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  1. Heading through Nebraska on 80 the other day, I breezed past Chevyland USA. Never heard of it before, and it looks like the last article on it was from a few years ago. Is it still open for tours?
  2. I saw a '67 Imperial in the same colorways as this one last summer in the parking lot of a roadside stop (was also for sale). It really drew a lot of attention; can't remember the last time I saw one of these in the wild!
  3. I work in commerical aviation. The stuff we've used to strip to bare metal is called Turco. It is very potent stuff - I believe it's concentrated formic acid. You might be able to find some at suppliers like Aviall.
  4. This would be a perfect car for a Bill Haley or Bo Diddley tribute band.
  5. I had one of these (but not the Highlander colors) - it was really comfortable and ate up the road! The Deluxe model window crank handles have knobs that flip up out of the way, and it has a padded 'safety' dash.
  6. What's the deal with the prices changing upwards? That happened with the '48 Olds that was posted here last week or so.
  7. No kidding! A friend of mine has one and he had to build a bump-out extension on his garage to fit it...but on the plus side, he can fit his upright bass and amplifier in the back seat.
  8. Did Olds have two fastback styles that year? I was looking up other '48 Oldsmobile photos and I see some differing styles. It would be interesting to know what the engine situation is.
  9. I remember reading that Hugh Hefner said he knew he'd made it when he bought one of these. His was a '59.
  10. I got up early and thought I'd try to do a quarantine homage to the 'Easter Sunday 1941' photo which was taken not far from my house. This is just about in the same spot as the original photo was shot. As you can see, a lot has changed along the street. Maybe next year I'll try it again with some kids. Doubt I'll get a Pontiac to truly replicate it, though.
  11. Wow. That seems like a really good price, no?
  12. I could have some fun in this, for sure. I like the fender pontoons that continue over the door.
  13. I bought a pair of these from CARS last year for my '41 Special but do not need them. $90 shipped. Send me a PM.
  14. I just had a film crew use my building, interior and exterior, for a week to shoot a period piece TV show, as well as my car for background scenery. It was a fascinating process and I'm very much looking forward to seeing it all on screen. Madame Walker's is a very interesting story and it's gonna be great to see it told.