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  1. There's a nice '48 for sale on the HAMB right now. Off by a year, but thought you might be want to know.
  2. I thought someone here might be interested. Not mine - I know nothing more than the listing here!
  3. Posting this here in case someone among us is interested. I do love me a fastback! I might stop by and look at it since I don't live too far from where it is.
  4. Looks like the price has dropped since I posted this (was $19,500, now $16,500 as of 9/6)
  5. Wow, those are dynamite, as is your car! I currently have the flat reproductions on mine - they look alright from a few feet away but sure don't have the panache of the correct ones. I would definitely spring for a pair of these. IIRC there's a member here who had that curved chrome piece remanufactured but I don't recall if they were in any big quantities or still available.
  6. Not mine. Just saw this on the local Craigslist - it's too bad I don't have the money nor the storage.
  7. Beautiful. The building that housed the dealership is still around (eventually became a Saturn dealer, now a fitness center) and the owner didn't live too far away from it.
  8. Wow, is that cool. I just noticed that the speedo moves clockwise from upper right - weird!
  9. Hello all, I'm hoping you might have recommendations for shops in the greater Chicagoland area (and NW Indiana) that could do some clutch/trans work and some other odds and ends work on my '41 Buick Special. I have lost the use of my garage and now am keeping the car in a space where I can't work on it. I'm not really looking forward to paying to have work done that I'm largely capable of doing myself, but it's either that or the car doesn't get driven this year! Thanks much for your replies!
  10. Maybe sacrilege but I love those sombrero wheel covers on it!
  11. Oh my goodness. I especially dig the shape of the high beam indicator. Wow!
  12. So, is there a preferred/recommended interior and carpet seller now? I want to replace a rotten rubber floor mat with carpet, and last year looked at a set from L-B but didn't buy because I had to repair other things first.
  13. More photos when you get a chance, please!
  14. What a beauty! That extra Roadmaster length up front really adds something. I have a '41 Special sedanette and I kinda wish it was just that much longer up front. Hope you're able to get this one!
  15. I found it on Craigslist with a price and some different photos: That's on my 'someday I will one one' list. Unfortunately, not the right time for me. Looks like there's a '59 DeSoto under the tarp in the background.