an older paint job from probably the 80s. It is driver only quality and is not perfect. Has scratches and flaws in it but presents well. It’s a ten footer. It is powered by the original flathead v8 engine with a 3 on the tree manual transmission. These are getting very hard to find. Has radial tires with portawalls installed. Original hubcaps. All of the trim is complete on the car and in good shape. $19,500 or possible trade for something of similar value. Please be realistic on trades. I’m located in Jacksonville ILCar can be seen pretty much anytime.217-370-0036
  2. On the HAMB for-sale site right now. Two photos. Here's some of the text in the ad: Car was stored in a barn on a wood floor since 1961. Body and frame are remarkably solid. Front floors each have holes, rear and trunk floors are rock solid. Exterior is overall very solid with a few small areas of rust. Car is complete except for fender skirts and rear seat bottom. All the rare trim is there. Have not tried engine, assuming it is stuck from sitting.I would love to build this, but health is preventing. Here’s one that will save you thousands in rust repair it doesn’t need. Asking price is $4500 but I would like to find her a new home, if you're interested ask any questions and make an offer.Car is in central NY state. I can deliver to you anywhere, and since I am retired, on short notice, for expenses. Message or you can text or call 315-440-7351. If you call I won’t recognize your number so will not answer, leave a message and I’ll call. Text is easier.
  3. Dual carb, good looking interior. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/780287995989313/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post
  4. Is this a fair price assuming you could drive it as-is?
  5. https://m.facebook.com/1441430501/posts/10227350770581944/ I know nothing about the car nor the seller, was sent this Facebook ad by a friend who knows that I am into old cars. Price, photos, contact info are all in the ad. I have attached a screenshot of one of the photos. It looks nice - hopefully it will go to a good home (I have no room, otherwise I'd go see it myself).
  6. I really dig this one - if it was closer, I'd go look. I'd just drive as-is, no restoration and no small-block Chevy. Hmm, who do I know in the area?
  7. Took a meandering drive through my neighborhood and took this in front of a church that was built in 1939. I think I'll try to take one again earlier in the morning (less traffic) and frame it better, but you get the idea.
  8. Everyone I know who had one (sedan, wagon, etc) had the headliner fabric come loose from the foam backing like this. My dad used thumb tacks and made a sort-of diamond tuft pattern with his.
  9. Oh, lovely. So, I guess the search is on for a correct spring/retainer. Thanks for the info Jon! -Mike
  10. I'm rebuilding the primary Stromberg on my Special and ran into a situation with the accelerator pump. The old pump, at left, is significantly different that the one included in the kit (which did not come with a spring). Checked to see if the spring could just be swapped, but it does not fit well on the new pump, and the retainer also does not really engage on the new shaft. Note that the old pump shaft appeared to have been brazed/ground, perhaps to use an even older pump shaft to make that one work. The good weather is coming so I'm anxious to get it on the road & not hung up in the garage like it was most of last year. Thanks in advance for your advice! Mike
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