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  1. For what it's worth, there was recently a '49 Roadmaster Sedanet(te) in what I thought was excellent shape that was auctioned a few weeks ago. I want to say the winning bid was $34k.
  2. Same seller also has a '64 Cadillac for sale (posted on a different thread here), similar colors. I bet they look great parked next to each other - the executive's garage!
  3. This is the text of the ad - looks like you have to send a direct message to the seller to get contact info: Car has been redone, under 50k miles on car, no rust, was a museum piece in ray skillman museum. For more pics send PM, to speak with owner PM for phone number
  4. Anybody see anything particularly egregious on this one? I am interested in it but being some distance away I can't go see it in person, so knowing what questions to ask would be most helpful!
  5. On the HAMB right now under the Cars For Sale subforum, there's a '52 Buick Special for sale. Not many details but photos look pretty nice. Here's one:
  6. Right now on the HAMB, there's a '36 Cord Phaeton (with a different engine) for sale, asking $65k.
  7. I asked them twice if there were more photos but haven't heard back aside from instructions on how to register as a bidder.
  8. I figured this might be on a lot bucket lists (including mine) - I asked if there were more photos or a video but haven't received a reply. https://www.raleighclassic.com/vehicles/472/1949-buick-roadmaster
  9. Thanks for the info - I have long been curious about these cars and even had the Hot Wheels version as a kid (still have it). I can picture this one on the streets of Palm Springs at the same time Sammy Davis was cruising around in his.
  10. This one really spoke to me for whatever reason - I have no experience with cars of this era in any way but that side-view photo had me figuring out where to get the pennies and how to make space in my garage!
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