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  1. Maybe sacrilege but I love those sombrero wheel covers on it!
  2. Oh my goodness. I especially dig the shape of the high beam indicator. Wow!
  3. So, is there a preferred/recommended interior and carpet seller now? I want to replace a rotten rubber floor mat with carpet, and last year looked at a set from L-B but didn't buy because I had to repair other things first.
  4. More photos when you get a chance, please!
  5. What a beauty! That extra Roadmaster length up front really adds something. I have a '41 Special sedanette and I kinda wish it was just that much longer up front. Hope you're able to get this one!
  6. I found it on Craigslist with a price and some different photos: That's on my 'someday I will one one' list. Unfortunately, not the right time for me. Looks like there's a '59 DeSoto under the tarp in the background.
  7. If you're ever in Chicago, you can stop by and see the old Pines factory at Division St. and Cicero Avenue. The facade of the building has terra cotta radiators over the windows. After Pines vacated, the building became the home of Leaf Candy Co.
  8. It reminds me of Ralph Malph's ride from Happy Days. I dig it!
  9. What a beaut! I love how the grille bars radiate up from the point at the bottom.
  10. I have brand-new rear cables which I just (partially) installed. The equalizer is completely missing, so I have no way of attaching the front cable with the rear. Thanks!
  11. Looking for a parking brake equalizer for a '41 Special. My cables were/are inop (and strapped to the torque tube to keep them out of the way), so I'm not sure if I need one that's specific to this year/model or if it's interchangeable with something else. Thanks!
  12. The second image of the Woods catalog in post #1 was taken near the Stephen Douglas Tomb in Chicago. That's it in the background.
  13. I'm interested to see how Ford will retool the Torrence Avenue plant here in Chicago - the local paper said that once the plant ends Taurus/Police Interceptor sedan production, it'll start making the 2020 Lincoln Navigator, with anticipated staffing to remain at the current levels (4,000 workers). Also, they said that the stamping plant in the south suburbs will feel 'no immediate effect' on its 1,200 workers.